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Top 7 Democrat Debate Superlative Awards

In the first of six Democrat debates, much of the country was introduced to the seemingly lackluster offering of 2016 Democrat presidential candidates. The debate was seen by ten million households, which is less than half the viewership of the first two GOP debates.

Most analysts believe Hillary Clinton won the debate because of her consistent and confident performance, but many were introduced to Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT), the independent socialist from Vermont whose record-breaking crowds at events and meteoric poll numbers in New Hampshire and Iowa have caused great concern for the Clinton campaign.

In the spirit of poking fun at political parlance in America (especially with the Dems), we have honored the Democrat candidates with our Top 7 Democrat Debate Superlative Awards – the Razzies of debate awards!

1.) The “What Difference Does It Make” Award: Bernie Sanders

Channeling Hillary Clinton’s infamous response to the 2012 Benghazi hearings, Bernie Sanders gave Hillary Clinton a “solid” by telling voters not to pay attention to that pesky little email server issue.  What difference does it make anyway?  Oh yeah, there is that pending FBI investigation…


2.) The Most Delusional Moment of the Night Award: Bernie Sanders

In one of the most telling moments of the Democrat debate last night, each candidate was asked what they believed was the greatest national security threat.  While ISIS, Iran and nuclear proliferation were offered as top concerns, Sen. Sanders responded that it was the threat of climate change.  You wonder why Putin doesn’t take us seriously.


3.) Winner of the “Bag of Rocks Debate” Award: Hillary Clinton

Most analysts believe Hillary Clinton won the debate because of her consistent and confident performance. Fox News commentator and author, Tammy Bruce, had another way of looking at it: “Obviously Hillary [was the winner], but she was in a room with a bag of rocks.” Ouch! (Watch the segment from Hannity from Min 1:45-2:30)


4.) The Scandinavian Tourist Ministry Award: Bernie Sanders

In one of the more bizarre moments of the evening, Bernie Sanders claimed that if America were more like the highly-taxed countries of Scandinavia that offered single-payer health care and free college tuition, we would be just hunky dory. Of course, there was no mention of who would pay for all this. Even the debate moderator, Anderson Cooper, reminded Sanders that the population of Denmark is less than 2% of America’s.  (Watch from Min 2:20-2:50)


5.) Just “Happy to Be Here” Award: TIE – Lincoln Chafee, Jim Webb, and Martin O’Malley

Before the Democrat debate, most voters had no idea who Lincoln Chafee, Jim Webb, and Martin O’Malley were.

Lincoln Chafee, the one-time liberal Republican senator from Rhode Island, switched his political party status to “Independent” when he decided to run for governor, and switched his status to Democrat so he could run for the 2016 Democrat presidential nomination.  When asked about his inconsistency, he strangely compared himself and his views to a “block of granite” – we’re not kidding.  We wonder if he’s the Mike Gravel of this race!

Jim Webb is the former one-term US senator from Virginia who is best known for defeating incumbent Sen. George Allen in 2006.  Webb, a former Republican and Secretary of the US Navy, is considered a hawk within Democrat ranks, or the “Scoop Jackson” wing of the Democrat Party – the part that actually believes in having a reality-based national security platform.

Polling at just 0.05% in the RealClearPolitics national poll average, most Americans would never know that Martin O’Malley was a two-term liberal governor of Maryland and two-term mayor of Baltimore. Once regarded as a potential alternative to Hillary Clinton, he fizzled quickly after having his hand-picked successor lose the MD gubernatorial elections last year, and with the Baltimore riots ensuing soon after his tenure. Fairly or unfairly, fellow Democrat elected officials in Baltimore blame O’Malley’s “zero tolerance” policies in the years leading up to the riots for fomenting bad relations between the police and Baltimore residents. His one shining moment last night came when he called out the DNC Chairmwoman, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, about not having enough debates.

6.) The “Why Isn’t Anyone Asking Me Questions” Award: Jim Webb

It’s always embarrassing to be the candidate complaining about not getting enough time to speak – perhaps that’s a sign Sen. Webb.  For some reason, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders were getting the lion’s share of time.  Poor Jim Webb had to constantly remind CNN debate moderator, Anderson Cooper, that he wasn’t getting fair treatment, especially when the RealClearPolitics poll average has him at 0.9% – amazingly 0.4% more than Martin O’Malley and 0.6% more than Lincoln Chafee. (clearing throat)


7.) Most Incredulous Award: Hillary Clinton

Debate moderator Anderson Cooper asked Hillary Clinton:  “This year has been the year of the outsider in politics, just ask Bernie Sanders. Why should Democrats embrace an insider like yourself?” She responded that her female gender is what makes her an outsider after 30-plus years in politics.

If you’re interested in the 2016 presidential race, check out our special 2016 Election Central section of our site and learn more about the books written by the Republican presidential candidates!

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