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Our Members Say: Paul Ryan Isn’t Conservative Enough

by Bradley Matthews

In the midst of Rep. Kevin McCarthy dropping out of the race to be Speaker of the House, many GOP lawmakers have called upon Rep. Paul Ryan to serve as Speaker. While Rep. Ryan has not, as of yet, entered the race, we wanted to know whether or not CBC members thought he was conservative enough to be Speaker of the House.

A 46% plurality of members said Ryan would not govern as a conservative, and 17% of respondents were still unsure as to Ryan’s potential as Speaker.

Would Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) be a conservative Speaker of the House?

  • No: 46%
  • Yes: 37%
  • Unsure: 17%



  1. Tom Daniel

    Paul Ryan is unfortunately, yet another of the so-called “Republicans” who is a de facto “Establishment” operative. Aside from Mr. Ryan’s approval and support of the decades long ongoing onslaught of multi-millions of illegals – primarily from Mexico and South America – Mr. Ryan has failed to fulfill his PRIMARY purpose as a congressman, that being the oath he SWORE to uphold, namely to UPHOLS and DEFEND the U.S. Constitution from enemies from WITHIN as well as from WITHOUT. Mr. Ryan should study what the word INTEGRITY actually means.

    October 16, 2015,9:08 pm

  2. Sister Patricia Reilly

    Paul Ryan is too good to be stuck in position of Speaker! Conservatism is one of his finest qualities!

    October 16, 2015,6:08 pm

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