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Direct Mail Mastermind Richard Viguerie Endorses CBC!

by Bradley Matthews

Richard Viguerie, inventor of the political direct mail that helped launch the conservative revolution in American politics, has endorsed CBC! Viguerie has been a member since 1964.

BIOGRAPHY — Richard Viguerie

Richard A. Viguerie is an American conservative figure, pioneer of political direct mail and writer on politics. He is the current chairman of ConservativeHQ.com.

Viguerie was born in Golden Acres, Texas, and attended the University of Houston. In 1965 he foundedAmerican Target Advertising, Inc. (ATA), one of the nation’s leading direct marketing and fundraising agency for nonprofit organizations. Viguerie founded Conservative Digest magazine in 1975 and served as its publisher for ten years.

Viguerie and his wife, Elaine, have three children and six grandchildren.


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