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Did You See Ann Coulter DESTROY The PC Media?

by Bradley Matthews

“We’re talking about what is good for the country, what is good for the people in the country, and your only response is to throw epithets — You’re a racist, you’re a bigot. Donald Trump is challenging this too. He’s challenging that PC regime that people are really fed up with.” — Ann Coulter


  1. Drew

    It time to stop the illegal immigration and corruption in our government. Call me a racist bigot or anything else you want. But we are fed up with business as usual political bs. Trump 2016

    January 2, 2016,3:27 pm

  2. Katherine

    Politico Correction! Is like erasing History. A New Regeime Taking Over. Obama’s writing all about his success. He Lies Says “SYRIA Is A Success! ” What a Joke! We And The World Know It’s A Lie, But They Are Such Liars, They’ve lost reality , It’s become a disease for Liberals to lie. THE MEDIA HAS ALLOWED IT.

    December 30, 2015,12:11 pm

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