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Donald Trump Says Politicians Are “All Talk”

by Bradley Matthews

“They know these politicians are all talk, no action, it is all bull****, right?” — Donald Trump


  1. Ned

    Trump is the ONLY candidate that WILL deliver on what he states. Christie is already trying to explain his LATEST position on GUNS but still AVOIDS why he did NOTHING but WINK at ILLEGALS and happily accepts UNVETED Syrians and of course appoints a MUSLIM judge that got off terrorists in NJ as his reward. New Jersey has a CONSERVATIVE estimate of at least 10% of our state is ILLEGAL and we already have ISIS problems. Christie is a LIAR and a DISASTER.

    January 7, 2016,3:39 am

  2. Frank

    Politicians are like proctologist they’re all up in yourASSets, why can’t they buy their own booty.

    December 30, 2015,8:34 pm

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