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Who Won The 11th GOP Debate?

by Bradley Matthews

Did you see the 11th GOP debate? Who do you think won? Vote below!










Who won the 11th GOP debate?

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  1. Nancy Scott

    I truly believe the Mr. Trump has the business head that we need to pick ourselves by the “bootstraps”. He mentioned that not being a politician he would ask one to run as his VP. I think that honesty and level thinking is definitely what we need. Cruz is still part of the good ole boys in Washington and people really do not want to go there. I believe it to be a slam dunk for Trump!

    March 7, 2016,8:15 pm

  2. Richard

    TRUMP is the only one that can make America great again.
    cruz and rubio and kashic are bought and paid for by the lobbiest and super pacs.We need a business man to get the economy really going!

    March 7, 2016,4:59 pm

  3. Jane Lewis

    Mr Trump is the only one that has the business experience and work ethic to get this country out of this 19,000,000,000 dollar debt. Why on earth would you want to take him out when he is so far in the lead. Wake up People and get your head out of the sand.

    March 7, 2016,4:59 pm

  4. Jane Lewis

    Why on earth do you want to stop Donald Trump. He is the only one that understands business and how to get things done. He works hard and really accomplished things. Wake up People!!

    March 7, 2016,4:51 pm

  5. Ronnie

    Ban all future debates! I’m 66 yrs. old, and a retired Teacher, & have taken journalism collegiate level journalism courses, and the main trait of a journalist is to remain Objective! In the 1st & most recent 11th debate, Megyn Kelly has been biased…So has the other Fox News commentators…it’s clear that a Super PAC has ‘greased their palms’. Cruz is a blatant liar that he has proved in, ,& since Iowa. Rubio has become a prostitute for the GOP, & is a pain in the ass. Everyone with the exception of Trump, reminds me of a lot of Monkees just trying to get in all of the bananas. I’m voting for Trump if I have to write him in the ballot. Grow up people, get with the program, get behind your front runner. and bea TG Hillary, or keep screwing around until you lay the POTUS right into her lap…you fools!

    March 6, 2016,1:28 pm

  6. Taylor

    Vote Trump 2016

    March 5, 2016,10:59 am

  7. William go

    GOP stop blocking trump from being president.there will be no GOP, if you folks insist of stopping him.peoples are tier of politicians, lobbyist .do. What is needed for the peoples , jobs national secrurity,unity, & stop illegal immigrants & refugees .

    March 5, 2016,2:50 am

  8. Jackie

    Wow, sad so many supposed conservatives are willing to vote for a vulgar multiple bankrupted businessman to a fool’s promised land. Donald J. Trump is not what he has deceived you into believing. Why when he decided to run did he call Bill Clinton for his blessing? I’m sure they are laughing at all you duped conservatives, playing you like a fiddle.

    March 5, 2016,2:02 am

  9. Barbara Moore

    I love trump but I wish he would think before he speaks.

    March 5, 2016,12:01 am

  10. Mary

    The others might as well stop trying to oust Trump it isnt going to happen

    March 4, 2016,11:48 pm

  11. John

    Mr. Trump will always be the winner, as these debates serve no purpose to voters, most of whom are with him, and correctly consider them ambushes on their candidate by the networks, who seek ratings , and not providing anything but their selfish bias

    March 4, 2016,10:04 pm

  12. MEG

    Trump..No politician speaks for me…I will write in Trump if he is manipulated out..

    March 4, 2016,9:09 pm

  13. Brenda Pretzer

    Trump won because he was barraged with incoming fire, he took it and remained standing. Now that is strength. Vote Trump.

    March 4, 2016,8:22 pm

  14. Patricia Arnold

    Trump shows that he is not a quitter look at all he has gone through with the whole pac against him. He is still standing tall. I hope when he gets it and they won’t let him pass something that needs to be passed he will bring it to the people and let us vote. That is what we need. I am personally tired of having Obama and friends make all decisions regardless of what we want. The debate was useless, why are they having another one, I just don’t understand.

    March 4, 2016,7:54 pm

  15. Csrol

    It was a good debate but tired of cruz and Rubio have got yo stop this fightING. It’s sickening

    March 4, 2016,7:15 pm

  16. Michelle

    I am Glad To See Trump ahead, but delegate numbers count. We vote I feel it does not matter because Trump could win the most People Votes and Lose based on those Delegate Numbers Unless I am Wrong About The Process?

    March 4, 2016,5:22 pm

  17. Diane

    It’s getting old watching the establishment trying to take down Trump. I’ll vote for him no matter what you throw at him or us. Keep it up just makes me miss re determined.

    March 4, 2016,4:58 pm

  18. David Joyce

    Little Marco was a total ass last night.

    March 4, 2016,4:54 pm

  19. Kathy Wade

    We want strength and boldness, and someone who is flexible that can cross party lines to get things done. Mr. Trump is that person!

    March 4, 2016,4:29 pm

  20. Shirley

    Trump is the best man for our country!!!!! The rest of the snakes in office need to be replaced with men and women that listen to the people not each other. I voted for mitt but never again he has become a snake too. They all lie to the American people all of them. So sick of the scum in office today. They are leaching off the people and want to keep it that way; not for long theifs Trump will get this mess cleared out and you all can pack your bags because your free ride is over.

    March 4, 2016,4:25 pm

  21. Steve Thomas

    We want someone that will fight for the American people. Not someone that will blend in.

    March 4, 2016,4:16 pm

  22. Steve Thomas

    Trump was attacked from both sides by Rubio and Cruz!!

    March 4, 2016,4:10 pm

  23. Greg

    Donald Trump is not a fake polished politician! He does not sound like a robot! I cannot stand to hear Ted Cruz or Rubio! Our problem is this! First bought and paid politicians will never do more than their puppeteers allow! Second anyone can study political data and spew it out poetically! But Trump is not that so refreshing! Not only that he is a true leader and has accomplished much!

    March 4, 2016,3:59 pm

  24. Michelle Wagner

    Crubio stinks. No one wants the whimpering little man to run this country. Donald for president. He won the debate.

    March 4, 2016,3:57 pm

  25. Randi Amundsen

    I would be terrible if Cruz or Rubio won the only that can get this country back is Trump those so called Republican elite and Megyn Kelly are both creeps.

    March 4, 2016,3:56 pm

  26. Scott Windle

    Since there is only one party in America, the republicrats Mr. Trump rubbed S**T in their collective faces and I will be happy to vote for him. Hopefully he won’t be as crass and inept a clown as we have had the past 15 years

    March 4, 2016,3:56 pm

  27. Jamie Wilson

    Crubio won. After the sputtering mess they reduced Donald to, I know most of the people voting above either didn’t watch or weren’t paying attention.

    March 4, 2016,3:53 pm

  28. Harry

    Trump 2016 will be reality!

    March 4, 2016,3:52 pm

  29. Peter Craig

    These events can hardly be called debates.

    March 4, 2016,6:08 am

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