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Can the Gold Standard Bring Back A Golden Age? (Author Interview: George Gilder)

by Christopher N. Malagisi

Famed economist and father of of supply-side economics, George Gilder, releases a new groundbreaking book promising to unveil a radical explanation for our current economic woes, titled: The Scandal of Money: Why Wall Street Recovers But the Economy Never Does.  In the book, he details why the Fed needs to be audited, the necessity of returning to the gold standard, and how Republicans are at risk of losing the 2016 election if they cannot articulate a cohesive case for economic recovery.

Mr. Gilder is perhaps best known for his 1981 book, Wealth and Poverty, which became an instant classic and truly served, as Arthur Laffer describes, as the bible of the Reagan Revolution – the supply-side economic revolution of President Reagan.  Learn about his solutions for our modern economics woes and the radical economic revolution he is proposing to fix it.

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