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The Boston Globe Cover Story You Didn’t See

by Bradley Matthews

Here’s the Boston Globe cover story — from April 9, 2017 — that you didn’t get to see…


  1. J. McGregor

    Should Mr Trump get the nomination, I am sure it will be one of the toughest fights he has ever endured, due to the elite group of Rino’s, foreign governments, etc plus all of the paid protesters. Guess he will be toughened up for all of the fights ahead should he win the WH with all of congressionsl fights. Something Obama has never endured as his every wish has been served up on a gold platter.

    April 18, 2016,5:42 pm

  2. FredBaskin

    What’s happening to Donald Trump, actually his supporters, aka voters is that corruption by career politicians/crooks; the RNC (same with DNC) has reached its pinnacle. What the RNC is doing now makes Tricky Dick Nixon’s tactics pale in comparison. The “Republican Party” Establishment will NOT get ONE penny from me for campaigns. 8 years of Bush; 8 years of Obama and neither resolved the Border Issue. Along comes Donald Trump with brazen, ambitious plans and what the the career politicians/establishment do: Bring out their “hit man” plans to torpedo Trump….. I hope Americans wake up in time to show BOTH political establishments AND the corrupt/biased media that we could just have another “Dewey Beats Truman” election. I hope so……

    April 12, 2016,12:06 am

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