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Trump’s “Art of the Deal” Dethrones “Reagan”

Bestseller List is for week of April 28-May 4, 2016

WASHINGTON, DC – Not only has Donald Trump defeated his competition in the GOP presidential primary, but he has also dethroned Bill O’Reilly’s Killing Reagan to become the new No. 1 selling book on the Conservative Bestseller List.  Trump’s book Trump: The Art of the Deal, a perennial bestseller, landed at the top of the list for the first time after originally being published in 1987.

The Art of the Deal details how Trump built his fortune and outlines his eleven guidelines for success.  Trump has been known to refer to the book at his campaign rallies, and has many times stated it is his second favorite book of all-time, next to the Bible.

“In what has been a historical week for the GOP and the country, Donald Trump continues to make headlines by being the oldest book ever to land on top of the Conservative Bestseller List,” said Christopher N. Malagisi, Editor in Chief of the Conservative Book Club.  “With his dominance in the polls the last two weeks in northeast and now winning in Indiana, reader interest about Trump and his books will no doubt continue to increase.”

New Release of the Week:

Our Republican Constitution: Securing the Liberty and Sovereignty of We the People

By Randy Barnett (Broadside Books) – Released: 4/19/2016

  • Esteemed Georgetown professor who helped lead the litigation fight against Obamacare
  • The Constitution of the United States begins with the words: “We the People.” But from the earliest days of the American republic, there have been two competing notions of “the People.”
  • Those who view “We the People” collectively think popular sovereignty resides in the people as a group, which leads them to favor a “democratic” constitution that allows the “will of the people” to be expressed by majority rule.
  • In contrast, those who think popular sovereignty resides in the people as individuals contend that a “republican” constitution is needed to secure the pre-existing inalienable rights of “We the People,” each and every one, against abuses by the majority.


The Conservative Book Club’s weekly conservative bestseller list is independently created and the selection of books for the weekly list is determined by the Conservative Book Club. Data for the Lists is derived from Nielson BookScan Data, the provision of which does not imply any endorsement whatsoever by Nielson of any Conservative Book Club activities or Lists.


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