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This Alexander Hamilton Quote Has Never Been More Relevant

by Bradley Matthews

“If we must have an enemy at the head of Government, let it be one whom we can oppose, and for whom we are not responsible, who will not involve our party in the disgrace of his foolish and bad measures.”  — Alexander Hamilton


  1. Martin Babin

    I’d like to ‘slight’ Paul Ryno!

    May 10, 2016,10:28 pm

  2. Wendy Luckie

    What would those thoughtful, freedom loving founders think now how this country has changed. In my opinion , in a negative way mostly attributed to the huge, bloated, CORRUPT D. C. Exactly , in their wisdom , they knew then what we are living now. Can’t say they didn’t warn us. And that Extreme Court making law instead of interpreting the Constitution. Praying to God, Mr. Trump can keep just a few of his intentions. Then he will be great by historians as the founders were. 🇺🇸

    May 10, 2016,4:55 pm

  3. Constance Polley

    I hope Trump doesn’t have the same agenda! If he does then I voted for the wrong guy! I can’t stand Paul Ryan!

    May 10, 2016,4:48 pm

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