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See How Donald Trump Attacked Bill Kristol

by Bradley Matthews

“All the guy wants to do is kill people and go to war… even though he knows it’s not working… I actually feel sorry for him… he’s been doing this for 9 months and he can’t find anybody, what a loser!” — Donald Trump


  1. Shirley Bryant

    I am afraid what will happen to our country if Trump is put in office.

    July 20, 2016,6:16 pm

  2. Donald R Cody

    Bill Kristol is a RINO from the word go……His magazine has never turned a profit and can only stay in business because it’s subsidized by fat cat GOP establishment elitists…..The same holds true for Rich Lowery’s magazine. Both the Weekly Standard & The National Review are on life support….

    June 20, 2016,5:42 pm

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