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Shots Fired By The Sleazy Liberal Media

by Bradley Matthews

Every video shot by the liberal media is another shot fired at conservatives. See the cartoon!


  1. Laura G. Holmes

    Mr. Weber, you obviously have a crush on Megan Kelly. I am sure that this is clouding you judgment in assessing Megan Kelly correctly.

    June 14, 2016,10:42 am

  2. Ewald Weber

    I believe that Megan’s feelings of animosity toward Trump began after he launched his twitter attack. He got asked a tough, but legitimate question and he dove into the gutter. He’s got to learn to avoid that. His hardcore fans, such as you, love that about him, but the majority of people think it’s petty and beneath the dignity of someone running for the presidency. He NEEDS to unite people behind him and nuking everyone that questions him is not the way to get it done. It just turns off most people. it’s hard to get people to vote for you, after you alienate them.

    Trump was on about both sides of every issue over the last couple years and he is trying to convince us, that he has morphed from a Liberal Democrat to a Conservative Republican over a relatively short timeframe, so you can’t blame people for questioning his policies and his integrity. He has recently stated that many of his positions are negotiable. That doesn’t provide much comfort to people who want him to state firmly what he believes in and then STICK with those beliefs for more than 24 hrs. He needs to spend more time thinking, BEFORE he talks.

    I like that he’s fighting the establishment, but he needs to learn to do it under control, not just wildly flying off the handle, like he has been to this point. I’m glad Boehner is gone and McConell needs to go, too. They were like trained poodles, that rolled over on command for the Dems. I hope Trump can shake things up and turn the country around, but he’s done nothing to make me feel confident, that he will. I remain hopeful, that he does soon.

    At this point, I’ve resigned myself to holding my nose and voting for Trump, because Hillary is totally incompetent, power mad and as crooked as a dog’s hind leg. It’s really disgusting, that with over 330 million people in this country, that Trump and Clinton are the best we could do.

    I agree with your comment about Romney. If he had gone after Obama about Benghazi, with the same fervor, that he’s gone after Trump, he would have won that election, but he lost his spine. To come out now and insert himself in this election just makes him appear pathetic.

    June 12, 2016,10:56 pm

  3. Laura G. Holmes

    Mr. Weber, thank you for your stating that I am off base about my correct assessment of Megan Kelly. It can easily be said that she took her personal animosity toward Donald Trump and used it to stoke her ego. I am so glad he fought back. After she begged for and got her highly-rated interview with him, she is back to dogging him again. She should be going after Hillary, who has a much worse record of bullying women and ruining their lives if they tried to get in the way of her political aspirations. I have to question Megan’s conservative status by the way she has treated Donald Trump. I think that I would have “so-called thin skin” as well if I was being lied about and attacked falsely by everyone. I am so glad we finally have a strong candidate who will swing back and not just lie down and take it like the previous wussified candidates that the Republicans have forced us to vote for. Romney is a disgrace!

    June 4, 2016,1:06 pm

  4. Ewald Weber

    Laura, I think you’re off base with your attack on Megan Kelly. She asked a legitimate question, which was going to be asked at some point during this election cycle, and Trump and his fans got their noses bent out of shape. It was better, that it was asked in the first debate, rather than in the last with Hillary (if she’s not in an orange pantsuit).

    If you’ve spent any time watching Kelly at all, you should have noticed, that she asks everyone hard questions and she does not tolerate anyone jerking her around. She’s intelligent and always well prepared for every interview, so she invariably knows the answers to the questions, before she asks them. Trump tried to bulldoze her and she stepped on his neck. It was a self inflicted wound on Trump’s part. He should have known better than to just dismiss her.

    Trump still has much to learn between now and November, if he wants to be President.

    — First, he has to quit being so thin-skinned. He acts like a petulant 5 yr old, when someone makes a disparaging comment. He pouts and then feels compelled to get even. As a Presidential candidate, he’s going to have to learn, that he can’t (or at least shouldn’t) attack everyone that doesn’t agree with him (especially other Republicans). He needs to learn to rise above it and ignore all the background noise, or he’s going to go down in flames. He thinks it makes him look tough, but to most people it makes him look petty and immature, which are not traits which are desired in a President.

    He made a big mistake, when he felt compelled to start taking cheap shots at NM Governor Susana Martinez. In one fell swoop, he managed to alienate more women and more Latinos, for no apparent reason. Trump was offended, because she had not yet come out in support of him. If you’re trying to win her over, calling her a “failed Governor” in a televised speech, is NOT the way to do it. For a guy, who considers himself a great negotiator, I don’t believe he’s going to be able to close this deal. Trump needs to learn to control what comes out of his mouth. I’m not convinced he can.

    — He needs to focus on policy. I was not a Trump supporter, but he’s going to be the nominee, so I want to know where he stands on issues that matter to me. So far, he has been speaking in grand sweeping generalities. He needs to go a lot deeper than just throwing around a few slogans, like “Make America Great Again”, “Build the Wall”, and “Bring Our Jobs back from China”. He needs to give us some details about how he’s going to accomplish his objectives. The only tool I’ve heard him mention, was the use of Tariffs in dealing with China and Mexico. I hope he realizes, that starting a trade war, when the world economy is not in the greatest shape, may be a fool’s errand.

    He’s got about 13 Million adoring fans right now. I hope he wakes up and realizes, that he needs to add at least another 140 Million to that number or he’s going to lose. If he doesn’t start acting like an adult soon, that number will not grow, because too many people will just stay home. Trump could not have an easier path to the White House, than running against Hillary, yet I am afraid, that he and his monumental ego will blow it.

    Trump is a flawed candidate, but he’s still far better than Hillary. I’m afraid I will end up holding my nose as I vote for him, because the Supreme Court is too important to allow it to be stacked with Liberals.

    June 3, 2016,10:45 am

  5. Beverly Riddle

    Today”s journalists are not reporting the news, they are twisting it to make a sensational headline, to make themselves important and believe they are pushed by their employers to do this. At they are called on it, they need to owe up to what they are doing.

    June 1, 2016,4:49 pm

  6. Laura G. Holmes

    I agree with Donald Trump 100 %. I am so glad someone is finally calling the media out for their obvious bias towards Hillary Clinton and democrats in general. The media disgusts me. I have been a long-time fan of Fox News, not anymore. I think that Megan Kelly is a disgrace. I think she took her own personal feelings towards Donald Trump and blared them loud and clear. She is still doing it today. I cannot possibly watch CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, or MSNBC because they are just so atrocious. To even call these people journalists is a sad, pathetic miscalculation. Hillary Clinton is the most corrupt snake in the grass and none of these hacks will let the public know. Gone are the days of honest journalism (Walter Cronkite). It is almost comparable to PRAVDA in Russia.

    June 1, 2016,12:37 pm

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