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Is Trump Insensitive Towards Hispanics?

by Bradley Matthews

Has Donald Trump crossed a line with his comments on Hispanics? See the cartoon!


  1. Laura G. Holmes

    I am sure that you could not find one American who is against legal immigration! Donald Trump wants to protect Americans and he is right to do so. This judge is affiliated with various groups that make it a little suspicious to me the decisions that he is making in the Trump University case. The lawyers that brought the case are donors to the Clinton camp. Donald Trump is not a racist. At the end of the day, we are all American, Caucasian, African American, Latino, Indian, Asian, and every other ethnicity. We want our families and jobs protected from the people who are coming here illegally and breaking the law. This does not make us racists! It means we have basic common sense! The left needs something to say about Donald because Hillary is such a horrible woman.

    June 8, 2016,8:57 am


    After you research this anti-American judge’s La Raza affiliations and all the interactions he has had with that hate cult, why don’t you explain why any American should NOT be insensitive to anybody who sneaks into a foreign nation as a criminal. No decent American excuses illegal aliens for breaking into a citizen’s home… or their country. Stop the theatrics and back up the Border Patrol and the laws they defend.

    June 7, 2016,9:34 pm

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