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Is Brexit The Death Of Globalism? See What Ted Cruz Said!

by Bradley Matthews

“The results of the ‘Brexit’ referendum should serve as a wake-up call for internationalist bureaucrats from Brussels to Washington, D.C. that some free nations still wish to preserve their national sovereignty.” — Ted Cruz


  1. Laura G. Holmes

    I just watched a story on FOX News about how the delegates, along with their hack of a leader, Paul Ryan will be trying to jack the republican nomination from Donald Trump due to their “CONSCIENCE” at the Republican National Convention in July. If these morons actually had a “CONSCIENCE”, they would know that this is handing the Supreme Court over to the liberals and there will never be another Republican president because the Supreme Court will give full voting rights to the illegals giving the liberals the 51% voting block that they need. You are the same idiots who cost us the election in 2012 because Romney (Moron) was a Morman. You better be forewarned that if you even attempt to pull a stunt like this, we Trump supporters will vote each and every one of you out of office! We are coming for you next! You have done nothing for the hard-working American Taxpayer! WE ARE DONE WITH YOU!

    June 25, 2016,9:56 am

  2. rfernandez

    Brexit , we are making progress folks, this, is a black eye for the one worlrd globalists , which most recognized snake head is George Soros, they are all wondering if this , the Brexit could mean other eu countries will pull out of eu, its likd if its so good why even wonder, sounds like a globalization slavament movement, the eu, all this years and finally Britain said enough, we are not going to be enslaved, Britain always kept her pound sterling, not tye Euro, , there will always be an England, TRUMP 2016, END GLOBALIZATION .

    June 24, 2016,11:34 pm

  3. Lawrence Oxman

    Now if we could only get the U.S. to leave the One World, antisemitic, bigoted, racist Gov’t called the United Nations, America would be better off. The U.S. should send the one World Gov’t packing to antisemitic Sweden. The United Nations would be much happier in Sweden.

    June 24, 2016,7:31 pm

  4. Beverly Riddle

    Then Ted and the rest should get on the Trump train.

    June 24, 2016,5:36 pm

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