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Caution, America! Hillary Clinton Is Extremely Careless!

by Bradley Matthews

Take caution, America! Hillary Clinton makes decisions with “extreme carelessness” — see the cartoon to learn more!


  1. rfernandez

    Only morons would vote for her, this country needs Donald J Trump more than ever, he knows the system is rigged and corrupted, look at Colorado in the primaries, its a monumental task and it begins with we the people lets take our country back, Tump 2016

    July 7, 2016,11:51 am

  2. Daniel

    The FBI , Obama and Hillary more less says there’s no consequences for breaking the law… Terrible leaders

    July 7, 2016,5:30 am

  3. Stan Stanfield

    The American people would be extremely careless to let this career criminal anywhere near the controls of the American ship of state.

    Oops. We already have.

    July 6, 2016,7:29 pm

  4. JIM

    Hey America,

    Another comment on the Slippery Hillary saga. In 1952 thru 1955 I was in the Air Force who trained me to be a crypto operator, the science of encoding an decoding classified material. This required an Atomic clearance which was the highest military clearance at that time.

    The last twp years of my enlistment I was stationed at Clark Air Force Base, Philippines Islands. Toward the end of your tour all personnel received an R&R to Hong Kong, all except those with an Atomic clearance. There was a young couple with teaching degrees that wanted to go to Mexico and teach at a Shell Oil complex. Sorry but you cannot leave the United States for a period of two years after you are discharged.

    We were required to sign a document that we would not disclose anything about we learned about the crypto system nor any information we transmitted.

    Had we carelessly mishandled any of the transmissions we could expect a long stay in Leavenworth, Kansas military prison. We were just lowly enlisted men but the officers we subject to the same rules.

    This used to be a country with pride then along came hillary and obama. Sorry for not capitalizing their names but that would be showing respect for them which I do not have.

    Take America back vote the crooks out!

    Jim Barber

    James D. Barber


    July 6, 2016,5:02 pm

  5. Laura G. Holmes

    If anyone in America actually believes this hogwash (that she is careless), they are foolish. Everything that this maniacal, money-grubbing, power-hungry hack does is cold and calculating. She is an attorney and knew better. She specifically set this server up in her home to keep the public from knowing what a corrupt, dishonest creature she truly is. How did that work for her?

    July 6, 2016,1:09 pm

  6. Sue denton

    Yes, Hillary Clinton is careless a lot! Same as Democratics does careless! Too much poor judgements and she does not fit to be president, it’s danger!

    July 6, 2016,12:55 pm

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