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Clinton Scandal Book Tops Both Conservative and NYT Best Sellers List

by Christopher N. Malagisi

Bestseller List is for week of July 7-13, 2016

WASHINGTON, DC – In a rare occurrence, the new tell-all book on the Clinton Administration scandals, Crisis of Character, tops both the Conservative Bestseller and the NYT Best Sellers lists in the same week.  The book was written by Gary Byrne – a retired Secret Service agent who was posted directly outside the Oval Office during the Clinton Administration.

In his book, he details accounts of scandal and intrigue from both Bill and Hillary Clinton, ultimately concluding that Hillary Clinton does not have the character to hold the highest office in the land.  The book is considered to be one of the most anticipated of the 2016 election season.

“After all these years, its unbelievable that we’re still learning about new Clinton administration scandals,” said Christopher N. Malagisi, Editor in Chief of the Conservative Book Club.  “What is even more amazing is the NYT and Conservative Bestseller Lists recognized Crisis of Character as the No. 1 bookseller of the week.  Perhaps there is hope for the NYT, but we aren’t holding our breath.”



The Conservative Book Club’s weekly conservative bestseller list is independently created and the selection of books for the weekly list is determined by the Conservative Book Club. Data for the Lists is derived from Nielson BookScan Data, the provision of which does not imply any endorsement whatsoever by Nielson of any Conservative Book Club activities or Lists.



  1. Laura G. Holmes

    William, you poor delusional little guy! I don’t know what leftist world you live in, but maybe you need to get a reality check sometime!

    July 14, 2016,10:48 pm

  2. William Van Alstyne

    Ms Clinton is preferable to Donald Trump who displays fascist tendencies!

    July 14, 2016,5:03 pm

  3. Sue denton

    How that an expose(infleunce) to this world if any one who read that book yet Hillary and Bill Clinton has not impeach since 20 years to present ,those who worked with them knew about the truth inside trouble a lots of times.

    July 14, 2016,3:10 pm

  4. Laura G. Holmes

    I think that it is wonderful and almost divine intervention that in spite of the attempt of the liberal media to keep this gentleman from promoting his book, the American people have heard about it anyway. The people need to know about this woman’s maniacal behavior, especially when she so hypocritically dares to discuss Mr. Trump’s temperament so frequently. I actually think that America is waking up to what’s going on in our society at the hands of the Democrats. Amazing!

    July 14, 2016,1:59 pm

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