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Here’s How Mike Pence Won The “VP America” Pageant

by Bradley Matthews

Mike Pence is Donald Trump’s VP nominee! How did Pence win the “VP America” pageant? To find out, check out the cartoon!


  1. Emilie Louise Ille


    July 28, 2016,12:09 am

  2. Laura G. Holmes

    Bob, I could not have said it better. You are brilliant!

    July 17, 2016,10:15 pm

  3. Bob Uda

    Donald Trump’s huge ego (which is a good thing, IMHO) would not allow him to fail without going all out to accomplish all of his promises. His agenda does not include political correctness (PC), political ideology, Obama-style transparency, social justice, and violating the Constitution. His primary goal is “to make America great again.” He is a pragmatist, not an ideologue. The political elites will not be able to tell him what to do because he is his own man. No rich elite will be able to buy him off. However, only “We, the People” will be able to tell him what to do. This characteristic is why Donald Trump will succeed and become the greatest POTUS in American history. The stakes are too great for him to squander them all for politics as did BHO. Trump’s motto is not “all talk and no action” but “no talk and all action.” Go, Donald Trump!

    July 17, 2016,7:16 pm

  4. Beverly Riddle

    Trump 2016!

    July 17, 2016,4:57 pm

  5. Margaret Slavin

    I have been with Donald Trump since he announced that he was running for president. I am confident that he will always do the right thing for America. I trust him unconditionally.

    July 17, 2016,5:38 am

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