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Does It Matter If The Muslim Ban Is Unconstitutional?

by Bradley Matthews

“People were so upset when I used the word Muslim… But just remember this: Our Constitution is great. But it doesn’t necessarily give us the right to commit suicide, okay? Now, we have a religious, you know, everybody wants to be protected…. I view it differently.” — Donald Trump


  1. Cissy

    The President of the United States constitutionally must protect the lives of the Americans against all forms of terror. The Quran requires its Muslim believers to kill all those who do not comply with its belief system. We need to stop identifying this political belief system as a religion. The worship of false idols is identified as paganism. Paganism allows all kinds of sexual abuse to women and children, as well as ritualized sacrifice. These people are evil barbarians, just like Obama. Obama confuses people when he calls his imaginary leader God, when his name is only allah, but that is what the old ugly pot head is about, just look at America now. Mosques are being built everywhere by supposedly poor Muslim refugees. How can you explain this when land is so costly now, and there are tent cities in big cities, especially California, because the working families cannot pay the exorbitant rent! Very Suspicious! Very dangerous for a Christian society. Trump has amazing courage to stand up to these beasts, thank God!

    November 30, 2017,5:33 pm

  2. Martha

    The Muslim Ban is not unconstitutional ❗️

    July 29, 2016,10:35 pm

  3. Beverly Riddle

    I’m behind here due to bad thunderstorms, etc going on, didn’t hear this quote on TV. Trump is right, I don’t want our country to turn into the one with terrorist attacks, bad enough they are trying to destroy any law and order here killing police trying to do their jobs, trying to protect us. You find any job where there are no “bad apples” and you won’t find one. Our country should be able to not let anyone enter it if they are from a country that is full of terrorists and proclaimed Islamics doing them. But some will still maybe get in during the normal processes, image how many were coming in to not return when visas are expired and they aren’t deported. Some will be deported and return time after time, still committing crimes up to and including murder. And if people would sit down and think, read, study, learn they might be more informed and know why he says what he says. He doesn’t have this concept that all is well and vote for me that Clinton does, Trump is Trump, he won’t change his style, he thinks things we are thinking here at home. No, I’m not a racist, I live in an area where I’m a minority in many ways, some of my best friends were Mexican, even they viewed illegals as they shouldn’t be here – they were here illegally. We are no longer that young country starting up and others coming her solely to kill us. Now we have to be careful who comes in. Not much different from other wars, in WWII the Japanese were treated differently for good reason, but some were good Americans and fought, died with all the brave men who wanted to defend us. Those “good apples” are why we are still free today. I later respected Japanese and liked them, went to their place of business, spoke to them, they were so nice and helpful and always happy. There are so many remarkable people in our world, I’m part of the German/Irish/Scotch (both sides of family) that were descendants of immigrants, but they came here to freedom, not to kill us. They loved this country as they should. They did dirty jobs to survive at first, many were coal miners in PA who also farmed as my grandparents did. My one grandmother and the 9 girls also made hot breakfasts/suppers for miners, brown bag lunches for them to take, ran a post office and telephone office in the home to help feed all 11 kids, keep them in clothes. That’s the normal then and now, you work hard to get what you need to survive and so glad to be free. My faults with some are they come here to try to kill us and glad someone wants to put their foot down and say something. ISIS has already said they will send there people in among the other refugees. What more do we need happen to get us all on board to say no, not now, and it’s not a great thing in our hearts, it’s just necessary or we are done, will never recover our way of life.

    July 29, 2016,5:57 pm

  4. Laura G. Holmes

    Sue, I enjoy your posts as well. You, Mrs. Riddle, Mr. Fernandez, and myself are regulars on this website and I always agree with you. Keep posting!

    July 26, 2016,12:09 pm

  5. rfernandez

    Listen ,Rick Tomkies, im coming in defense of Sue denton, she post her coments frequently here and she is we ll understood by everone that reads between the lines, so stop picking on her , your are a sinical individual and see right through you, because I read between the lines, we are to make our points of view, so don’t try to make yourself look like you opinion is hollier than any body elses, if you are half the man you think you are, you owe Sue Denton an apology.

    July 26, 2016,3:42 am

  6. Rick Tomkies

    Wow ! Sue Denton you are at it again! If you keep your posts to about one line or so, they just MIGHT be easily understood! That is until you can improve your English one tiny little bit! Obviously this language isn’t your native one – so I guess we can give you 10 points for trying, since your heart is in the right place!

    July 26, 2016,2:16 am

  7. Aubrey

    The problem is that Islam is NOT a religion, it is a theocracy. Webster’s: Theocracy; “Government with a god as the ruling power, or by priests or officials claiming divine sanction.” Islam is ruled by muhammad,
    (a god) and has it’s own court system, (sharia law), and clerics and mullahs who run it.It does NOT qualify for protection under the first amendment. Islam’s one goal is to convert the world to it’s fake religion for domination and rule by force or death.We must defeat them in our courts, on our streets, and in the battlefield whether here or abroad.

    July 25, 2016,5:13 pm

  8. Sue denton

    Oops. Muslim 500 years has not evolving to present! Their mind is sharia law, too strong words.

    July 25, 2016,1:44 pm

  9. Sue denton

    people were upset when Donald Trump used word Muslim. All remembere that Muslim has not evolving to present,that’s one reason and they move to America , our US constitution . what happened to people who were killed for what. US won’t allow Sharia laws set here. As regilious , my phiologoly is that what an interpreted of the bible means but it make people mistake understand what’s define are but the church is nothing do with that- its people’s mind an infenuce and get go crazy and war over the regilious which is right and wrong. That’s huge problems, same as others colors of skin big problems of unexcauseable. We are
    human begin . Of all colors of skin,school,church,and many. The things is nothing do with that. It’s PEOPLE! Same with gun nothing do with that, It’s PEOPLE! The whole point is PEOPLE .

    July 25, 2016,12:36 pm

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