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Watch Bill O’Reilly Debate Glenn Beck About Trump

by Bradley Matthews

Glenn Beck called into Bill O’Reilly to debate about Donald Trump, his campaign, and the 1st Amendment. Who was right, Bill O’Reilly or Glenn Beck? Watch the video below and tell us your thoughts in the comments!


  1. Angela Hutchison

    glen, since when.you can’t get on any national TV channel. So what right do you have to talk about Pres. Trump. After all he is The President. It didn’t cost the anybody but him and he won it fair and square. I may be stupid, but I have long enough to know what he has said is true. I am glad I voted for him and didn’t vote for the murderer. She even had someone message me. One of her killers and asked me questions and I let him know the she didn’t like me calling her Killary. She’s the one who ordered all those murders of people who had worked for her. How stupid is our FBI. So she had this Terry Clayton message me on Twitter trying to find out where I lived, who lived with me. till… I let him know he was Hillary’s killer. Gone just like that. And the FBI couldn’t find that our didn’t want to find that out. Well I’m still here and the world knows. What a better way to tell Hillary and the world.

    April 20, 2017,2:17 am

  2. Steve Dolyniuk

    Glen Beck is full of crap ! What he has not figured out is the fact that there is really only “ONE” party in DC. They pretend to be two parties, but are not. These clowns know before they ever vote on any bill what the outcome will be, because they have gotten together before hand & decided. Nothing but a dog & pony show. If you need more proof, then pay attention to this last election. All of the liberal Democrats, & three fourths of the Republicans are against Trump. They are ALL scared of what Trump may do to upset their Gravy Train. I do not trust 90% of the corrupt people in the House Or the Senate. Add to that, the Media, the courts, & the Big Money People, poor Trump has bitten off one hell of a job to try straighten out what has been going on for years, especially the last Obama years. Everyone who had the good sense to vote for Trump had better keep praying, for God to help him, because he has too many to fight on his own.

    December 12, 2016,5:56 pm

  3. eric

    I’am not one bit interested in what you believe is true . I’am interested in what is true though .I believe you are very stupid .so I’am not likely to pay much attention to what you believe . Like you say we are all entitled to our opinions

    November 1, 2016,9:05 pm

  4. eric

    Does Beck know the United States was involved in 5 or 6 wars and we fought on the wrong side in almost all of these wars . Doesn’t Beck realize being forced to fight and fund the wrong side is hateful for most people . Trump and his supporter are very tired of this . Does Beck understand the congress that he wants to support has transferred the power of selecting and vetting refugees to the United Nations . We need to have some body working for us instead of the NWO . If Beck does not know what’s going on at least he should keep his big mouth shut .

    November 1, 2016,8:53 pm

  5. Hal Hoffman


    October 11, 2016,5:10 pm

  6. myrra yeger

    Agree with Rebecca,
    Looks like Recovering Alcoholic Beck was not able to recover his damaged frontal lobes. Given that he is from Mitt Romney’s clan, one should wonder what Mormon’s book indoctrinate these morons about. It is impossible to trust people who consider themselves first and foremost to be citizens of other countries, or mega religions, or mega ethnic group; like devout Catholics who consider themselves to be first citizens of Vatican and secondary of USA; like Mormons who first are citizens of Mormonism but only residents of countries wherever they reside; like Arabs who born in Europe or USA and work against USA, forcing Arabic islamization; like Germans who hold USA passports, but after centuries still worshiping and following instructions from “fatherland” etc difficult situation

    August 22, 2016,10:54 pm

  7. Rebecca

    Mr. Beck your on a different planet. I feel sorry for you. You think your better than every American in this Country. Your ego is like a cancer eating at your brain. I feel so sorry for your family that they have to put up with a person like Hitler. You sit on your chair as if your the king of the mountain and that your the best writer. Your book Liars is like shit. All you do is lie. In fact, are you not related to the Clintons? How in the world could you rate George Soros to be such a great person, especially when he hates Jews. In fact, Mr. Soros is very closely related to Muslim Obama who you truly love madly. In the meantime, I consider you a Muslim Lover and you should volunteer your devoted role to helping Isis destroy our Nation. You are a pitiful soul. You have no logic. You only have criminal intents and you think your doing perfect by your rhetoric crap. You don’t care about the constitution neither. You think your gods gift to every single women on earth. You have so many inner problems. My advise to you, go seek some mental health perhaps a good psychiatrist, along with electrical shock treatments to be able to help your distorted brain and get you on the road to recovery. Don’t waste valuable time and write more stories. They are ugly.

    August 20, 2016,9:28 pm

  8. Sandra McCall

    Glen Beck you are definitely not sexy! By defeating Trump, you will help to elect Hillary as president. I can’t think of a worst outcome. I hope you will be happy when Hillary appoints liberal justices to the Supreme Court. When she increases by 550% the refugees entering this country. What about all the scandals the Clintons have been involved in for the last 40 years? What are you thinking? I know you think you’re smarter than everyone else, but you can’t see the forest for the trees! I hope you come to your senses before November 8th, but you probably won’t! Maybe one day, you will be sorry for what you are doing!

    August 20, 2016,6:33 pm

  9. dsteininger@ameritech.net


    August 20, 2016,2:54 pm

  10. gerri Dalakian

    Glen Beck has,apparently, lost his mind. He ,obviously, has let his convoluted reasoning powers mar his ability to SEE STRAIGHT. He has made it quite clear he would prefer to see the HAG win for the Democrats then get a grip on his out of control rantings and back Donald Trump, at least he likes our country an emotion lacking in the Obamainations admin and certainly likewise for the HAG.

    August 20, 2016,2:44 pm

  11. Clarence C. Lipscomb, Jr.

    To me, Beck is transparently RINO. He’s not delusional. However he is at the least neurotic. He’s simply trying to create another distraction by forcing ALTERNATIVE REPUBLICANS to have to defend Donald Trump by wasteing our time and resources (typical RINO/Democrat playbook tactics). My suggestion: Ignore him. Any attention to him is simply FREE ADVERTISEMENT for him ! The more we respond to him, the more successful he appears to be. You must know whose payroll he’s on.

    August 20, 2016,1:44 pm

  12. Kath

    Glenn Beck is close-minded and has tunnel vision. I have not seen or heard him in years and he appears almost delusional. He preaches “conservatism”,yet he is not supporting Mr Trump who will appoint Conservative Supreme Court Judges…doesn’t make sense.

    What is most surprising to me , is that I find Mr Trumps rallies to be positive and uplifting. I honestly cannot figure out what Beck is thinking in comparing Mr Trump’s agenda to BLM??? Sound as if Beck is desperate for attention.

    August 19, 2016,5:54 pm

  13. Arizona Don

    At one time I thought Glenn Beck had a handle on what was happening here in America. Most of what Beck said here is absolutely untrue. I actually thought he was reasonable. If he was he has lost that ability to reason. For he is no longer using reason at all.

    Right now I can not say what I really think about Beck. Not because I do not know but because it is not acceptable to use that kind of language in a public medium. I can say nothing at all because I can say nothing respectable.

    No matter what Beck says here or what anyone else says there are only two choices here when it comes to president. Donald Trump or hillary clinton. The other two candidates have no chance and they know it!

    August 19, 2016,11:28 am

  14. Ross Rivero

    Bill O’Reilly destroyed Glenn Beck in that debate on “The Factor”.

    August 19, 2016,9:48 am

  15. rfernandez

    And my fellow Americans who have doubts about who to choose in this historic presidential election, let me steer you to sources of unbiased information so you can better understand, Trump wasn’t borne yesterday, go to youtube and put in young Donald Trump and you will see his message hasn’t changed , also very important , since there are a lot of undiced voters, confused for what ever reason, go to youtube and put it Ross Perot 1992 presidential campaign, go see the Larry King interviews and you ll see that this plain taliking Texas bussines man has pretty much the message that Trump has, specifically about NAFTA ,24 years ago , Ross Perot was a good American and he told the truth, but they send him packing, the establishment, and he left and then try to come back to his campaign, that didn’t work, Trump is a giant, the establishment is doing the same to Trump, they want to shut him down, its not for the best interest of the American people, is for their croni Washington self serving interest, Trump is the best we got.

    August 18, 2016,10:45 pm

  16. rfernandez

    Amen Laura G Holmes, couldn’t have said it better myself. the only solid independent candidate that had a solid message was Ross Perot, in 1992,he was send packing , by the establishment that is in place today, the cronies in Washington who don’t want their club dismantled, and this same forces in Washington are trying to do the same to Trump, and thats whats happening in thus campaign, good versus evil.

    August 18, 2016,9:43 pm

  17. Laura G. Holmes

    Jackie and Cindy:
    Our mistake, for some unknown reason you both think that anyone cares what you do in November. Who Cares? You both need to join forces and start your own party. We know, you are both holier-than-thou better than the mass. No, you are both sore losers and you need to pray a lot because the society that will be created with a Hillary administration will be unbearable. Again, I say, you reap what you sow. I can’t think of two more deserving so-called human beings.

    August 18, 2016,9:11 pm

  18. rfernandez

    Trump tv adds against Hillary are coming out tomorrow friday, in Florida, North Carolina, Ohio and Pennsylvania, cant wait !! and there is more Wikileaks on the way, this could torpedo Hillaries campaing, with God s help and a big stick, we ll the people who care about America, will put Donald J Trump in the white house and stop the down ward spiral that we are in, Trump 2016.

    August 18, 2016,8:31 pm

  19. GloWha

    Beck, Unless you have been at a rally, your opinion does not count. Chanting is: “LockHerUp” for CrookedHillary. “CrookedMedia” for CNN when they show only the disruptors and do not show how many people attend the rally. At no point did I hear or chanted “Put them in Jail” as you have wrongly said. Trump or the audience only call Hillary and the Media for what they are or they are doing. Nobody is trying to stop them, just let them know that the people know who they are and what they are up to. I know you are a conservative and I respect you for it…However, will let you know when you are wrong. You are definitely wrong about Donald Trump.

    August 18, 2016,7:08 pm

  20. Jackie

    Glenn Beck is 100% right. I will vote for neither of the liars running at the head of the two parties. I will vote for a third party candidate and then constitutional conservatives on the rest of my ticket, so whichever one of these two lying liberals win we will be able to keep them in check. With all the people in our country these two evil people was the best the two parties could give us on top of the ticket, no thanks, time for a third party.

    August 18, 2016,6:59 pm

  21. UdornVet1970

    Cindy McGee, You say “Our voices matter.” If you don’t vote for Trump, you are voting for HiLIARy. Of the two, Trump and Hillary, Hillary is the absolute embodiment of EVIL, straight from Hell. Your voice only matters if you vote. If you don’t vote, you have no say in what happens. Your voice will not matter one iota.

    August 18, 2016,6:09 pm

  22. Cindy McGee

    Refreshing to hear someone speak the truth who is not inside an echo chamber. Evil is evil and Trump or Clinton are both cut from the same cloth. It is a great country that we can vote our conscience, without coersion or fear. Beck has done his homework on both candidates as have I. I will not give my sacred vote to either one of them. It is actually a tremendous responsibility to not empower bad candidates with our votes. On Nov. 9th I will be counted in the millions who did not give either of these candidates my endorsement by voting for them. I will be counted in the millions who reject both of them. Our voices matter.

    August 18, 2016,5:38 pm

  23. George McLauchlin

    “I’ve lost a few listeners….” No kidding. This moron trivia meister wants to be taken seriously. Too late Glenn. You are done.

    August 18, 2016,5:30 pm

  24. Kathy Giles

    I forgot to tell you that Trump had no responsibility for the Black Lives Matter movement. That was Ford and George Soros, Hillary and Obama. Trump’s rallys are always uplifting and his supporters love him. And, by the way, Trump had no responsibility for people chanting “lock her up,” which was what was said, not “put them in jail.” See, you can’t even get your facts right. You know what I think? I think you have a big jealousy for Trump.

    August 18, 2016,5:05 pm

  25. Kathy Giles

    Wrong, Glenn Beck. Never sexy. I totally resent you bad mouthing Trump. He is a nice man and will make a great President. You, stupid man, backed Cruz who is a sleazyball from hell and is NWO. Don’t you get it, if Trump doesn’t win, it will be NWO. Get a clue!

    August 18, 2016,5:02 pm

  26. Mike Garcia

    HEY GLENNY~~YOU OVERAGE TWINK ~~WHO DRESSES LIKE A LITTLE BOY~~ why don’t you put on your propeller beanie cap~`set up a hopscotch play day with Mitty, Jebby, Lindsey, have hatchet faced Barbara and Globalist RNC owner Old Man George Bush make sure the alcoholic druggie. W or thief Neil do not pick on you..You can invite Billie cliton as well, he can fix you up with some of his bimbo young girlfriends in exchange for your support of his fat sow wife Hillary!
    At one time I thought Mormons were a noble caring group. Turns out, jusdging from you and Mitty’s transparency, Nothing but a Cult

    August 18, 2016,4:57 pm

  27. Carlos

    You fat fucking pig Glenn Beck.

    August 18, 2016,4:56 pm

  28. Carlos

    A fat fuck if I was you I’d keep my mouth shut you don’t know what you’re talking about you can stick your book up your ass because it takes a liar to know a liar and you’re a fucking liar Glenn Beck you think you are handsome look in the mirror and is all you see is a fat pig in the mirror so go to hell and kiss my ass troublemaker prick.

    August 18, 2016,4:49 pm

  29. Ron

    our youngest son was raised by his dad a Mormon he really believes that Jesus was the brother of Satan , I told him My Jesus created Satan, You idiots believe your going to become gods that why Satan was cast out of heaven Revelation 12:9 And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.Isaiah 14:12-15 How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations! For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north: I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High. Yet thou shalt be brought down to hell, to the sides of the pit.
    coped and pasted from the KJB You deceive people by telling them you use the KJB and get them hooked before telling them know that you take the book of morons in authority over Gods Word “KJB”

    August 18, 2016,4:47 pm

  30. Ron

    OH I have also along with many friends have stopped listening to you and your Trump Bashing – helping Clinton how much money are they paying you? is it really worth destroying America???

    August 18, 2016,4:27 pm

  31. Ron

    GB you are an idiot if you think your helping!!! your just helping Clinton !!! How much money are they paying you to keep Trump Bashing ???

    August 18, 2016,4:24 pm

  32. Ray Pagano

    GB I am tired of listening to you and so is the shop I work at we turned off you on our radio station and we are just so sick and tired of you complaining about exactly what you’re doing and yes I wish I had better words to explain myself but to be honest with you you sit there your part your partners laughing in the background your Mac and everybody You just sound like the people you were complaining about and you’re acting just like them so we shut you off our shop of about 75 people

    August 18, 2016,4:18 pm

  33. Crol Nichols

    I used yo listen to Glenn Beck on the radio. But he has gone off the rails lately and I can no longer listen to him. Melt down.

    August 18, 2016,4:14 pm

  34. Laura G. Holmes

    Several members of my family (myself included) have purchased just about every book that Glenn Beck has ever written. We used to DVR his program on Fox news everyday. We will never waste our hard-earned money on one of his books again. He has lost all credibility with me and my family. I watched this interview last night on the O’Reilly Factor and became so irritated by Glenn Beck’s smug, egomaniacal behavior. He even said that he was sexy. I can’t imagine to whom he thinks he is sexy. He looks like the Pillsbury Dough Boy. I hate to burst his bubble. Again, I will say it. He needs to go back to his basement in Texas. He is obsolete and no longer relevant.

    August 18, 2016,11:58 am

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