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Who Will Handle Terrorism Better: Trump or Hillary?

by Bradley Matthews

Who will handle terrorism better: Trump or Hillary? Vote now in our CBC member poll!










Which candidate will handle terrorism the best?

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  1. walt


    September 29, 2016,10:59 am

  2. rfernandez

    And to end on a humorous note, you know whats really evil? evil is when your cable company starts you off with a low rate and then you end up paying over $100 bucks a month, now thats evil !! I told you we were going to laugh, because we are Americans and we haven’t lost our sence of humor yet, vote Trump/Pence 2016

    September 26, 2016,1:05 am

  3. Johnnie McHan

    Suzy, how could anyone be more evil than Hillary Clinton? She has always supported the murder of the unborn innocents and God will hold her accountable for her sins. God works through many ways we mortals cannot decipher and of the two, Trump is by far the only choice! I just believe Trump is the strong man chosen to do right and put America back on right path. If we as Christians support him then we will be fighting Satan’s servants,
    ; Clinton, Soros, media , etc. Maybe you should pray and meditate for God to help you decide the right vote for you to make! God bless us all!

    September 25, 2016,12:46 am

  4. rfernandez

    Suzy, what do you know about evil to call Trump such name and hillary is mother theresa ? this people calling Trump all this names, Hitler ? have you ever seen Hitler smiled? only time Hitler smiled is when they send him a death report from the gas chambers and he started dancing, stop talking trash you Trump haters, Trump is a good man with a great sence of humor, and real world bussines experience, you want to see evil, go to youtube and see Hillary, “we need to provoke an attack” and see whos going to start a ww3 confrontation, learn about george soros, Hillaries and obamas puppet master, he bossed her around when she was sec of state, , this leberals are pur evil, and they got their zombies all brain washed, its like that movie, invasion of the body snatchers.

    September 24, 2016,9:01 pm

  5. Linda Carlson

    Most of us will vote for Trump as the most likely to succeed for our safety and well being of our Nation and True Americans! The ones who back Hillary would suffer under other persecution since she and Obama have been helping terrorists filter through! It happened in Calif. Texas, and other states w/help of Radical Liberal rule. In the Democratic caucus the law was disqualified from entering the Stadium!

    September 24, 2016,4:20 pm

  6. Clarence C. Lipscomb, Jr.

    To even think of the ultra liberal left, much less to comment about them, is the quickest way to lose your Religion (I’m expressing myself as a Christian.). The only reason the hildabeast is still in the race is because of the protection and support of The Main Stream Media (owned and/or controlled by George Soros and his family.) Be smart and research soros
    Vote Trump & Pence to save and begin rebuilding USA. The decent people in our world are hoping and praying we succeed. Tear yourself away from the MSM propaganda B###S### !!!; and, vote for THE TRUTH OF TRUMP/PENCE !

    September 24, 2016,2:00 pm

  7. suzy

    The only way possible that God would raise up such a evil man as Trump , would be to bring judgement on this nation. Just about every vice know too man,is allowed in our culture. God gave the nation of Israel a king that they wanted and begged for, and when he listened to them, it was the downfall of their nation God does not bless immorality in anyway, he only withholds judgement, to give ppl a chance to repent. America is like the nation of Israel, they didn’t escape judgement and neither will we!!.

    September 22, 2016,8:20 pm

  8. Johnnie McHan

    I thoroughly agree with al these positive posts about Trump. I believe God has chosen Donald Trump to be His Warrior and steer America back to her rightful place in the world as the greatest nation on earth Under God! We must everyone VOTE and prove We the People RULE!

    September 22, 2016,12:38 am

  9. Dale Wood

    Donald J. Trump for President 2016
    Need I SAY MORE ???

    September 21, 2016,7:37 am

  10. rfernandez

    Want to hear something funny, watching the tonite show, with Jimmy Fallon, says old grandpa ex president Bush announced he ll be voting for Hillary, but he made that decicion before Jeb drop out, lol.

    September 20, 2016,11:47 pm

  11. rfernandez

    The answer to the question is ovius, hillary and obama created the environment for all this terrorism to flourish, for some reason, they want to destroy America and they have done a lot of damage , but karma is the rule of the universe, and Assange has a dump on Hillary, just around the corner and Trump is getting ready, like a world heavyweight champion, to shake and ring her out like a rag doll in the debates, this is gods country, nobody gets way with hurting this country, and the good people here,this country is the leader of the free world, our leader is ready, we need the American voters to soul search and vote from their guts and mind and soul, Trump , Pence 2016.

    September 20, 2016,11:10 pm

  12. Laura G. Holmes

    Why are we even asking this question? The former Secretary of State watched her policies help the Middle East to turn into the hotbed of terror that it has become. She allowed four innocent Americans to die in Benghazi while she was using her office as the Secretary of State to line her pockets with Pay-to-Play schemes using her so-called family foundation. She was to busy being a shyster to protect her underlings. She then, because of a presidential election, colluded with our dishonest president to blame the attack in Benghazi on a video. They even took it as far as to throw the guy who made the video in jail to cover their tracks. Everything that this woman has touched or done in her adult life has been to further her power, political aspirations, and money-grubbing ways. Her family are like the mafia only in some ways worse. She put our national security at risk by keeping a personal server in her basement and sent and received classified information on it. This, of course, was so she could cover her tracks with the shady dealings of the Clinton foundation. She deleted 33,000 e-mails after she was sent a subpoena for the records. After her lawyers deleted the information they used an acid wash (bleach bit) to be precise to ensure that even GOD could not retrieve the information. This woman is a disgrace to humanity and should be in the big house, not the white house. She makes me sick! GOD will deal with both she and her despicable husband in due time, but the American people had better stand up and vote for the only candidate capable of honestly fighting our enemies. These terrorists need to be sent straight to hell where they belong, not released from GITMO! It is so disgusting what is occurring. TRUMP 2016!! COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF!!!

    September 20, 2016,10:10 pm

  13. jesus

    Hillary is past her prime. time for new energy like trump who speaks for the people of the united states that no longer are being heard. if he is not elected it will be the last time I go to the polls to vote.

    September 20, 2016,2:43 pm

  14. Fred762

    Why use a 25 YEAR OLD pix of Hildebeaste?

    September 20, 2016,8:52 am

  15. Shelba Herring

    NO brainer Trump will handle it better he will not try to deny it is happening, hillary will do what the present administration is doing denying there is any terrorist creating violence

    September 20, 2016,12:53 am

  16. Joyce

    Obama has been releasing these terrorist over the past 7 years, allowing them to commit more crimes on America. Hillary wants to continue with his legacy.
    The answer should be a no brained…she can not even call them radical terrorists. She wants to bring thousands more refugees into our country. So no she is not to be trusted .

    September 20, 2016,12:16 am

  17. rfernandez

    Im gonna wash that witch right out of my hair, im gonna vote that witch right out of my life , im gonna wash that witch Hillary, right down the sink, Trump 2016

    September 20, 2016,12:16 am

  18. rfernandez

    So Nancy, we ll vote her out of our lifes come november, once and for all.

    September 20, 2016,12:05 am

  19. Nancy

    Hillary can never be trusted, look to her past record/history very deplorable! God help us and spare us from her becoming President, it really makes me sick just thinking about it!!

    September 19, 2016,11:54 pm

  20. Nancy

    Hillary can never be trusted, look to her past record/history very deplorable! God help us and spare us from her becoming President, it really makes me sick just thinking about it!! I am so tired of the Clintons, why can’t they just go help Chelsea with the grandkids. American is tired of her lies!!!!!

    September 19, 2016,11:53 pm

  21. rfernandez

    Its becoming ovious,Hillary gets her donations from big block contributors like wallstreet, the Hollywood crowd , whos existance depends on feeding lies to the public, and big time private donors, Trumps general campaing depends on small donations like mine and others , Hillary has outspent Trump but her lead has diminished to nothing, its not about the money, its about the people and principles, Trump will trump over evil and over Hillary, we ll take our country back, we the little people wi ll have our say so, so help us god, Trump 2016, lets give it all we got !!!

    September 19, 2016,11:08 pm

  22. Dawn Doran

    Trump would have the Generals help him out, on what to do with the Terrorists and he would follow it…Hillary, on the other hand, will do nothing to protect the American people, because, she is owned by Soros, Saudi Arabia and Korea..They paid her way too much money…

    September 19, 2016,10:50 pm

  23. rfernandez

    george looney cloony is now involved in the sentry project which focuses on war profiteering in the sudan in africa, oh dear how interestingmwhy doesn’t he focused closer to home and the corruption in Washington dc an the clinton foundation, maybe he s got some little pissi movie project coming up as always the case with this Hollywood spineless liberals, they are always self promoting, not all of them are bad, just the ones that don’t want to make America great again,cant stand thus idiots, whish they would get a real job.a holes, think im gonna spend $12 bucks on their movies , get lost.

    September 19, 2016,10:09 pm

  24. rfernandez

    Trump wi ll be our next president, American is not ready to roll over and play dead, to wallstreet and globalism sponsored by george soros and their likes , the Hollywood liberals the dumb actors that live in lala land , bunch of idiots,cue card readers tell george clooney looney to take some syrian refugees to his lake como mansion, now that they have invaded lake como after switzerland couldnt take them in,anybody that votes for hillary is an irresponsible voter , Trump tells it like it is, you liberals are total hypocrites, hillary is a looser and she cant even stand on her own believes because she doesn’t have any, she stands for nothing, she and obama and all her cronies are puppets of 86 yera old goat billionaire george soros, who wants to take over the world because Iinmhis own words, he believes he is like a god, talk about egomeniac to the highest degree, and then they call mr Trump names, do your home work, irresponsible voters, Trump 2016.

    September 19, 2016,9:49 pm

  25. Rebecca

    Trump will get us back on track and we will once again THRIVE!!!

    September 19, 2016,9:21 pm

  26. walt


    September 19, 2016,7:16 pm

  27. Karen

    How could Hillary respond today? Didn’t she say yesterday she was being treated again for pneumonia?

    September 19, 2016,6:41 pm

  28. Fgjvvg

    Trump will make USA Right Again

    September 19, 2016,6:36 pm

  29. rfernandez

    More hillary bs, just on the 6 oclock news, she coments about the nyc pipe bomb terrorist attacks, “this is a sobering reminder that we need a staedy hand in control ” wait a minute , whos in the white hous potus while all this attacks are happening, she should tell that to obama, and shes going to be a steady hand ?? aslong as the ambient temperature does go over 75 degrees, otherwise she ll overheat, hillary is a joke and whoever supports her isn’t doing thier homework, Trump 2016.

    September 19, 2016,6:31 pm

  30. rfernandez

    Jeane mack, hillary is the one that wants a superpower confrontation, go to youtube , put in hillare “we need to provoke an attack ” stop kidding yourself, hillary is not a leader she s a puppet of the globalist and wallstreet

    September 19, 2016,6:25 pm

  31. Curtis Jones Jr

    Clinton will make excuses for them. Trump will kick their sorry ass back to where obumer let them in from.

    September 19, 2016,6:20 pm

  32. Jeane Mack

    You are all kidding yourself if you think Trump is good for this country. If he becomes president (which he won’t), there will be no need to worry about jobs, economy, or anything because he will start WWIII and we will all be gone. Hillary is the ONLY one qualified to be President.

    September 19, 2016,6:14 pm

  33. Paul

    Absolutely NO question Trump will actually solve this menace, while Hillary will continue to make excuses, while insulting MILLIONS of Americans. She is a 30 year, Career Politician, & a terrible one at that.

    September 19, 2016,6:09 pm

  34. George LeFebvre

    Hitlery will invite them in, Trump will eradicate them.

    September 19, 2016,6:06 pm

  35. judith

    Trump will be the best president and he would protect and help the american people

    September 19, 2016,5:38 pm

  36. Mary Stockman

    President Trump will protect and defend and serve the US Constitution and the legal citizens of the USA!!

    September 19, 2016,5:30 pm

  37. rfernandez

    Trump will do the job right against terrorist and defend the home land, he wont let them in in the first place and wi ll hunt down every one of them thats in our country now, he will have no mercy on them, Hillary wi ll do the same old same o that obama is doing, he refuses to call them for what they are ,”radicall islamic terrorist”, just look at all the acts of terrorism that happened on Obama’s watch, and he has the audacity to say that most people get hurt in bath tub accidents than by terrorism, Obama has betrayed thus country and Hillary will continue his policies, Trump 2016

    September 19, 2016,5:27 pm

  38. Susan

    It certainly isn’t going to be Hillary.
    She wants to study everything to death, literally, before taking action.
    Yes, it is a war against Islam. Lately, every attack has come from Muslims.

    September 19, 2016,5:27 pm

  39. Jennifer

    Considering she and Obama caused Isis and how she was as SOS, I have grave concerns about how she would handle terrorism.

    September 19, 2016,5:09 pm

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