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See What Mike Pence Said To Rush About Terrorism

by Bradley Matthews

“Look, we recognize weakness arouses evil… Seven-and-a-half years of the weak and feckless foreign policy of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama has weakened America’s place in the world and it has emboldened the enemies of our freedom.” — Mike Pence


  1. Dawn Doran

    The Bush doesn’t want to lose their oil and their money…Jeb is going to be destroyed, if his father and brother, are not around for him anymore…

    September 22, 2016,12:52 am

  2. rfernandez

    And thats why pappa bush a former republican president says today hes voting for hillary, senior bush and their whole gang,has been with the globalist since the beginning, uunprecedented, they dont want government for the people and by the people they are scared to death of Trump and the American people who know what is about to take place in this election, george soros has openly and brazenly said, the only thing thats getting in the way of the world order is the USA, it just isn’t going down fast enough, they did their handy work in europe, with their eu, Britain said thanks but no thanks,and brexit it out, so they are having some set backs, but their golden nuget is the US elections this cycle, lets fight like hell, Trump 2016.

    September 20, 2016,9:50 pm

  3. Peace and hope for all

    Yes evil does exist and the evil that is being spread world wide and posing the greatest threat to mankind flows from a group of elitists who are convinced that no matter what they do they will be blessed by their god Lucifer!!! George Soros is the very heart of the beast working with those within America’s government to destroy our beloved country!!! Who what and why this threat exists is confusing to most but it appears from the surface that there are basically two reasons, blackmail and money!!! It appears that children who are very young indeed are used as sex slaves by perverts who are then blackmailed and to ensure the trap is strong enough they offer financial benefits!!! The politicians then become demon possessed which drags them further down the rabbit hole into a state of insanity!!! They lose their ability to determine right from wrong or become so smug that they feel that all they do is justifiable in their perverted minds!!! Those who can no longer tell truth from fiction are a threat to this country and must be arrested and locked away!! The
    demon serving as the Globalists lieutenant is George Soros who has already destroyed four countries and is currently heading up the massive takeover of the west!!! Their plan is to flood twenty eight countries with Radical Islamic terrorists to cause massive instability through attacks or false flags that causes confusion within the masses and when we the people turn to the government for help they crush us!!! Soros has used a five point plan to ruin countries globally which always includes funding radical groups who are willing to do whatever he say’s for a price!!! The group Black Lives Matter is a soros funded and created operating meant to enter America into a civil war through civil disobedience by B.L.M.and other organized groups that George currently has in place from the top down which includes his good friend Hillary Clinton!!! To them destruction bloodshed and death are all small prices to pay to bring about the One World Communist Government they crave to have in place before 2020!!! Bill and Hillary have been very good friends with Soros for years apparently as Hillary introduced her good friend George Soros back in 1994!!!
    What we are facing is the total destruction of America at the hands of a number of crazed animals!!! I call them animals because that is exactly what they think we are!!! The Bush-Clinton-C.I.A.-Soros group are heading up the total destruction of America and anyone who supports any of them can be considered as committing treason against the United States Of America!!! The United Nations is now under the control of this evil and is involved in the dismantling of 28 nation states as they call it !!! These demons hate Christians and Christianity because they are all being controlled by satan!!! We as the people of the one true GOD(Father,Son, Holy Spirit have every right to defend ourselves from this evil that has plans to murder every Christian in the world who will not denounce their faith and turn to the false religion of Islam that treats women like slaves and murders gay’s by throwing them from rooftops!!! This is the so called planned future for America and many of our politicians have sold out to this evil !!! Hillary receives payments from Saudi Arabia the worst country in the world or maybe tied with North Korea!! Our freedoms will be gone shortly after the Clinton white House begins after they steal the election!!! Those who stand against Donald Trump stand for the destruction of America and 27 other countries we could help once we pull our own bacon out of the fire!!!

    September 20, 2016,7:29 pm

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