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Here’s How Trump Will Solve Rioting And Crime

by Bradley Matthews

“The people who will suffer the most as a result of these riots, are law-abiding African-American residents who live in these communities…┬áThere is no compassion in tolerating lawless conduct. Crime and violence is an attack on the poor, and will never be accepted in a Trump Administration.” — Donald Trump


  1. rfernandez

    Laura G Holmes , thanks for your coments, have a blessed day everbody.

    September 23, 2016,11:11 am

  2. Laura G. Holmes

    Mr. Fernandez, I am sorry that this woman was so horrible to you all those years ago. Racism in America should never be acceptable. I was never raised to be racist and, in turn, my children were not raised to be racist. My daughter was engaged to an African-American gentleman and I had no problems with that as long as she was happy. My son’s best friend for years is African-American. She lived with us for 6 months last year when her family, unfortunately, became homeless. However, people that engage in animalistic behavior such as the thugs in Charlotte need to have a consequence for their unacceptable actions. Once they cross the line from a peaceful protest to destruction of property and stealing, their message becomes completely clouded by their savage behavior. It is sad to me. They need to know that it doesn’t have to be this way. They can obtain a decent education and get a good-paying job. The problem is that the democrats need the voting block and want to keep them down. Donald Trump understands this and is the only true candidate in the race that wants to help them with their plight.

    September 23, 2016,8:51 am

  3. rfernandez

    This is a total break down of sociaty and dew process, we need law and order, nobody is above the law and that includes racially motivated thugs and criminals who have a sence of entitledment because their predecessor s came over on slave ships, get over it , we all got baggage, you are your own worst enemies, your mentality keeps you trapped in your predicament, get over it, if you act like animals, you are going to get treated like animals, im cuban and when I was much younger, I tried to pick up a hot beautiful white american girl, and she said to me, “sorry, I don’t date out of my species” I started laughing like I never thought of such and answer, im still laughing about and its been over 30 years, i didnt feel hate towards her or white people because she said that its her right to be honest ,the point is if you act like an animal, you ll get treated like an animal, respect is a two way street,

    September 23, 2016,2:32 am

  4. Shelba Herring

    When the riots start with breaking into stores and looting every thing that is not nailed down the owners need to send a message to the looters, break into my store and start stealing will get you hurt and hurt bad

    September 23, 2016,1:01 am

  5. Laura G. Holmes

    Donald Trump is absolutely right. Someone has to take control of the situation. Obama and Hillary with their B.S. narratives to obtain votes have absolutely inflamed the situation. Dear GOD, when are the so-called leaders in these communities going to step up and tell the truth. The black-on-black crime in this country is completely unacceptable. The people that are living in these communities that are not involved in drugs and gangs that are just trying to raise their children in a safe community are being devoured in this. The democrats have been running these big cities for far too long. It is time for a major change in these communities that will get rid of the riff-raff in the communities and help these people get jobs and a decent education. It is way past time.

    September 22, 2016,5:10 pm

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