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Giuliani Reveals Shocking Truth Behind FBI Hillary Investigation

by Bradley Matthews

“It looks like the FBI is conducting this investigation for the purpose of giving immunity.” — Rudy Giuliani


  1. Sam Jones

    Trump may not be witty he may be slow with intelect comebacks but thats not whats important. He has everything else. Common sence is #1 he has it.

    October 1, 2016,2:49 pm

  2. Joseph St.Clair

    Great intuitive deduction Rudy , your AOK , the CLINTONS as a family are morally and reprehensiablly evil criminals , they and the BC before family screwed this American Nation Up , from LBJ / Nixon administration including Ford and we know who was part of the Nixon administration and his family why the before Christ era or BC and they are voting for Clinton truly anti ANERICAN BC
    Joseph St.Clair

    October 1, 2016,2:49 pm

  3. Catherine

    Obama is out of control. Pray this election goes to Trump; he has leadership skills, business sense, common sense and I hope he has a teachable spirit. That’s not saying he needs on the job training. I think he is the right fit.

    October 1, 2016,2:13 pm

  4. Camille Gilliam

    They were told what to do, Obama thinks he has total control over this country.

    September 26, 2016,8:17 pm

  5. Mario Galvarino

    That’s true and insightful

    September 26, 2016,5:54 pm

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