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What Issues Will Mike Pence and Tim Kaine Stand On During VP Debate?

by Bradley Matthews


What issues — and what scandals — will Mike Pence and Tim Kaine use to support themselves during the debate? See the cartoon to find out!

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  1. Susan

    Mr Kanie do not answer the He’s already interrupting

    October 4, 2016,9:13 pm

  2. Susan

    Mike Pence are prayers are with Tonite and always with you and Mr Trump 🙏

    October 4, 2016,9:12 pm

  3. Susan

    I meant to put trunk not truck sorry I pushed send before I correct my English spelling Trump 👍🙏 all the way 2-16 -2017 yep all the way !!! Aman

    October 4, 2016,7:41 pm

  4. Susan

    Hey everybody I’m in Arizona and I got a email from Donald Trump and Hillary together saying who would be the best president who would keep us safe who would create jobs and I put Donald Trump in all three of them then I sent it then it said check my email so I will succeed so I check my email and when I looked at what I voted for it said Hillary somebody hacked into my phone and put Hillary instead of truck when I posted all three questions that Donald Trump will succeed somebody is doing tricky things to our votes I wonder who it could be Hillary?

    October 4, 2016,7:38 pm

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