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The 5 Questions Hillary MUST Answer

by Bradley Matthews

The presidential debates, in theory, are an opportunity for the candidates to be asked hard questions to which the American voters want answer—in theory.

In practice, however the first presidential debate served as an opportunity for the media to roast Donald Trump while Hillary Clinton skated by without having to answer a single question her campaign team has not already prepared answers to.  In this instance, Lester Holt failed as a bastion of journalistic justice.

Hillary did not have to answer to her list of sins that are plaguing her race for the White House—the corruption during the FBI’s investigation of her email server, the ongoing investigation of her offering political favors to mega-donors of the Clinton Foundation while she was Secretary of State, her health issues that were revealed to the public at the 9/11 ceremony last month…

Rumor has it that CNN’s Anderson Cooper and ABC’s Martha Raddatz, the moderators for this Sunday’s second presidential debate, are duking it out over who gets to hit Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump with the “hard questions.”

But CNN’s Anderson Cooper has a proven record of letting Hillary off the hook. RedState reported on a particularly embarrassing journalistic flop, detailing how “a timorous and thoroughly stump broken Anderson Cooper let Hillary Clinton tell lie after lie” about the Clinton Foundation. This interview took place this summer. Are we suddenly supposed to expect Cooper will call Clinton out when she inevitably lies on Sunday?

I sat down with seasoned investigative journalist Ed Klein to discuss the journalistic duties both Cooper and Raddatz have to the American people during Sunday’s presidential debate. Klein should know—he has been a journalist for nearly six decades—seven of those years as foreign editor of Newsweek, ten years as the editor in chief of The New York Times Magazine (during which time the magazine won the first Pulitzer Prize in its history), and twenty-seven years as a contributing editor of Vanity Fair.

I asked Klein, “What questions do the debate moderators have a responsibility to ask Hillary Clinton?”:

  1. Why haven’t you released the transcripts of your paid speeches to Goldman Sachs? What’s in those speeches that you are trying to keep secret?
  1. When you were secretary of state, why didn’t you designate Boko Haram as a terrorist organization? Was it because a Nigerian businessman donated to the Clinton Foundation?
  1. Everyone from President Obama to members of the press corps have criticized Sidney Blumenthal’s underhanded methods. Why do you still depend on his advice?
  1. If you are elected president, will you demand that your husband cease his involvement in the Clinton Foundation?
  1. Will you repeal Obamacare if elected president?

Will the “hard-hitting” moderators ask Hillary the questions to which the public deserves to have answers? Or will Hillary be allowed to recite her overly-rehearsed responses until she’s blue in the face?


  1. Gina S Hossman

    Nobody is perfect, we all know that! Along the same line, we were ready to forgive “Madam Secretary Clinton” for all of her despicable deeds: the corruption – Clinton Foundation, the lies – Benghazi, Iraq, Libya, etc., the deceits – her treatment with women and two different faces (private & public persona), and everything else; however, she makes it really difficult for us to do that each and every day by smearing Mr. Trump’s ardent desires to make America great again. She has no integrity, and she thinks she is above the law! ENOUGH!
    Mr. Trump and Gov. Mike Pence offer SERVANT LEADERSHIP in a whole NEW system of things. Additionally, Mr. Trump and Gov. Pence have succeeded through difficult times and produced outstanding results for the American people. To do all that, it takes discipline-qualities, firm determination, and unparalleled dedication. That’s the kind of leader that I want for me and my loved ones today, tomorrow, and the years to come! GOD BLESS AMERICA-

    October 8, 2016,3:35 pm

  2. Laura G. Holmes

    It does not matter what question you ask this maniacal sociopath, she will lie and the media will cover for her. The bible says that in the end times, deceptiveness will run rampant on the Earth. I kind of think that this is occurring in a greater form now than I have ever witnessed in my life. This woman will meet the Lord one day and will have to answer for her many dirty deeds committed while on this planet! This is the only satisfaction that I get from this situation. This family are the spawn of Satan. There is no other explanation and anyone voting for them for whatever reason must agree with their immoral behavior. DISGRACEFUL!!!!

    October 8, 2016,2:41 pm

  3. John Beam

    I’d like to know how she is such an “advocate” for women and girls when she’s been a bane to them during her entire adult life. We have audio recording of her laughingly accounting how she got a rapist of a 12 year-old girl acquitted, and she KNEW that he had done it. She’s been enabling her husband’s criminal sexual proclivities for over 40 years. I truly want to hear her EXPLAIN HOW she has done anything FOR the fairer female sex, when she’s spent all of her energies in their regard to destroy them and their children.

    October 8, 2016,12:51 pm

  4. sherry white

    i would like to know about bengazie why she did not try to save them and then lied to the parents? then i would like to know why the arab world thinks she is so special they give her millions of dallors and what kind of favors she promised the in the play to pay? why did she let a rapest go that raped a 12 year old go? i would like to know why she is doing voter fraud? and why she thinks we should teuat her? why is she is so serprised about one thing Donald Trump did talking about sex when she bullied rape victims that her husband raped?and assulted? why she wanted to send a drone after julian assange? why she thinks it is ok to go against the law and not for everyone eles the law is the law.why is so many people dead that were about to testifie against her? how can she hold her head up to the American people and say she is for us while she is doing these kinds of things?

    October 8, 2016,11:15 am

  5. Marco Garcia

    Let are records speek for us whom is the best qualified candidate

    October 8, 2016,8:03 am

  6. Marco Garcia

    Why don’t you stick to the issues that matter to the American people and not to the human errors like the ones precedent did make in the oval office,

    October 8, 2016,8:00 am

  7. Shirley

    Oh you know. NO one is gonna ask her any hard questions. She just might short circuit completely if they did, or they may end up dead by suicide with 2 gun shots to the back of the head.

    October 8, 2016,2:19 am

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