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Dana Loesch Calls Out Hillary For Staged Event!

by Bradley Matthews

On Fox News’ The Kelly File, Dana Loesch said, in reference to a Clinton event with pre-approved questions and actors in the audience, that “It is total theater with the Clintons, everything is theater. I can’t tell if I’m watching politics or a real time reality television-plus-Broadway show. Everything is so contrived about it, or about how she is going about it.”

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  1. John Miller


    October 9, 2016,5:18 am

  2. rfernandez

    And another fact you should know about power hungry george soros, Vladimir Puting banned george soros from setting foot in Russia, because of soros so called foundations which treaten a countrys sovereignty, Putin kicked this a hole out of Russia, hes not allowed to set foot there, and then you wonder why Hillary and Obama dont get alone with Putin, george soros is their boss, what ever he says these two will comply,, this is globalisms hierarchy, soros should be banned from the US, hes been manipulating elections here for a long time, hes a trouble maker and all the protesting against Trump, how do you think that happens ? soros is behind all of it, and then they democrats say Russia is trying to manipulate the US election, the facts are the facts, and the wikileaks have the facts, they are already out there, so stick to the facts, Hillary is being allowed to get away with murder, it takes a lot of powerfull interest to pull that off and here they have us talking about Donald Trumps taxes and some private conversation with Trump and a tabloid reporter that took place 11 years ago, total control of the media, total control thats what the globalist are after.

    October 8, 2016,7:03 pm

  3. rfernandez

    Trump is good for America, Hillary is the end of America,Hillary is adios America, good by America ,thats what Hillary has in mind, do your home work people or we are going to have george soros calling the shots in this country.

    October 8, 2016,5:46 pm

  4. Laura G. Holmes

    Everything that the Clinton family does is fraudulent, deceptive, and fake. Hillary is a plastic robot. She and her husband only care about power, money, and prestige. They are like the mafia in everything they do. I am a strong, conservative Christian woman. I listened to the remarks that Trump made 11 years ago and was disgusted by them. However, I live in the real world and realize that this is the way that most men think. They have conversations like this all the time. I am not in any way excusing it because there is no excuse. However, when I look at the two candidates, it is not a difficult choice. I believe that Donald Trump is a changed man. I believe that he can sincerely apologize and move on with his life. We, as Christians, need to forgive a genuine heart and I believe that Mr. Trump has America’s best interest at heart. I am so furious that a Bush family member is who released this audio to try to destroy Trump. I hope that this family knows the extreme disdain that many of we Americans have for them. They had better not EVER run for office again! They are officially done! Stick a fork in them! Their childish antics are disgraceful. If Hillary wins and we lose the Supreme Court, America will never be able to come back again. People had better think about these important things before they cast judgment on the wrong candidate.

    October 8, 2016,2:36 pm

  5. Joseph St.Clair

    She’s right this election is totally PT Barnum total theatre and about sleazy clinton corruption , interesting 🙂 clintons rape / steal and bill was even impeached as president , the puritans in the Republican Party call out Trump for a sexual remark , while they celebrate the clintons greed and sleaze , hypocracy , double standards at work , is this not American politicians at their worse ,
    Trump never raped a women or lied to the American public or suduced women in PUBLIC OFFICE LIKE THE clintons !!!

    October 8, 2016,10:46 am

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