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Learn The Politically Incorrect Truth About Jihad (Interview: William Kirkpatrick)

Congratulations William Kilpatrick on your new book The Politically Incorrect Guide to Jihad!  So I guess the first logical question we should ask is, what does political correctness have to do with jihad?  Give us an overview of your book.  

The book is about the two kinds of jihad—the violent kind and the stealth kind. Most people know about violent jihad—ISIS, al-Qaeda, and the like, but Americans are less informed about the stealthy variety. That’s unfortunate because the stealth jihadists have the same goals as the terrorists, and they pave the way for terrorism.

My book also makes the point that we’re not only in a fight against jihadists, but also against their politically correct enablers in the media, in academia, and in government.

The stealth jihadists are well-versed in the rules of political correctness and they know how to use them to their own advantage. It’s difficult to resist them because they advertise themselves as civil rights advocates, and we have been conditioned to believe that any resistance to their aggressive agenda would be bigoted and “Islamophobic.”

What must we do to counter the radical Islamist threat to our country and the West?

I’m glad you use that term, “radical Islamist,” because the first step is to call it what it is, and stop using misleading euphemisms such as “violent extremism.”

What else can be done to defeat jihad? On the military front, we need to rebuild our military, and inflict devastating defeats on the enemy. On the home front, we need to place a moratorium on Muslim immigration until and if a reliable vetting system can be devised. We need to monitor suspected mosques and Muslim student associations and deport radical imams. In addition, we need to investigate stealth jihad organizations, and close them down if they are found to be engaging in subversive activities. We also need to reform school textbooks and curriculums that whitewash Islam’s history of conquest and slavery.

Finally, we have to challenge their ideology. For example, the belief in virgins in paradise is perhaps the prime motivator for jihadists. Disabuse them of that belief and you take away their chief incentive. Who wants to blow themselves up if the promised reward is nothing more than a clever recruitment tool made up by a scheming warlord 1400 years ago?

Where did ISIS come from?  

ISIS is an outgrowth of al-Qaeda in Iraq. It owes its existence in part to the vacuum created by our abandonment of Iraq, and in part to the American weapons it acquired from poorly vetted “resistance” groups that we had supplied.

Ultimately, however, ISIS is an outgrowth of the belief system propagated by Muhammad in the seventh century. We often hear it said that ISIS is un-Islamic. But if that’s so, then Muhammad himself was un-Islamic because he was the one who initiated Islamic jihad, and, like ISIS, he sanctioned crucifixions, beheadings, and sex slavery.

In light of the recent terrorist attacks in NYC and Minnesota, what does that say about America’s readiness to stop such attacks from occurring?

Our investigative agencies have been hamstrung by politically correct policing rules. Prior to their attacks, the FBI had investigated Ahmad Rahami (the NYC bomber), Omar Mateen (the Orlando shooter), and Tamerlan Tsarnaev (one of the two Boston Marathon bombers). In each case, there were obvious clues that something was brewing, but agents had been trained to overlook any evidence that might link terror activity to Islam. That’s because in 2012, the White House, under pressure from Muslim advocacy organizations, conducted a purge of training materials for the FBI and a dozen other security agencies. In effect, stealth jihad groups were given veto power over national security policy.

The interesting thing about the Minnesota mall jihadist is that he was employed as a security guard. That doesn’t speak well for our vetting system. Neither does the fact that so many jihadists and would-be jihadists have worked at airports. The Muslim who murdered the priest in France worked at an airport, and the two terrorists who bombed the Brussels airport actually worked at the airport. Terry Lee Loewen, a Muslim convert who plotted to blow up the Wichita airport, worked as an avionics technician at the airport. If we can’t even properly vet airport personnel, we’re in big trouble. All in all, we are not well prepared to stop further attacks. And once again, political correctness is a big part of the problem. It inhibits us from doing the kind of thorough vetting and investigating that we should be doing.

What 2-3 takeaways would you like readers to leave with after reading your book?

First, don’t be fooled by the myth that the vast majority of Muslims are moderate. They may not be engaged in terrorist activities, but they are not moderate in any Western sense of the world. For example, a poll in the UK revealed that 2/3 of British Muslims would not report a terrorist to the police, and in Molenbeek, Belgium, 90 percent of Muslim teens considered the Brussels airport bombers to be heroes.

Second, beware of stealth jihadists. There are dozens of well-funded stealth jihad organizations in America and Europe which have the same objectives as the terrorists but use more subtle methods. Their aim is to gradually transform Western societies into Islamic societies.

Third, get prepared. The jihadist in your rearview mirror is closer than he appears, and if he’s a stealth jihadist, you won’t see him at all because he’s wearing an invisibility cloak provided by the forces of political correctness.

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