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Should Trump Accept The Election’s Result?

by Bradley Matthews

Should Donald Trump accept the result of the 2016 election? Vote in our CBC reader poll!

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Should Donald Trump accept the election result?

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  1. Lois

    Sherry and Rose
    Do you believe everything that men tell you?
    GROW UP!

    October 24, 2016,5:36 pm

  2. Rose rudd

    Because the votes are rigged. People don’t understand this is our country we our trying to protect from corrupt people. Donald Trump is the only man that can help us.

    October 24, 2016,11:47 am

  3. Margaret R Oxford

    Clinton’s selection as a nominee, ignored scandal’s,FBI shameful findings and more, tells American the system is rigged. Trump is right

    October 23, 2016,11:43 pm


    Need to check everything out before agreeing to anything with all the cheating going on.

    October 23, 2016,7:40 pm

  5. Jim

    No. Killarys, the DNC, The White House, The entire Media, and the entire administration want the Democrat to win. Trump should not give up the option to challenge. And I can’t forget the DNC rigging the vote.

    October 23, 2016,5:55 pm

  6. michelle

    Trump should not give up his rights we already see where the Democrats have been using dead peoples information and paying people to imitate someone else they paid them 1500.00 to do so in the past. This shows it has not been fare.
    We have all been lied to and deceived for a good many years the only one telling the truth is Trump for the sake of our country and our futures get out and vote for Trump. Make sure your voters registration is not inactive call the registration office they will not let you vote even if you are registered if you are inactive.

    October 23, 2016,4:00 pm

  7. Annice Rogers

    The Constitution directs the Congress to manage Immigration. American Citizens are permitted to vote. That is the beauty of being an American Citizen!!!
    If any votes are cast by other than living American Citizens or for any other illegal reason, I believe Donald Trump could consider them to not be able to be included in the count . In the past other Presidents have contested the votes, so it would not be unusual . Why it creates such angst, surprises me,

    October 23, 2016,11:43 am

  8. Gerry Costa

    Why would he agree to that when there are already over 2000 votes in North Carolina from people who are all over the age of 110 .

    October 23, 2016,11:37 am

  9. Tony W.

    I’m sure he’ll accept the results, as long as they are honest, even if he was to lose. However, it would be stupid for him to surrender his legal right to contest the election if there is evidence of wrong doing. Especially just to make that BITCH happy.

    October 23, 2016,1:48 am

  10. Martin Babin

    What kind of bullshit question is that? It obviously depends on what happens DURING the election.

    October 22, 2016,7:07 pm

  11. Gatyn

    So why are we talking that he has lost the election. Concession? Come on, the election hasn’t even started.

    October 22, 2016,6:38 pm

  12. Randy

    No, Dumocrats always cheat, ethics and morals are not in their DNA!

    October 22, 2016,6:32 pm

  13. Joseph St.Clair

    If trump has proof and he can prove that he won or if there is a tie , then Trump should go after the illegal manipulation of the American people by the NWOrder individuals who rigged the system , Washington DC is corrupt and we know that the only real president since JFK was Ronald Reagan all the others are / were morally corrupt !!!
    However over the next three years starting now the corruption will be exposed and removed from this great planet that’s for sure , I have seen the negativity leave and leave quickly it will !!!

    October 22, 2016,5:09 pm

  14. Linda Carlson

    I agree w/ the following! If he should win, then it’s alright. If it shows that he did not win; then it shows that voting frauds have taken place as it’s been done many times before on the 2nd time Obama was elected besides other states where Military votes aren’t counted but lost in abandonment. America wants their nation back; not by a Muslim/ Commie as Hillarys’ actions proved w/BHO and Benghazi attack where around 5 of our Ambassadors lost their lives by murder and she denied that and other crimes will be built up

    October 22, 2016,5:05 pm

  15. GISELA

    No he should not if it is against him. Neither did Al Gore against Bush.

    October 22, 2016,3:59 pm

  16. Darlene F Burgi

    With circumstances as they are . . . massive voter fraud already being shown . . . I feel Trump is very wise to withhold concession.

    October 22, 2016,3:52 pm

  17. Lee Wood

    I expect there will be massive voter fraud and investigations must be made into all reported incidents.

    October 22, 2016,3:44 pm

  18. Randy Horne

    The only way she can win is by CHEATING !

    October 22, 2016,3:08 pm

  19. Bob

    This isn’t a yes or no question, and framing it as such plays into the liberals characterization of Trump’s statement. Given the shenanigans of the Democrat Party as demonstrated in the leaked emails and O’Keefe I film, we must be skeptical of the initial results until it can be shown that they are accurate. Then we can’t accept the results. This whole brouhaha by the liberals is just another “war on women” kind of situation, i.e., it doesn’t matter that it can be proven false, they are going to continue to use it because the uninformed will believe it.

    October 22, 2016,2:43 pm

  20. ronnie wise

    no to conceding. investigate this treason and federal crime and whoever is guilty put in jail immedialty ,no bail, let the duputees bring them to court. freeze the elections until guilty is found. be it obama , trump,hillery, bill clinton soros it don’t matter.your letting on piece of crap ruin it for everyone. get America on the right track with the right leaders and getting rid of the crap here is a good way to start. i don’t care who is responsible or what their title is wrong is wrong and needs to be punished.the usa has too much power than to let a group of thugs create havic in america. if this can’t be handled then we got the wrong people in authority

    October 22, 2016,2:10 pm

  21. Stephen Korup

    You know that the media keeps saying that Hillary is ahead and it looks like she will Win ,but every Poll I have been involved in shows Donald with the Biggest majority of the Vote and Hillary with Very Low numbers ,not to mention she couldn’t draw a crowd at any of her appearances (at least a Real Crowd and not one that they have Green screened into the Video) ,and at Mr. Trump’s Appearances people are being turned away because they can not fit any more people inside . How can they Say that she is winning ?

    October 22, 2016,2:01 pm

  22. cliff

    Trump all the way!!!!MAGA

    October 22, 2016,1:58 pm

  23. cliff

    All I can say is,we need a man and true American like Trump.
    Hillary is a Clinton associated with lies,deceit and criminal activity.MAGA!!!
    This election will be rigged in Hillary’s favor.It sucks!!!

    October 22, 2016,1:56 pm

  24. Stephen Korup

    I Agree With Virgo Vince, If Mr.Trump Wins (and He Will ) then He should without a doubt accept the Results ,if Crooked Hillary wins then You know that there was “Corruption” involved .

    October 22, 2016,1:53 pm

  25. Martha

    The election is rigged for Hillary to win…

    October 22, 2016,1:51 pm

  26. Lea Meyers

    This question CANNOT have a “yes” or “no” answer. Trump should follow — dare I say it? — the Al Gore 2000 rule: If the level of fraud is sufficient that it could alter the results of the election (as in Florida in 2000), then yes, he should fight as hard as he can for as long as he can to make sure every vote cast by an ELIGIBLE voter is counted, but that NO votes cast by dead people, non-citizens, duplicate voters, or others who are breaking the rules is included the official count. That’ll be tough — it was tough (and ultimately useless) for Gore in 2000. But every time someone complains that he’s not playing fair, HE SHOULD REMIND THEM HE IS DOING EXACTLY WHAT
    AL GORE DID just 16 years ago.

    However, if the only evidence is of a handful of votes cast illegally here and there, and their total would NOT affect the outcome, Trump should accept the “voice of the people” and give a GENTLEMANLY concession.

    October 22, 2016,1:45 pm



    October 22, 2016,1:36 pm

  28. Willard Weems

    With mounting evidence of large scale voter fraud, he should contest all states that are close that a republican would normally win.

    October 22, 2016,1:32 pm

  29. Nanci Alley

    It’s already been proven that the political elites think they decide the elections. It’s time to prove them wrong! “We The People” are going to be in charge of the corruption and end it with Donald Trump!

    October 22, 2016,1:29 pm

  30. Jeff Goodrich

    Why should he? It’s not uncommon to not. As our political system is not without problems, Trump needs to keep all options open.

    October 22, 2016,1:22 pm

  31. William Greenlund

    Our election process is so fraudulent that people vote multiple times, use the names of dead people, and illegals are encouraged to vote when you add onto that Hillary spending far more to win than the job pays by using foreign donations our elections are a joke Since when has a sitting President ever done this much to influence the election just to carry on his way of ruining the country?

    October 22, 2016,1:21 pm

  32. Audrey

    if he wins

    October 22, 2016,1:19 pm

  33. Andrea Wilkerson

    He should only accept it if he wins. These polls are nuts. How can a woman who barely draws 700 people to each event be ahead of a man who draws 10K twice a day?

    October 22, 2016,1:19 pm

  34. charles

    it is his duty to not accept fake results and inform people with valid facts.

    October 22, 2016,1:18 pm

  35. Lynn

    It’s obviously fixed and results should be audited

    October 22, 2016,1:16 pm

  36. Larry Craig

    Ever since Trump said the elections are rigged, almost daily I have seen reports of election fraud ot situations that are waiting to commit fraud.

    October 22, 2016,1:10 pm

  37. Lisa V

    It hasn’t been a fair election.The media is clearly biased.He has some good ideas that noone ever talks about.Who cares what he said 11 years ago.It doesn’t affect the country like what Hiliary has said and done.

    October 21, 2016,6:14 pm

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