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Are The Presidential Polls Accurate?

by Bradley Matthews

Are the presidential polls true and accurate, or is the media fudging the numbers? Vote in our fair and balanced CBC reader poll!

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Is the presidential polling true or falsified?

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  1. Martha

    God Bless You Mr.Trump, and your family. For all you’ve done to stand up to this world and tell the truth straight up! I commend you. I did 10 years locked up in my life,I was raise with abuse to the up most and turned to addiction to covered the pain ,needless to say I made bad choices and I paid the ultimate price and God saw fit to save me until I grew up,at age 54 I understand how to live. Thank God. I had to be accountable and so does Hilary. AMEN !!!!

    November 1, 2016,5:32 am

  2. Cambo

    Some insight, O’Reilly from Fox News didn’t believe the polls, so he took his own poll. He had collage students call 250 voters from each of the two parties, from each of the 50 states. His poll showed 86% Trump, 14% Clinton!

    October 31, 2016,5:40 pm

  3. Cambo

    DONT BELIEVE THE POLLS! they are controlled by the Government owned News Media. If they are forced to say Trump is ahead, you can bet he is blowing her out of the water! If we can get Trump in the People’s House, she and a lot of others will be in jail!

    October 31, 2016,5:02 pm

  4. Delma frederick

    I don’t trust the polls its proven by trumps rallies go trump

    October 30, 2016,1:50 pm

  5. walt


    October 29, 2016,12:14 pm

  6. ralph

    Sad but we have Politicians and the Media that are as corrupt as The Clinton family!!! They all need to be replaced And the Clintons need to be put in Jail!!

    October 29, 2016,9:54 am

  7. Dee Burdette

    I agree with Donald Trump politics are rigged Hillary and her team will do anything to win (disgusting).

    October 28, 2016,10:23 pm

  8. Ethel Jackson

    I really don’t trust the polls; never has and never will. I believe the pollsters are in the tank for crooked, corrupt Hillary.

    October 28, 2016,9:27 pm

  9. Bill Lynch

    Polls are not intentionally fudged or falsified Each has a margin of error depending on methodology used There is no consipracy to rig all of the various polls That is complete nonsene

    October 28, 2016,4:59 pm

  10. charlene sullins

    I am glad the FBI is investigating Hillary and her emails again.

    October 28, 2016,4:54 pm

  11. Jo

    Liberal manipulation, but, scores of people beginning to realize it for what it is. We are reacting by “Turning It Off”.

    October 28, 2016,4:29 pm

  12. Jean Deaux

    Democrats have a long and storied history of fiddling the elections with many different schemes, from having the dead vote to trying to intimidate voters with stooges appearing at the polls with ball bats. Voting machines have been reported as particularly easy to manipulate with a view to altering the votes cast. Allowing people to vote more than once or vote without proper credentials has also been a very effective ruse. This, of course, violates the very foundation of a democratic Republic and must be stopped. I believe it would be entirely appropriate for Congress to legislate the death penalty for anyone violating the voting rights of our citizenry. This dishonest manipulation is a crime against the entire Republic and must be punished.

    October 28, 2016,4:21 pm

  13. Mike Reeder

    The polling numbers are absolutely false! Everybody knows the liberal bias of the media and yet we’re supposed to actually BELIEVE their numbers? Call be old fashioned or whatever you want but I’m no fool either!

    October 28, 2016,4:18 pm

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