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Should “Hamilton” Producers Apologize To Pence?

by Bradley Matthews

Should the producers and cast of the Broadway musical “Hamilton” apologize for the way Vice President-elect Mike Pence was treated? Vote in our CBC reader poll!










Should the producers of the musical "Hamilton" apologize to Mike Pence?

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  1. Betty Alexander

    The Hamilton Cast are for “O” and “H” and displayed the lack of proper skills in public courtesy and manners. The guy that played the part of STUPID and spilled all the derogatory remarks is a JERK!

    February 17, 2017,5:57 pm

  2. Linda

    I wrote to “Hamilton” on Facebook and asked them if they would be offended if I, a Republican, bought tickets to the show. They never wrote back. I guess they don’t want my business.

    December 7, 2016,5:38 pm

  3. Gerald Melin

    Let the would be audiences cast their votes by attending or not attending.
    Jerry M

    November 22, 2016,1:06 pm

  4. Jorge Pelegrin

    Brian: Your phrase “if you’re in your 20’s and not a Democrat you have no heart… if you’re 40 and still a democrat you have no brain!”, my math. teacher said it 50 years ago about the Communism. Funny, isn’t?

    November 22, 2016,12:49 pm

  5. Jorge Pelegrin

    Not even the cast of a very successful Broadway show should abuse the rules and force the paying audience to listen to a political rant against the President-elect, that didn’t even begin his term.
    it is rude, unconsidered and plain wrong. The audience must be respected and not taken for granted. They’re paying customers.
    Nobody denies the cast, the right to a free opinion, but not utilizing the Broadway stage for their partisan opinions.
    The argument of the Electoral College vs. Popular Vote, is not valid. The laws are clear and precise. If not liked, well, the Congress should change them, but so far, for 200 years it has been the same way.
    Being a Liberal doesn’t give these guys the right to violate the rules and the common sense.

    November 22, 2016,12:45 pm

  6. Brian

    Well, well, well. It’s obvious the play has had rave reviews. “The cast could hardly go on stage the next night after the election results.” said Jeffrey Seller. Oh boo hoo you bunch of pathetic, pessimistic losers. In this situation Mike Pence was the better person. This country was going to hell in a handbasket and our election system worked. In my opinion, the
    electoral college proved what the founding fathers foreknew. They
    envisioned that the popular vote would be a corruptible way to elect a president. That’s what we witnessed, that’s what we know, so fricken’ get over it! I find it rather oxymoronic that the have I find it rather oxymoronic that the staff and cast of a play about one of these founding fathers stood on a stage and joined with the rhetoric that is being produced… Yes prett with the rhetoric that is being produced… Yes produced by a piss-ant media and a leftist bunch of sore losers and crybabies. You know what they say, if you’re in your 20’s and not a Democrat you have no heart… if you’re 40 and still a democrat you have no brain!

    I hope you all got a trophy for what you did.

    November 22, 2016,10:45 am

  7. Laura G. Holmes

    Edward, you are obviously a liberal. You people ARE guaranteed the right to free speech under the constitution. However, it is you very same people who try to squelch anyone else who does not agree with you the right to express their opinion. You need to grow up and get a life. Trump was right to defend his Vice President and friend. I believe that anyone else, myself included, would have done the same thing in this situation.

    November 22, 2016,10:05 am

  8. Laura G. Holmes

    This situation actually disgusts me. Mike Pence was trying to have a lovely evening out with his beautiful family. He spent a fortune for the tickets and just wanted to enjoy the Broadway experience while in New York City like every other American. Instead of receiving this experience, the audience booed him and then the cast acted like idiots at the end of the show. If they had been raised with any sort of manners, they would have requested a private audience with the Vice President-Elect after the show and aired their concerns at that time. This would have been the proper forum. Again, Mike Pence showed class and dignity in the face of adversity. He is the right man for the job.

    November 22, 2016,10:01 am

  9. S K Pacheco

    There is no excuse for rudeness & stupidity! The disrespectful treatment of Mike Pence will be cause for Boycott of an otherwise quality play .

    November 22, 2016,9:30 am

  10. Darwin L.

    Overpaid hacks. Their egos exceed their intelligence.

    November 22, 2016,6:23 am

  11. edward

    Dumpster Trumpster you need to grow the F- – – Up the buddy and act like a man and not a spoiled child!!! No one owes from the Cast of Hamilton owes any apology to Punny Pence or anyone else. Freedom of speech brother!!! Suck it up and drive on!!!

    November 22, 2016,6:03 am

  12. Michael

    I believe in “free speach”, but there is a time and place where it’s approbiate. And this ain’t it!

    November 22, 2016,4:12 am

  13. Pat

    The future Vice President always the gentleman took the booing, and the cast of Hamilton’s lecture with a grain of salt. A Broadway Play is not the right venue to air your concerns on how Trump will be as our 45th. President. None of us know yet. To all the hysterical far left liberals, take a deep breath, and stop with the guessing games. Stop with the race B.S. I am sick of being called one, because I happen to want our borders secured, and I want unknown refuges to be vetted or not admitted to our country, until they can be. That’s not being a racist, that’s being cautious morons!!!

    November 22, 2016,1:12 am

  14. dprato

    It would have been nice if they simply would have thanked him for attending the performance and congratulated him and Donald Trump for their victory and taken the high road. They have been exploited by Democrats for years and don’t even have a clue.

    November 22, 2016,12:29 am

  15. Linda Digiacomo

    You cant put a high hat on a pig. >>>YOU CAN’T PUT A HIGH HAT ON A PIG <<<<<

    Whoever ok'ed the rant is as slimy a hump as the fool that delivered the rant.

    Who the hell did that hump think he was talking to Mr. Pence with his family
    there, and in a public setting. CAPTIVE. Should have given them their money back.
    This is just the beginning of rude arrogant creepy tirades by mindless jackasses, looking for attention. Pretending to know what is going on, fed lies and BS and lapping it up. Probably and spell Constitution.

    How utterly rude that social misfit was. I'm hoping the backlash shuts it down.
    Let the consequence of that crappy outburst, hit them square in the pocket.

    ABSOLUTELY IS DISGUSTING =Manners? None. Social graces None.

    November 21, 2016,10:59 pm

  16. Phil

    Who cares if they apologize , these are the smart azzes that are causing life time Democrats to leave their party.

    November 21, 2016,10:58 pm

  17. Ærik Bjørnsson

    I don’t think they need to apologize, personally. Are they assholes? Yes. Are they out of line and not doing their job by pleasing customers? Yes. But, are they exercising their rights to free speech? Also, yes. If you don’t like it – as I don’t – simply don’t patronize their business!

    November 21, 2016,10:52 pm

  18. Daniel

    If Pence and his ilk or not up to some booing and intellectual challenge.they should not go to Broadway shows in a city where they are wildly unpoular.Pence and his obnoxious orange running mate better get used to a lot of criticism and confrontation.Fasten your seat belts conservative cretins,it’s going to be a bumpy ride!!!

    November 21, 2016,10:14 pm

  19. Terry

    What s bunch of spoiled brats who don’t know how to lose. If they think Obama considered everyone they have their head in the sand. I have never seen anything like it in my lifetime

    November 21, 2016,7:53 pm

  20. zee

    > ‘scuse typo = ‘they’ Never HEARD what Pres Trump SAID in rallies … a prob listening to MSM aka ‘ Fake News’…
    > Happy ThanksGIVING to All 🙂 ps been involved w/ theater many yrs (playing in the ‘pit’ – musicals) ‘we’ would Never Ever
    say/do such as what ‘Hamilton’ crew did …

    November 21, 2016,7:50 pm

  21. L Porn

    The jerk had to read the comment from his phone. More than he knew what was to happen. The whole cast should be someplace other than in a Broadway show. Looks like a garbage dump would be a better location as they all appeared to to be of that mentality!

    November 21, 2016,7:46 pm

  22. zee

    > 0bviously – ‘they’ Never Hear what Pres Trump SAID in rallies …
    ~ shame on you ppl ~ Listen up !!!

    November 21, 2016,7:44 pm

  23. Lorraine

    Apologize if they can do it with sincerity. We should ask them if they remember the Dixie Chicks. Pence handled it like the class act he is. Who cares what they think.

    November 21, 2016,7:20 pm

  24. Kike

    Thi is precisely what Communists do best; delegitimize!

    November 21, 2016,7:03 pm

  25. Melany S Baskin

    Completely inappropriate and shameful!

    November 21, 2016,6:32 pm

  26. thomas w zera

    Mike Pence = Real person,Important person,Vice President.
    Cast of Hamilton = paid fools and jesters,live outside of reality,are lucky to get a job entertaining important people . Enough said.

    November 21, 2016,6:29 pm

  27. E

    I am agains the elect but Hamilton must apologize

    November 21, 2016,6:24 pm

  28. Erol Argun

    What kind of unbalanced society US has become? Actors are to perform to please our intellect “WHEN WE CHOOSE TO BE ENTERTAINED”. Once they are done, hopefully acceptably (lately?????????) we turn them OFF. They are in a way, some of them better than others, our circus monkeys, or elephants, just there to entertain us upon our command. They have no other role in the society to impose their opinions, no more, no less than any of us by our votes.
    Got that “the court jesters, the circus monkeys” who are lucky to be chosen by us to continue to perform with our generosity of throwing our hard earned money onto the stage. No more though; you insulted a VP Elect, you are boycotted. GO TO HELL.

    November 21, 2016,6:15 pm

  29. Curtis Jones Jr

    Yes, they should apologize. They were the ones being racists and Hateful.

    November 21, 2016,6:13 pm

  30. Shirley

    Yes they should have to apologize and if they don’t they play should not be able to go forth. It should be closed.
    All these stupid Liberals and Obama supporting what is happening with all the uproar that is going on trying to get Trump out of the way with asassination and the comments being made as to Melania is horrible. What a bunch of sore headed loosers. This whole situation of the Obama junk for the past 8 yrs is disgusting. The boys in uniform from the Pentagon should be doing something about Obama by removing him from the W H. He and his minions are evil and I fear for Donald and his family along with Mike and his family. Someone had better stop this Narcisisstic maniac before he totally destroys America in the next few weeks. The Liberal’s have lost their mind.

    November 21, 2016,6:09 pm

  31. Joanne hamilton

    You should be able to go out and see a play without politics. They should apologize. Trump stated he is for ALL people

    November 21, 2016,6:08 pm

  32. Paula Roberts

    pence was out for the evening with family to enjoy himself…not listen to the garbage dealt out to him..or the boos from idiots who have no manners/respect…This was supposed to be an enjoyment away from work…but the bastards had to “annoy” anyway…THATS WHAT THEY NEED TO APOLOGISE FOR…THEIR CPMPLETE RUDENESS.

    November 21, 2016,5:54 pm

  33. Gail Baker

    It was not a conversation as the actor said. It was a one way lambast at an inappropriate place and time. He obviously does not listen to any conservative news media or he would know that Vice President elect Mike Pence and President elect Donald Trump will do what is best for ALL Americans.

    November 21, 2016,5:29 pm

  34. Peace and hope for all

    Yes they most definitely must appologise for their actions used against this good man who has dedicated many years to ensuring that legal American citizens who have suffered under the oppression of the left who have continue through their actions to demonstrate their hatred for the basic rights of Christians across this great country!!!Vice President elect Pence is a man who truly loves America and has given much to the country therefore deserving honor and the heart felt appreciation of every true American who wants the best for this country aand it’s patriotic citizens!!! By the actions displayed during the V.P’S attempt to relax and enjoy what was considered to be a good show by this crew of selfish babies who had to once again throw a temper tantrum rather than care about those willing to support their work!!! They have in one stupid act of disobedience and disrespect tarnished their own efforts to provide entertainment!!! Apparently these people are blinded to the truth believing in the evil that is being presented by psychotic leftists who are simply attempting to disrupt the processes of Government simply because the left has lost control of their political stance because they have forgotten what is truly most important to every single American family!!! The goal of the left has been to destroy America by imposing rules and regulations that has insured the collapse of all that has made America great until Foreign entities assumed control of the political left in America in order to ensure a corporate takeover that ensures the nation’s wealth floods into the coffers of those who support their allies funding efforts to ensure Hillary Clinton the puppet that gave complete assurance that the greedy became rich while the average American family continued to suffer more and more each year!!! Open your eye’s those of you on the left who feel that nothing is right if the left is not able to offer a welfare check to those who refuse to get off their butt’s and work together with fellow American’s to build the country into a great nation where they potential for greatness is available to all!!! Praise GOD that the vast majority of Americans withstood this attack by the psychotic left in large enough numbers to ensure Hillary was only able to steal five states by enacting major computer scams during the November 8th election!!! There were seven million false votes cast by illegals and dead people some who had been in the ground for twenty years or more!!! Hillary’s supporters are claiming that they won by the fact that one and a half million more votes were cast for Hillary but when the illegal votes are removed the left lost everything and stole most of that support they claim they received!!! When the absolute truth is revealed every American will breathe a sigh of relief as we realize how close we actually came to the final curtain going down on America the Country!!! GOD bless the great men who stood up against extreme abuses by the left and their supporters who have shown that their answer to truth is to build on the lies that they spew out of their mouths in defense of the falsehoods that they have sold to those who are easily deceived!!! It is time for all to take a stand on the side where truth reigns supreme and to stop the deceivers who are still trying to destroy AMERICA!!!

    November 21, 2016,5:19 pm

  35. 2War Abn Vet

    These whining Hamilton” pukes want a government that will protect them, soothe their delicate egos, make their decisions for them, and feed and baby them.
    The real Hamilton, if he were alive, would kick their useless asses.

    November 21, 2016,5:12 pm

  36. Mark Thompson

    Only fools make political statements that can influence their livelihoods.

    November 21, 2016,4:57 pm

  37. charlene sullins

    The Hamilton play actor should have been delighted that Pence came to see the play, not ridiculed him. He definitely should apologize for his remarks.

    November 21, 2016,4:54 pm

  38. gary

    The only way some people can make an impression is by saying stupid things. Like the young punks showing the crack of their ass to get noticed because there in nothing in their head to make them noticeable.

    November 21, 2016,4:52 pm

  39. charlene sullins

    The Hamilton play actor should have been

    November 21, 2016,4:52 pm

  40. George Ashford

    I say they should apologize to anyone and everyone for their actions. Not just VP elect Pence he showed class telling his family this is what freedom is about.

    November 21, 2016,4:47 pm

  41. Louise Adams

    You are right I didn’t vote for Obama and personally never voted
    for him and of course I was upset that I had to put up with him for
    8 years but I certainly never went out and acted like these morons are
    acting and especially the college kids what kind of kids are we raising
    here, very sad?!

    November 21, 2016,4:46 pm

  42. Herbert West

    That is not a place to try to disgrace anyone.

    November 21, 2016,4:43 pm

  43. Linda

    I can remember a time that even if you didn’t like who was in office that you showed respect toward them and were honored that they were in your presents and you got to meet them, shake their hand and then vote again for your candidate when the time came around to re-elect. Respect has gotten lost in our country sadly to say.

    November 21, 2016,4:40 pm

  44. Louise Adams

    Yes they should apologize these people are liberal morons!

    November 21, 2016,4:39 pm

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