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You Won’t Believe Why Obama Didn’t Stop Russian Hacking!

by Bradley Matthews

In a TV appearance, Charles Krauthammer said that “The idea that Russia gave the election to Donald Trump is absurd. The intelligence agencies themselves are split. There’s no way really to discern intent without having a source inside and we don’t.

But the real issue is this. There is extensive reporting on how this thing developed over 18 months with the Obama administration knowing about this. Knowing about all kinds of intrusions by the Russians through others and the passivity of Barack Obama in the face of this is simply staggering.”

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  1. Hal Hoffman

    “Fire them all!……..Fire them all!…..The long and the short and the tall!……first fire Comey and Clapper and Lynch, Then fire Brennan success is a cinch! So we’re saying good bye to them all!….as under their rocks they all crawl! They made us feel crappy but soon we’ll be happy so just keep the faith “FIRE THEM ALL!”

    December 17, 2016,2:31 pm

  2. DAV

    The Saboteur-In-Chief does not now and NEVER did care what ANY country did negative to our country. His agenda has always been to bring us down to the same level as Kenya. The DEMONocrats ( also known as Gimmiecrats ) sensed this early on and that is why corruption has been allowed to run rampant. Remember the liberal’s slogan: No Rules, Just Right !
    The DEMONocrats are looking for any excuse why Hellary lost- maybe WE JUST DON’T WANT HER !!! They just don’t get it.
    Lord, please help us against this mass insanity!!!

    December 17, 2016,1:41 pm

  3. charlene sullins

    If Russia did interfere with the election and elected Trump, good for them or whoever did it.

    December 15, 2016,9:19 am

  4. oldpete

    Putin has made no secret of his low opinion of Obama, but has admitted that the voids in world leadership created by Obama have permitted Russia to greatly expand its influence in eastern Europe and the Middle East. Since Hillary was Secretary of State for the first four years of the Obama administration the implementation of those specific policy decisions that created the voids were done on her watch. Any reasonable assessment of her intent if elected would be to almost certainly continue those policies that gave Putin the open door in the first place. Putin is no dummy, his global desires would have fared much better under a Clinton administration and he knows it.
    Many people may have been responsible for the email hack but from a purely practical standpoint Putin’s expansion ambitions where harmed significantly by the WIKI Leak revelation. Look elsewhere for this one, Russia is definitely not the source.

    December 14, 2016,9:16 pm

  5. Kevin Assad

    Richard , you have hit the nail on the head.

    December 14, 2016,7:33 pm

  6. Susan

    Because Obama wants to enforce Martial Law

    December 14, 2016,5:07 pm

  7. Richard Dahl

    Obviously, Charles comments are correct. Obama did nothing because the allegations were frivolous made up allegations that were being used to position himself politically and maybe position him for an excuse to stay in the White House forever which has clearly been his motive since the beginning. Obama is an unapologetic Communist who has been caught whispering to the Russian leaders that he can negotiate a better arms deal after the election. America may be in trouble still. And, he said he does not care if lower taxes bring more revenue and higher standards of living as it is about FAIRNESS. BEWARE.

    December 14, 2016,4:34 pm

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