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Should Kanye West Join Trump’s Cabinet?

by Bradley Matthews

Should famous rapper Kanye West join Trump’s cabinet? Vote in our CBC reader poll!

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Should rapper Kanye West get a position in Trump's cabinet?

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  1. Mrs. Sean Curtis

    I think Kanye West could be helpful with offering suggestions as head of a committee on race relations. Mr. Trump needs input from conservative black leaders from various professions.

    December 17, 2016,12:47 am

  2. Thanh (Thomas) Le

    Looking back to the American history, we have learned from President Lincoln about civil war, and he has stated his anti-slavery conviction in a proclamation that won him no favor in the South. And the Constitution make those conviction made those convictions official. At last, his dream was realized. Lincoln made his famous speech “that a house divided against itself cannot stand.” and today Trump-Pence remind us that Lincoln also spoke of “government of the people, by the people, for the people” and of “a new birth of freedom.” America first! Trump said: “Kanye West is his friend for long time.” He wants a friendship with the black community. Government is “for the people.” Though dead by then, Lincoln still spoke in the mind of American people.” The word swept across Capital Hill and down into the valleys of Virginia and the back roads of the Carolinas and even deeper into the plantations of Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana. Headlines on newspapers in virtually every state trumpeted the same message” “Slavery Legally Abolished.” Today, something happened that many would have never expected. President Obama said: “America have not overcome the racism yet.” He refers to “Black lives matter.” Our country have been divided. When Lincoln was elected for a second term with the campaign cry, “Don’t swap horses.” In his inaugural address he set forth his plan for bringing the states into the Union: “With malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right, as God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in–to bind up the nations wounds…….” President elected Trump said in his campaign: ” He wants America to be safe again, “America great again.” and he also said as a promise: “America first! I will never let the American people down.” Trump said to his supporter: we will make the History, but history has been written about Abraham Lincoln is known as one our “great” presidents. It is difficult to say just what a man “great”. It is not only what he does but also how he does it. Lincoln loved mankind, and he was more concerned for others than he was for himself. He believed in forgiveness and justice for all. Trump wants to serve, but not to be served, every American people. “Some people have plenty to live on but nothing to live for”, but Lincoln and Trump-Pence have something to live for their families, American people, and only one of his country USA. He also said: he won’t be politically correct. He will do things in God’s way, God bless America! Merry Xmas! They truly lead who lead by love. The only leader worth following is the leader who is following Christ. That will make “America great again.”

    December 16, 2016,3:39 am

  3. CAROL


    December 15, 2016,5:06 pm

  4. Lea Meyers

    I’m thrilled to see how FEW Trump backers want to see Kanye West in his Cabinet. Frankly, I was worried about my fellow Trumpers getting into the “anyone can do it!” mindset, and as someone who has spent most of my adult life in Washington, working to help conservative Cabinet members and the presidents who appointed them succeed, I can tell you IT AIN’T SO. Sure, they might be able to function — but they’ll FAIL in the important task of MANAGING THE BUREAUCRACY and making it carry out — NOT FIGHT AGAINST — Trump policies. THAT isn’t easy, and half-educated rappers can’t even BEGIN to do it. (Neither can half-educated former governors of under-populated states — are you listening, Sarah?)

    December 15, 2016,1:14 am

  5. Marvin

    how is he qualified over anybody else alive on this planet????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    December 14, 2016,7:07 pm

  6. E


    December 14, 2016,6:43 pm

  7. Peace and hope for all

    It is time for every American with eye’s who can already see that the many promises that President elect Donald John Trump has made to you are beginning to come true!!! The level of optimism has taken a major step in the right direction as a positive attitude begins to flow in many circles while hundreds of thousands of jobs show signs of returning to the U.S. now that it has been announced that under a Trump led Government America will once again be open for business!!! Ask yourself why is it that under an elitist government that basically became the focus or the country under the Globalist view of what w ill be despite what the public desired to see happen as they held onto the belief that the politicians were elected because their supporters were led to believe that they would protect the constitution and fulfill their obligation to the elrctorate by ensuring that every decision made was focused on presenting what would be the absolute best for the country and every American family!!! It is amazing that despite making claims to the contrary the Globalist who swore they would follow the pledge made while being sworn in after winning their seats to protect the constitution and the best interests of every American while actually focusing on committing treasonous acts by doing the exact opposite and working to line their coffers by casting their votes in such a way that made it possible for the Bush-Clinton-C.I.A.(John Brennan) criminal cabal to move the country from the freest in the world toward becoming a banana republic led by dictators who are actually the greatest criminal drug dealer treasonous backstabbing liar ever to seize power within this country!!! The American people woke up from the nightmare that was robbing them of their future and spoke out against the actions of this Globalist group of traitors!!! America is now back on the right track and will continue to move in a straight line as long as this threat created by the 400 traitors who are attempting to destroy the lives of three hundred plus million Americans are brought down immediately!!! These individuals who have become personally wealthy not by working hard to achieve positive results but by selling their vote to those willing to pay the price demanded!!! They have become wealthy off of the sweat of the brow of the average American while doing nothing to help make their lives easier to live as is the reason why the 400 have been accepted and placed in their positions of authority!!! Once elected the people have no way of harnessing the liars ability to go rouge!!! Over the past eight years people like Paul Ryan, John Mcain and others in the elitist branch of the Republican party have managed to add great levels of wealth to their families bank accounts while accepting bribes from George Soros, George H.W, Bush the Clinton’s and their foundations that are located in several countries world wide!!! In late October Hillary transfered 1.8 billion dollars using a relationship that has been developed with wall street bankers from their foundation to a bank in Quatar!!! This is the nest egg they have developed over the past twenty years by accomplishing absolutely nothing what so ever!!! America is pulling away from the grasp of criminals to once again become a country that truly values each citizen’s rights to expect that those they elect will look to that which best provides a future for all!!! From this day forward victory can return to the list of possibilities for one and all who can envision a healthy productive future where their interests are respected and excepted as a possibility to all willing to put forth the effort!!! The family will once again become a vital part of the makeup of the nation as an amazing contributon to a solid national foundation!!! Look to the future and realize that under a Trump Government the good points that made America the most sought after country in the world as the place to raise a family in freedom where any dream has the potential to be fulfilled!!! Become excited again folks as you take on the 400 traitors locking those who have robbed the American coffers of 100 trillion dollars as a way to ensure the few are able to take full advantage of the many!! By taking back the funds that have been stolen from this criminal element the future of America will be insured!!! All the restablishing and rebuilding will begin and a bright shiny new picture of the nations future will be revealed!!! GOD bless America!!! May this tarnished future become bright once again as this evil is overcome by those who love America with all their hearts!!!

    December 14, 2016,5:07 pm

  8. Randy Miller

    That kinda says it all .

    December 14, 2016,4:24 pm

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