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See Why Trump Has Streep Seeing Shrinks!

by Bradley Matthews

Trump is President and liberal celebs are breaking down! See why Trump has Streep and friends seeing shrinks in the cartoon!

Are you going to boycott Meryl Streep’s movies from now on? Vote in our CBC reader poll HERE.


  1. Audrey

    Meryl is entitled to her opinion, but spare me the preaching especially when I’ve tuned into an awards program and as a captured audience she subjects me to her opinion. Now that I know her leftist opinion, I will make sure not to tune it when she’s a part of a movie or other program. Wrong time, wrong place lady.

    January 26, 2017,9:46 am

  2. Gloria Yurgans

    Of course I am boycotting Meryl movies from now on ! I will also NOT RENT MERYLS MIVIES FROM RED BOX EITHER !
    THE SAME GOES FOR THE OTHER UNPATRIOTIC CELEBRITIES…..They are so brainless that they just follow the liberal clowns😈 I can’t believe these puppets actually voted for KILLARY ! The woman who enabled and stood by while her perverted husband abused a number of vulnerable Women! And if that wasn’t enough abuse; killary threatened the victims herself !!! And lets not forget killary leaving her email acct wide open so AMERICA’S ENEMIES COULD ACCESS IT !!!! Yeah killary is a solid role model and upright American citizen – NOT !!!! SHE IS A TRAITOR

    January 26, 2017,3:08 am

  3. Camille Gilliam

    it is past time for them to grow up, we put up with Muslim socialist Obama for 8 yrs., in which he tried to destroy this country. All Trump wants to do is save it . You guys don’t have any idea how hard it has been with someone sick in your family, but you need to learn to help people and not necessarily with money. Try to be kind.

    January 26, 2017,1:41 am

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