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Do You Agree With Trump’s Travel Ban?

by Bradley Matthews

Protests have broken out as President Trump’s temporary ban on travel from certain Muslim countries is implemented. Do you agree with the ban? Vote in our CBC reader poll!

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Do you agree with Trump's travel ban on 7 Muslim countries?

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  1. Rose

    He probably should have added more countries to the list.

    March 7, 2017,10:10 pm

  2. Fergus O'Reilly

    I agree with Bob Uda. Ban them all AND quit selling weapons to Saudi Arabia.

    March 7, 2017,12:55 pm

  3. Bob Uda

    The travel ban is too weak. Ban them ALL!

    March 6, 2017,10:39 pm

  4. Carol

    100% with trump in his travel ban order, border wall and any vetting policies he issues. the libs can call it anything they want but the truth is u.s citizens deserve to be kept safe and our towns cities and villages should not be subjected to immigrants settling in no questions asked.

    March 6, 2017,7:36 pm

  5. TalibanorTravelban

    Yes, I support President Trump’s travel ban. He comprehends the national security interest at stake. #DoingTheRightThing

    March 6, 2017,7:27 pm

  6. Nancy


    March 6, 2017,6:50 pm

  7. Charlotte York

    Yes, especially the Muslim’s, they want to harm us, they all have to go by the Quran and it, teaches that they are to hate, and kill all Christians and Jews so, unless they have converted to Christianity they need to stay out, that is why Obama wanted them in here he, is a Muslim and wants them to take over America and bring in the Sharia Law. as far as the others, Mexican’s etc..they should all be vetted and come in like our forefathers did? Most of them don’t want to kill us?

    March 6, 2017,5:17 pm

  8. Brian J. Muckian

    Yes, America needs to be more stringent in letting people into this country, especially those people from Mideast countries. I cannot believe all are evil and intend to create havoc in our society, but until they are properly checked, they should not be allowed in. Once we have the stringent rules in place, then gradually lift the ban. Sanctuary cities should be banned- how can these cities get away with not reporting illegals to the government – that is against the law ! I believe that these “sanctuary” cities hold out until it becomes old news and forgotten. I like the President is standing by the law and standing up to the illegals. We have a right to protect our borders. Go Trump !

    February 9, 2017,8:08 pm

  9. Carl Schiro

    Today’s immingrats aren’t the same as when our Grandparents immigrated to the U.S. They came legal. When they came to America they tried the best they could to speak and learn our Customs. They came to America knowing that they could never go home. They flew only one Flag, Old Glory. Their Children were born here then WW2 Broke out. Those Children of inmingrants parents joined the Armed Services. They never wavered, They were sent back to the Country’s that their Parents came from. They were fighting against there own blood Relatives. They became the greatest Generation and saved the World. Now do you really think that the illegals immigrants would ever do that!!!!

    February 5, 2017,12:53 pm

  10. Carl Schiro

    I was always taught, if you are young and a Liberal you have a Brain! But when you get married and grow old and you are still a Liberal you have no Brains!!

    February 5, 2017,4:12 am

  11. Ron

    If you have a brain and know what has happened in Europe then you are all for the ban. What else is there to talk about?

    February 4, 2017,5:48 am

  12. Deborah


    February 3, 2017,8:02 pm

  13. Ethel Jackson

    Great decision President Trump. Thank God you are not ACTING presidential; you are BEING presidential, and that is what our country has been missing for the last 8+ years.

    February 3, 2017,6:06 pm

  14. charlene sullins

    Way to go President Trump with the travel ban. I think more countries should be added to it, Pakistan, Turkey and Saudia Arabia.

    February 3, 2017,4:16 pm

  15. Jayne totans

    Thank your president Trump. People have short memories. Thank you for trying to keep us safe. We won’t forget 9/11, Boston bombers, Ny bombers, Paris and so many more. Pray for our service men and women and the Navy Seal who lost his life yesterday. God help his family.

    February 1, 2017,7:20 pm

  16. Rose

    Stop ALL freebies and immigration will sort itself out.

    January 31, 2017,10:38 pm

  17. Janice

    Thank you President Trump for trying to keep us safe—in spite of the absolute idiots on the left. God help us get past this time–they need to understand that Americans put a new sheriff in town– how can we get thru many Americans that what President Trump is doing is what he promised in his campaign and why he was elected—-but then middle America was defined as’ deplorables’ which means we are not supposed to matter. Well guess what- the Democrats can loose more seats for being terrible obstructionists
    God Bless America

    January 31, 2017,6:47 pm

  18. Ronda N Pfeif

    Thank you, Mr. President! It seems too many people have completely abandoned common sense.

    January 31, 2017,5:03 pm

  19. MaryAnne Lisbona

    THANK YOU President Trump for doing everything in your power to keep us safe! We Lover you too!

    January 31, 2017,3:46 pm

  20. Paul good

    They don’t need to be here or belong here.keep up the good work President Trump

    January 31, 2017,3:15 pm

  21. Kevin Burns

    Someone, Something needs to communicate with Americans that the Democrats are lying when they say this ban is un-constitutional. They are lying when they say it is against the 109’s constitutional rights… THEY ARE LYING!
    Aliens do not have U.S. Constitutional Rights. Only U.S. Citizens have U.S. Constitutional rights…..

    January 31, 2017,11:21 am

  22. Lana


    January 31, 2017,11:18 am

  23. charlene sullins

    Trump is right on with the ban and I wish he would include Pakistan, Saudia Arabia and Turkey. Schuumer on crying. Trump told him it was a fake cry and wondered who his coach was iss funny. Schuumer knows what Trump is doing but feel he has to oppose it for the democrats.

    January 31, 2017,10:47 am

  24. Joseph Wilson

    Do these educated idiots not know how to read or are they lemurs that have to be told where to go and what to do. They remind me of the NAZI’s in the early thirties. Intimidating, protesting, marching, bullying, threatening, harassing, and trying to change an election. Shame on them.

    January 31, 2017,10:24 am

  25. Mark

    Obama did it and 7 other presidents also put a ban on immigrants.
    The Left has gone crazy, if we don’t stand strong against these Libtards, they will get us all killed.

    January 31, 2017,9:38 am

  26. Ray B Stephenson

    2 other presidents have done this and no one complained, maybe because they were democrat

    January 31, 2017,7:27 am

  27. james trentham

    Yes. Thank God for Trump!!!

    January 31, 2017,3:03 am

  28. Richard Stewart

    President Trump just wants to have a stronger vetting system and the lefties will not or have not read the constitution at all so they are protesting for nothing and if anyone of them had paid any attention under the Obama Presidency he did this in 2015 against Iraq and not a dam one of these protesters said or did anything not even the Worthless Main Stream Media Lackys that LOVES !!! Obama So Much. Obama’s ruling wanted this Vetting system to begin with and none of this has to do with Muslims at all it includes everyone in there country of origin and even Christians will be part of this better systems and there needs to be a stronger adding of questioning in this updated version to help prevent abuses in there believe of Sharia law because they must obey our laws related to our constitution including our States laws and other local laws not the ones they want to use even against there own family members this has to be one question they must be asked and let these people know that our laws are the ones they must obey Period.

    January 31, 2017,2:21 am

  29. Joan G. Krippel

    Yes, I agree with President Trump. I’m so happy that he is keeping his promise to keep America safe from terrorism.

    January 31, 2017,1:40 am

  30. Ksrabeth Hammonds

    Yes I agree with President Trump.. Glad this President is concerned for the safety of the American people and I believe for one minute the President had to inform anyone.. If someone was going to blow your head off Phil Hymanwould you expect the President to inform anyone then?

    January 31, 2017,12:42 am

  31. Theresa Brown

    The people who are coming here legally have no problem with this ban. Who has the problem? People who do not even know what they are protesting about. I have seen so many protester say that they are against slavery, abuse of women. Ect. that is indoctrination of the young minds by the extreme liberals in this country. President Trump is right..look at Europe and all the violence that is going on in the countries that are taking in immigrants by the millions. There w I uld be no problems with this ban if the protesters that are being funded by extreme liberals were not out in mass most people coming here that want to be here agree with the ban, they like our President Trump. Thank God he got elected by the people that still can think for themselves.The federal judges going against this were all appointed by Obama. If any of those kids were mine, I would be dragging them back home for a good old fashion attitude adjustment. It has nothing to do with muslims, it has to do with making sure the people coming into this country are coming for the right reasons.
    Is it too much to ask that my children, grand children and future great grandchildren be given the same freedoms that I have been blessed with.?
    Pray for this country and our President Trump. This insanity needs to stop. I stand with our President and all Americans that truly want our country to be safe and secured.Fight on patriots.

    January 31, 2017,12:35 am

  32. Phil Hyman

    The only problem I have with it is that it was done without giving anyone any notice. I think it would have gone over a lot better and would have been more fair to have made it effective say, as of March 1 so no one would have to have gotten stranded in mid-air on their way back into the country.

    January 30, 2017,11:56 pm

  33. J. McGregor

    Why would any true American be against this travel ban is beyond me. Don’t you care if another terriost attack takes place. These liberals hate this country & you are foolish if you believe otherwise. George Soros & his cronies are funding these protest. Odd that no one ever mentioned that his grandson is married to the Clinton’s daughter, that should be very telling.

    January 30, 2017,11:11 pm

  34. Laura Sullivan

    TSA protects Americans to ensure we are able to fly safely. President Trump is doing the same. It is not discrimination. It is allowing those to enter legally into the US. Period. We are Country made of immigrants, all of which came here following the legal guidelines. Is enforcing immigration laws and protecting our borders too much to ask of liberals? I truly do not understand their twisted thinking.

    January 30, 2017,11:04 pm

  35. Dawn Doran

    You don’t know, what kind of people that are coming to America…Do they have jobs here, educations here or anything that would get them by?…The American people, for one, does not owe ANY immigrants anything…Trump is trying to protect and bring back our country and that is ‘AMERICA’…

    January 30, 2017,10:40 pm

  36. Don Dittmer

    YES I agree. What’s the problem over 3 to 4 months? He said he would do this, didn’t you listen while you were judging him? He’s more of a POTUS than the last one, so you’re all jealous since he’s a POTUS that works hard!

    January 30, 2017,10:14 pm

  37. Johnny Hiott

    There’s only one thing wrong with President Trumps executive order. That is it is not inclusive of a deportation demand for the communist john mccain, lindsey grhamnesty and chuck wanna-be harry reid and the rest of the communist obama/hillary supporters who are determined to destroy America.

    January 30, 2017,10:13 pm

  38. John Walsh

    Islam is the world’s most intolerant and violent political system posing as a fake religion. Political Islam has a Constitution named Sharia Law with Hadiths added even though they are not in Quran.

    January 30, 2017,9:39 pm

  39. David Elizalda

    Shouldn’t we calm down? Shouldn’t we read what that executive order actually said and then understand what it means? We should not allow Media, whose only purpose is to incite, to explain any of that to us. We should have responsible sources to do that–again not Media like CNN, MSNBC, Esquire, etc. We know who the instigators are, who incite anarchy, right? Let’s take a pause, please!!

    January 30, 2017,8:59 pm

  40. Willie Bettner

    A small part of the people don’t seen to be looking at the big picture. It is NOT racist when you are doing what you can to keep people OUT of this country who are willing to destroy it. Yes , there are good Muslim people, but until you figure out a better way to keep the bad ones out, then keep them all out. I’m sorry, but we don’t even take care of our own people(whatever race) good enough. We don’t need outsiders that we don’t even know or have never dealt with before. First things first! I think Trump will do a good job? Wlil he do everything I want? Doubtful, but to be expected. Overall, I think he will do this country proud!.

    January 30, 2017,8:57 pm

  41. John Randall

    We have to get rid of the law breakers and thr is one hell of a bunch of them to get back to a law abiding country like we once were. We cant let the Riff Raff take over or were screwed. Trump is our only hope.

    January 30, 2017,8:47 pm

  42. Rita Hostutler


    January 30, 2017,8:42 pm

  43. ed

    they want everyone that isn’t Muslim dead!

    January 30, 2017,8:20 pm

  44. Wilbor Gavin

    Make it all countries.

    January 30, 2017,7:36 pm

  45. Janell Cooper

    Of course I agree . Trump’s judgment is excellent and I trust whatever he does. Do we want another 911 or a suicide bombing in this country ?? He’s trying to protect us before that happens !!

    January 30, 2017,7:32 pm

  46. Jeannie Verret

    I agree with President Trump on this ban. He is doing what he promised to do & we need to take a stand in his defense. I truly feel he has been called to bring this country back to being in God’s good graces. May God bless you President Trump & your administration as you lead our country & put the safety of the USA as your main priority. Political Correctness really should not have any place in our American Society. I am praying for all our leaders to stay the course in leading this country in the right direction.

    January 30, 2017,7:28 pm

  47. PTTA

    I think the extreme vetting is great and so is the travel ban. My problem. it does not go far enough. We need to deport these people even if we have to set up safe haven places in the Mideast. Islam will never be compatible with Western Countries. Islam wants to rule the world. Read the Quran like I did and the Sharia laws. It tool]k me almost two years in my spare time to do that. But now I know the truth of their intentions. They have a four point plan regarding taking over a country from wit in. I suggest you read it. if you want the address I will post it for you. The Quran tells them it is okay to lie to a None Believer, Behead and kill a none believer,Have sex , witj h none believer women.\, even if they do not want to, ( Rape), is okay because that is what will make lots of Muslim Babies. Has anyone noticed or looked up how many young men compose the Muslim Refugees? 71%. Women a4%, kids 4 to 4.5% . the rest older men. Has anyone looked up and watched the videos at infowars.com? has anyone heard tat Sweden is now called the Rape Capital of the world? has anyone noticed or read about the 5 year old Gil in Idaho Falls who was Raped last June 2 by Somali young boys? (They were not deported, and they were not even arrested. Neither was their parents who condoned the attack. I fact it was totally shut up) How about the terrorist attacks in Washington State? Read about how te Somali refugees are treating the young women around Green River College in Auburn Washington where a Church group settled these animals? Or How Bellevue is now a growing Muslim Center in some areas? How about the terrorist attacks in Minnesota last Summer, or in Virginia, New Jersey, Florida, and many other places. Have you watched the video regarding Dear Born Mich., and the 450,000 to 650,000 houses paid for by our welfare money, that they live in? How about the BMW , Audi, and fancy sport cars they drive and we pay for? The video is a guided trip by a local resident who grew up there and is now in his fifties. streets in some areas are now written in Arabic, not English. You should see what their food stamps buy in their very fancy grocery stores, or what their Islamic schools teach. It certainly is not what a American School teaches. Are these people being absorbed into our society? Not hardly. They a re a cancerous growth crowding out the real Americans that have always lived and worked there. They are sucking our welfare benefits for Americans dry. deport them. Japan will not even let them into their country. Neither will Korea, and Australia jut turned down 2500 Somali’s that Obama said he would take. Austria’s new PM said he is goingto Ban All Muslims from coming to Austria, Switzerland has announced quietly the same thing, so has New Zaland. France just turned 12 who wanted to come in today. PRESIDENT TRUMP IS RIGHT! HE JUST DID NOT GO FAR ENOUGH! These protestors, (many Muslim), .deport first including the Home Grown ones.If they are Muslim, then the Americans who converted are Denouncing the Constitution and should be deported. Do you love your kids? Grand kids? Want them to live under Sharia Laws? Then Take action now, write your congress with a title wave of memos if they ignore you. then vote these traitors that want them out.

    January 30, 2017,7:19 pm

  48. david o'brien

    trump is doing the right thing after 90 days there should be a ban that goes beyond this one

    January 30, 2017,7:07 pm


    We must hold our ground with President Trump for our heavenly father “GOD Almighty is lighting his path to defeat the EVILS which are within our Country and outside of our borders. May GOD protect our President and our countries patriotic men and women in this great fight of human kind.

    January 30, 2017,7:01 pm

  50. Jim

    I agree 100 percent, don’t back down President Trump, I know God let you be elected because all People we’re praying and he will guide your decesions

    January 30, 2017,6:52 pm

  51. Camille Gilliam

    The schools have been brain-washing our young so they could take over and tell them what to do. We weren’t raised that way, but I can see what college did to my son, science profs tell them that there is no proof that Jesus ever existed. this is so they can control them, and take over with Socialism. I don’t want to live in a Socialist country.

    January 30, 2017,6:50 pm

  52. Marie Falkenstein

    President Trump is trying to Protect the American People. I Don’t understand why True Americans are Against this. Not Smart!

    January 30, 2017,6:45 pm

  53. Joan

    We must ignore the ignorant people who are opposed to closing our borders and banning immigration until we can control who wants to apply for citizenship, vet them and make them wait for background checks and prove they can support themselves, or have relatives who can sponsor them. That’s what ALL other Countries do. WHY should Americans continue to die at the hands of people who hate us, and have one goal, to murder Christians & Jews and destroy our Government and our way of life and force Sharia Law on everyone. Pure insanity.

    January 30, 2017,6:35 pm

  54. Robert J Jacobson

    President Trump is absolutely correct in anything he does.

    January 30, 2017,6:20 pm

  55. Imani X-Ortiz

    First and foremost, I believe that President Trump is doing a great job signing executive orders that he mentioned during his campaign numerous times. So many are too critical of him period and will probably protest everything that he does. President Trump could have met with all of the political individuals that he has been accused of not meeting with and it would not have made a difference. It is time for the United States to have a non-political President, who is not in this position for the money, greed, or fame. I firmly believe that he trying to provide a more secured nation for all legal American Citizens, but they are too closed minded, and too ignorant of their current environment that has not provided any substantial change economically, but appear to be more concern about past politicians that have accomplished diminutive results. More government contractors have been hired in the past to replace federal employees that were not needed to perform the work of federal employees. I witnessed this first hand as a retired federal employee. Seemingly, past leaders have been more involved in accomplishing personal interest goals, while a great majority of our society struggles financially while thousands struggle to live in impoverished conditions, some engaging in crime because they have no jobs, many are suffering mentally. President Trump was needed yesterday to drain the swamp in our corrupt society that appears to have become a Renaissance of greed, corruption, and selfishness.

    January 30, 2017,6:11 pm

  56. Barb Anderson

    If we did not have people in our legislative bodies that are standing against this legal undertaking, things would be a whole lot smoother; heck they will not even confirm those that have passed the Senate Committee. why:? They have sworn an Oath to each other I presume to raise trouble all four years..boy the DEMS has We the PEople as their main interests, right? Support Trump all the way and by the way, there are what are called invitations to come to America..not easy to get..I favor, vetting and re-vetting..specifically bar Muslims from this country forever..

    January 30, 2017,6:09 pm

  57. mary ann

    So sick of the liberal media. They only show the protests against Trump. They stopped telling about the beheadings, burning people alive, etc.

    January 30, 2017,6:07 pm

  58. Barb Anderson

    Putin has laws and they are obeyed to keep his people safe; we should use our laws to the max for the same reason; those laws…the Constitution and the McCarran Act.

    January 30, 2017,6:05 pm

  59. Lovette Bennett

    It’s the only safe thing to do, until each individual can be properly vetted. If the ban stops ONE jihadist in sheep’s clothing from coming into this country and taking out 25 Americans at a restaurant, it will have been worth it!

    January 30, 2017,6:04 pm

  60. Eleanor

    Those ”naturalized” from July 2015 to today DID NOT SWEAR BY THE ORIGINAL NATURALIZATION OATH.

    Don’t forget – on 21 July 2015, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) issued a policy alert with the subject “Modifications to Oath of Allegiance for Naturalization” [PDF]. Immediately, social media users and blogs declared the policy change a fundamental threat to American tradition, posting tweets decrying the changes and circulating articles holding that President Obama had removed “a pledge to defend the USA” from the oath:
    New “adopted” Americans won’t have to pledge to defend the USA. Yes, you heard it right! Obama’s administration removed the lines that required that they pledge to defend the USA ”from ALL enemies, foreign and domestic”.
    Those ”naturalized” from July 2015 to today DID NOT SWEAR BY THE ORIGINAL NATURALIZATION OATH. They should not be allowed to vote!!

    January 30, 2017,6:03 pm

  61. Pat

    They are Not suppose to be here….. tired of them boohooing on being detained they were told before hand to be back in country before trump sworn in because this was going to happen,guess they don’t understand English… and obama needs to keep his nose out of this!!

    January 30, 2017,6:00 pm

  62. michael

    it is about TIME someone STOOD-UP for AMERICA ! before we share the fate of PARIS. I cannot say enough, thank you DONALD TRUMP ! and may GOD BLESS and keep you safe finally AMERICA FIRST!! what a concept

    January 30, 2017,5:59 pm

  63. Duane Lovell

    Trump will go into the books as the best president we have ever had and Obama as the worse for sure. I really think God had a hand in all of this, evil was knocking on the door but it was all stopped. What will worry me is after 4 years and the people will forget how things were before that time

    January 30, 2017,5:58 pm

  64. Duane Lovell

    Thank You Richard De, you are right we do have a lot of very stupid people and you cant tell them anything because number one they cant understand or figure it all out in their stupid heads they make me sick being that dumb

    January 30, 2017,5:51 pm

  65. Annice Rogers


    January 30, 2017,5:44 pm

  66. Barbara McNinch

    I say no Muslims or any illegal’s can enter the United States until further notice! Muslims and other illegal’s will get the picture and know what America means! We DO have a sovereign right to keep illegal’s out of OUR country‼️ Other countries do not have to like it it we will protect our citizens and our country! There was a law passed in 1952 that BANNED Muslims into our country BECAUSE the Muslims WANTED TO TAKE OVER! That is their goal to take over! Obama and other Muslims tried to take over our country along with Valerie Jarrett and the Muslims in the White House, government and coming into United States‼️🇺🇸

    January 30, 2017,5:36 pm

  67. Judy Bowles

    I thank President Trump. Do not let up.

    January 30, 2017,5:35 pm

  68. Judy Bowles

    I agree with the waiting period, would like it to go farther and make it a ban.
    These people do not want to assimilate, they want to take over.
    Look at the polls they ask these people, if they are for the Constitution or Shiria . These people respond , they want Shiria and its ok to blow us up.

    New Jersey at the school district, the Muslims were saying just wait their numbers are growing, just give it some time. They are going to make changes and they favor Islam.


    January 30, 2017,5:34 pm

  69. Stella Honeycutt

    We cannot be sure which Country Muslims are not here to hurt us. We must protect America.

    January 30, 2017,5:30 pm

  70. Janet

    It’s all part of the liberal AMERICA LAST agenda. The modern day democrats are simply people who hate America and think America is some evil empire to blame for all the world’s wrongs. They will never support anything that puts American citizens first.

    January 30, 2017,5:30 pm

  71. Janet

    I have an idea to save States money. The sanctuary cities love to protect illegal felons. But, why do they discriminate? They should embrace all felons equally. States who do not want the expense of imprisonimg felons should offer a suspended sentence along with a bus ticket to a sanctuary city. The deal is simply that they can never come back.

    January 30, 2017,5:27 pm

  72. Mary Mifsud

    100% He is looking out for us the American public he is making all his promises come true he is like no other politician who promises you the moon so you vote for him. He gave up his comfortable life to get abused by the democrats and elites that think they are so much smarter than us the American public. I applaud him for his tenacity and I am grateful that he is our PRESIDENT!

    January 30, 2017,5:27 pm

  73. Louise Braun

    This will blow over once it gets down the orderly process of properly vetting those coming into this country. This is very much needed. How many more senseless deaths is it going to require for those objecting to this process to “get the picture?”

    January 30, 2017,5:27 pm

  74. JL Brown Jr

    What is so wrong about wanting to know the people we let in our country are not terrorist, yes they have women and kids doing just that, blowing people up. It’s about time our borders are secure and we put the terror on the ropes. And for all this people that want to give free housing to these people, how about giving free homes to our 1. Homeless vets that are in need, 2 our other homeless that are in need. Then we help others, but first ourselves

    January 30, 2017,5:26 pm


    ABSOLUTELY. Why are you indicating Muslim countries? So you can act like is strictly done for religious reasons? There’s a lot more Muslim countries than on this ban.

    January 30, 2017,5:22 pm

  76. Richard De

    It is not a Muslim ban! When are you going to stop lying. These are f-ing places Obama admin stated where threats! There are more and they will get banned. Why you Dems/Libs making America look weak and undivided! We finally have a real President names Donald J. Trump! I know it has been too long since America has had a real President, but a presidents job is to protect America/Americans first! Why are we always protecting others?!!!!!!!!! They do not protect us! Most have stricter rules regardless if you have passport. card, etc. they give you hard time getting into there shit countries that I will NEVER go too! You fool that are upset losing election are willing to put us all at risk instead of uniting an putting America/Americans first! Do you bastard know how many Americans are homeless cannot feed their families because government made them broke?!!!! Nice Mexico has a middle class and we do not anymore! poor or rich here! And the rich mostly are those who did nothing except steal tax payers money Obama, Clinton Soros! You stupid Dems/Libs and other that are protesting that do not even know why. You fool go over to the other countries they will chop your head off you think they care your running around your own country with signs talking horrible about our President?!!!!! They are laughing saying look the stupid Americans will never learn we will get heir country! You bastard it thank GOD President Trump came in! America/Americans would be dead if not. What happened to Dems/Liberals say stocks would drop if Trump was elected, etc.?!! They are higher than ever! Country is heading in best direction ever! I read the headlines and all media should be shut down that put down our True real American President saying bullshit horrible shit! America and Americans come first! As far a Muslims they ones that knew about these terrorist attacks in USA didn’t say shit and watch out because there are planted Mosques waiting to attack o our soil! Thank GOD we are onto that shit and have the bravest men and woman you Dems and Liberals have ben treating like shit that keep all us safe for decades you evil bastards!

    January 30, 2017,5:22 pm

  77. Roseann Varner

    Thank you Mr Trump! Need to send the freeloading ones that are here back where they came from too

    January 30, 2017,5:21 pm

  78. Paul Ferreira

    That you President Trump for caring about our safety.

    January 30, 2017,5:14 pm

  79. StillaBeliever

    I’m pretty tired of hearing about the “rights” of potential immigrants. Nobody has a right to immigrate — it’s a privilege granted to only a few. What, does every one of the 6-7 billion in the world now have an absolute right to come here? Surely even the staunch lefties couldn’t believe that!

    January 30, 2017,5:14 pm

  80. Aaron Lochak

    Past president Obama banned influx of Iranians no one said a word WHY???? Yes all terriorists Are MUSLIM not christians not Irish not Italians. But. MUSLIMS!!!! Studies showMuslims have contributed very LITTLE to our society these banned countries are terrorist harboring countries. Jews are banned christiians are banned ect from these countries!!!

    January 30, 2017,5:10 pm

  81. Elrod

    Agree 100%!! Or let all “refugees” in on one condition. That they have to live in Hollywood, CA and cannot move.

    January 30, 2017,5:08 pm

  82. Sherry Berg

    I think President Trump should extend the ban till forever and include all Muslims countries. We banned Muslims in 1952 and should have keep that in effect. Islam is the Koran and they will dominate the world if given them the chance.

    January 30, 2017,5:03 pm

  83. Soknakauv

    100% yes with Trump always know what he is doing

    January 30, 2017,5:02 pm

  84. Sue Christiansen

    Thank Mr President for putting our safety first. Can’t say that about last President

    January 30, 2017,5:02 pm

  85. Jackalyn Morrison

    I very much agree with our PRESIDENT it is a terrorist ban and he is just keeping us safe!!! These snowflakes need to get over it and stop underminding him on every turn!! Better yet they need to leave our country

    January 30, 2017,5:02 pm

  86. George Heflin

    We need to send them all back home. Thy have no right living off us in the first place.

    January 30, 2017,5:00 pm

  87. MARY ANN

    Unlike most of his predecessors, President Trump is keeping his campaign promises and he WON the election. So apparently we the people agree with his policies because we voted for him. Crybabies, go get your pacifiers.

    January 30, 2017,4:55 pm

  88. Patrick Gareth

    where was all the outrage when Obama changed the Cuban Policy and people were deported from Mexico back to Cuba, and others were left out on their way. I didn’t see tears for those people.

    January 30, 2017,4:51 pm

  89. Albert Verheyn

    Make us safe Mr President. Thanks

    January 30, 2017,4:46 pm

  90. Andrew Warner

    It should not be called a Muslim ban, its a terrorist ban

    January 30, 2017,4:45 pm

  91. fidel

    Americans have been footing the bill for far too long, to have these parasites here. Step up the deporting.

    January 30, 2017,4:40 pm

  92. Geary Smith

    I totally agree with Trimp on this issue!
    Let the Hollywood elite support these people while they are still in the Mideast! Why does this country need to risk the security of its citizens and why do we want more people in this country that our tax dollars have to support?

    January 30, 2017,4:39 pm

  93. mimi briskey-malcolm


    January 30, 2017,4:38 pm

  94. Linda

    No one needs to be coming into our country right now because of what is happening everywhere. Keep America safe. Muslims need to stay in their own country and that goes for Mexico as well. All illegals need to go back to their ow. Countries.

    January 30, 2017,4:36 pm

  95. Barbara Banks

    The people that do most of the protesting get jobs. They would not have time to try and ruin our country.

    January 30, 2017,4:35 pm

  96. Vincent Dorsett

    Words have meaning. This is about vetting, safety and security. Not banning Muslims, that’s the fake news line. We should try to always use the right words or we will find ourselves making liberal arguments without knowing it.

    January 30, 2017,4:34 pm

  97. Marlene Hessler

    First. It’s not a muslim ban. It is terrorist ban. Any that do not agree with the ban are free to advise how they would stop the terrorists from coming to the US and tell how they would keep Americans safe.

    January 30, 2017,4:29 pm

  98. Jonny

    B. Lynch is right. Trump needs to extend the ban for as long as it takes to come up with a vetting scheme that will work and not until then. American lives matter!

    January 30, 2017,4:26 pm

  99. Bill Lynch

    Needs to include Pakistan, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt maybe Turkey also given what is going on there

    January 30, 2017,4:22 pm

  100. James mack

    Go Trump

    January 30, 2017,1:12 pm

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