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Who Will Win Super Bowl LI: Atlanta or New England?

by Bradley Matthews

Who will win Super Bowl LI: Julio Jones and the Atlanta Falcons or Tom Brady and the New England Patriots? Vote in our CBC reader poll!

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Who will win Super Bowl LI: Atlanta or New England?

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  1. Val Grotefend

    The best team won!

    February 6, 2017,10:29 am

  2. Ernest

    They are the best team.

    February 5, 2017,12:05 pm

  3. Barry

    Patriots by 10

    February 5, 2017,4:11 am

  4. Johnnie McHan

    Patriots! Being a Saints person…Atlanta Falcons…NEVER! πŸ˜‚

    February 5, 2017,12:11 am

  5. James F M Baur Jr

    It will be tricky for both teams, but the Patriots are, in my opinion, the more well rounded of the two. One must always remember that on any
    given day, any one given team can beat any other given team. Both sides
    are very good at what, and how, they do what they do, so it promises to be an excellent game. I simply happen to favor the Patriots, in the full
    knowledge that when two teams of this caliber play each other, victory is
    dependent on any number of unknown variables (players hurt, etc.) which
    occur on that date, and at that time. What we all want to see is a good, clean game with no rabid reactions from the fans of either team before, during, or after, regardless of which team ultimately becomes the victor.

    February 4, 2017,7:08 pm

  6. Shavager

    Falcons have too much offense, Falcons, 34-28.

    February 4, 2017,3:03 pm

  7. Christopher Smith

    Falcons 24-9.

    February 4, 2017,2:27 pm

  8. E

    I meant Massachusetts. (Nasty Elizabeth Warren’s)

    February 4, 2017,2:16 pm

  9. E

    Make America Cheat Again! Bill Belichick 2017

    February 4, 2017,2:16 pm

  10. Gabriel Wigutow

    The Patriots will cheat! … again

    February 4, 2017,10:28 am

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