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Did Trump Inherit A Mess?

by Bradley Matthews

At his press conference yesterday, President Trump said “But it’s very important to me, but this isn’t Donald Trump that divided a nation. We went eight years with President Obama and we went many years before President Obama. We lived in a divided nation. And I am going to try – I will do everything within my power to fix that.”


  1. charlene sullins

    No, he hasn’t divided the nation. That all falls in Obama’s lap. He divided and was against white people that is for sure.

    February 23, 2017,1:37 pm

  2. Sheryl

    No more than any other President.

    February 22, 2017,12:15 am

  3. Anna

    The hate being spewed out
    on President Trump is unconscionable! Previous administrations have liberally and without appropriate screening allowed ILLEGALS to flood our nation. My mother was an immigrant – LEGALLY entering the US.
    She fulfilled all immigration processes, learned English, worked at the same job for 20 years, paid taxes, voted, etc, etc. She NEVER took welfare or food stamps. She was a GREATFUL AMERICAN. She predicted the illegal immigration problems we currently face by “letting anybody into this country!”

    As far as the President’s speech referencing Sweden’s refugee problems, do a search on – Sweden and refugee crisis. Sweden is fed up with their refugee/immigration problems!

    Also, look at other nations policies on immigration. Why is America the dumping grounds for their leftovers!! And, there are numerous presidents, including Democrats, who banned immigrants from entering our nation. Example: President Carter specifically banned Iranians from entering the US. And, there’s more!!!!
    Do your homework! Get your facts straight! Search
    the web.

    And…yes, the media is murdering our President with their prejudice, word mockery, and hate toward him. So much for the love-child liberals

    How do I know??

    I am a graduate of a University accredited School of Journalism and Communications.

    February 20, 2017,5:03 pm

  4. Rob

    It’s a shame how much corruption, brings out the hypocrisy in everyone!

    February 18, 2017,5:42 pm

  5. Rob

    Ah, the power of the Constitution! I guess this site monitors every comment that is written, something you would expect from CNN, or MSNBC!

    February 18, 2017,5:41 pm

  6. Rob

    President Trump is facing the most brutal resistance of any POTUS ever inaugurated! There is hatred that has been unleashed by a classless, pathetic, liar, a former Nazi, an atheist Jew, dual citizen, a trouble maker, who should be banned from ever thinking about returning to the United States of America! George Soros, is the anti-Christ! President Trump isn’t just fighting Soros, he has obama hanging around causing trouble, proving to everyone that he is classless, a man with zero, integrity, a liar, and he committed so many acts of treason that a judge wouldn’t even need to be present to find him guilty, but of course it would only be legal by a judge saying, the court finds you Barrack Hussein Obama, guilty of High Treason against the United States of America, and you will be held at Gitmo, until your public hanging! This site is denying me of my constitutional right of free speech!

    February 18, 2017,5:38 pm

  7. Rob

    President Trump is facing the most brutal resistance of any POTUS ever inaugurated! There is hatred that has been unleashed by a classless, pathetic, liar, a former Nazi, an atheist Jew, dual citizen, a trouble maker, who should be banned from ever thinking about returning to the United States of America! George Soros, is the anti-Christ! President Trump isn’t just fighting Soros, he has obama hanging around causing trouble, proving to everyone that he is classless, a man with zero, integrity, a liar, and he committed so many acts of treason that a judge wouldn’t even need to be present to find him guilty, but of course it would only be legal by a judge saying, the court finds you Barrack Hussein Obama, guilty of High Treason against the United States of America, and you will be held at Gitmo, until your public hanging!

    February 18, 2017,5:37 pm

  8. Laura G. Holmes

    Edwin: I am not a mindless minion. I will take a calculus test against you anytime, pal. I lived in California and I know that all it takes to register to vote in California is a driver’s license, which the “most amazing” (LOL) governor, Jerry Brown, gave to illegals. There are millions of illegals in California. It is not that far-fetched that there could have been quite a bit of cheating in the election. That is what the democrat party is about cheating, lying, blaming, deflecting, and trying to make others look bad when they, in fact, are the party of the devil. Again, I say, coming from someone like you, your insults have crushed me. (LOL)

    February 18, 2017,8:36 am

  9. Laura G. Holmes

    Edwin: I don’t spew hatred. I tell it like it is. If more people did that instead of being politically motivated or fake in everything they say and do, then the world would not be so screwed up right now. Take a deep breath and try to listen and learn for once in your life.

    February 18, 2017,8:29 am

  10. Laura G. Holmes

    Wow, Edwin, My bones are crushed coming from an uninformed idiot like you. I’m so hurt! How will I go on?

    February 18, 2017,8:26 am

  11. Edwin Sheldon

    This has been fun, but I only allow myself to indulge in this stuff for the period of the day I see the initial email question from Conservative Books. Good night all!

    February 18, 2017,1:14 am

  12. Edwin Sheldon

    Sam Jones – Where did you go to school? You have a serious problem with reading comprehension. I’m speaking of my own real life encounters with flesh and blood human beings. Maybe you don’t think so, but how can you possibly know anything at all about my personal experiences? Crossing the border illegally is a crime, I agree. But it absolutely does NOT lead to all that other stuff. That’s pure nonsense from someone who needs to actually meet and work with real people. You obviously WANT TO HATE. THAT’S a gateway crime! Who in hell is Chuck Todd and what’s the size of a man’s nose got to do with anything? In one post you say you believe that drugs should be legal and taxed, then you go on and on about how everybody who disagrees with you is a drug fiend. You’re one of those “conservatives” who thinks that FREEDOM means “I’m free to tell you how to live your life, and to put you in prison if you don’t comply, but you’d better not even THINK about telling ME what to do!” You make conservatism a dirty word. Your beliefs sound a lot like Hitler’s. Just replace JEWS with MEXICANS. Seriously, you need psychiatric help.

    February 18, 2017,1:10 am

  13. Sam Jones

    Do you get your figures from CNN, MSNBC or mainstream media if so, rethink your sources. CNN, MSNBC wants and needs their cocaine to flow over border easy and cheaply. Ever see the size of Chuck Todd’s nose?

    February 18, 2017,12:10 am

  14. Sam Jones

    Ed “most of them are good people…” I don’t think so, most of them are useless criminals. Where do you get this “most” of them figure? Crossing the border illegally (crime)is a gateway crime to more crimes robbery bugrlary rape Breaking and entering tresspassing all not a far throw from sneaking over border. No most are bad people.

    February 18, 2017,12:04 am

  15. Edwin Sheldon

    Sam Jones – We PAY the National Guard to GUARD THE NATION! When they’ve done their tour they can go home and teach their children whatever they want. There’s currently a joke going around, something like this – “Let the stupid gringos build their wall! We’ll just dig more tunnels!”

    “Don’t believe your sources” – you sound just like Donald – “EVERYBODY’S LYING BUT ME!”

    I live in Denver and there’s lots of immigramts here – legal and otherwise. Most of them are good people who work their a$$es off for crap pay, and those I’ve talked to (those willing to trust the honky), would be more than happy to pay taxes on their earnings, IF WE”D LET THEM! They don’t want to be on welfare, it’s demeaning and draws unwanted attention.

    “Born here by illigals should not make a child a citizen” – too bad, it’s the law. Wasn’t that you a while back raving about obeying the law? You can work to change it if you like, but meantime, it is what it is.

    PAUL – you’re still on the Kenya thing? Really?

    February 17, 2017,10:00 pm

  16. Edwin Sheldon

    DaleW – you miss the point. When a candidate wins BOTH the popular vote AND the electoral college, that is ideal. It means he has the support of the majority of the people in the majority of states. When he wins by a landslide, that’s called a MANDATE. When a candidate wins ONLY the electoral college, that’s a TKO. He has the support of the majority of people in the majority of states, BUT NOT THE MAJORITY OF PEOPLE IN THE COUNTRY! Donald repeatedly makes a big deal of his “mandate” – NOT! I accept his victory, as it stands as an example of WHY the founders established the electoral college, and I pray that all of you Trumpies are correct, that he turns out to be the greatest president ever. It would be un-American bordering on treason to wish an elected president ill. That doesn’t stop me from thinking that it ain’t gonna happen.

    Dhimmicraps – can ANY of you Trumpies engage in civilized discourse, that is, without insulting everyone who disagrees with you? Not that the majority of Dhimmicraps are any better – I almost got attacked in Boulder, CO, for putting a Bush/Cheney sticker on my car. But, really, can’t we all just get along ;-p ?

    February 17, 2017,9:42 pm

  17. Sam Jones

    Why bother the National Guard. They have children and should stay home with them. They can home school their children once the wall is built. Don’t believe your data sources. Illigals collect checks and in many cases more than one with fake IDs. I’ve known of these situations. Born here by illigals should not make a child a citizen simple. No more anchor babies.

    February 17, 2017,9:22 pm

  18. Paul Omlor

    President Trump is on the right track and is doing what a president should do for our country. Illegals need to get legal to live here and pay into our system and pay taxes. America is not a ATM. We are only going to build a wall because people want to come here illegally. Common sense. Our president is a great communicator and that’s what this country needs not like the big mouth violent corrupt politicians of your last administration. Obama was the biggest fraud in American history, his grandmother told the world on national tv that her grandson Hussein was born in Kenya. Why didn’t the liberal protesters protest? He and Hillary should share a cell. The only way to stop moochers and corrupt politicians is to keep draining the swamp and have a maximum two year term limit on all politicians. We the People support Trump!

    February 17, 2017,9:17 pm

  19. Edwin Sheldon

    Sam – YOU don’t understand. Read my post(s) again. Do you even know what a Libertarian is? If you did you wouldn’t be accusing me of the stupid beliefs that you want to think are held by anyone who didn’t vote for Trump. The beliefs you’re ranting against are NOT EVEN HELD BY THE MAJORITY OF LIBERALS! They only exist in the minds of a very small minority of College students (and professors) in the most liberal colleges in America! Most of the people you think of as liberals are only a little bit left of center, just as most of the conservatives in this country are actually only a little bit right of center. Most Americans, being Christian (or descended from Christians) are compassionate people who know deep in their hearts and minds that most politicians are as crooked as the day is long (Republicans AND Democrats), and the worst of the bunch are RICH politicians.

    WHY do most rabid Trumpies insist on insulting anyone who disagrees with them? I drive a truck – 3 days a week 14 hours a day. I’m home 4 days a week. See what happens when you make assumptions?

    As for welfare users and drug abuse:

    “According to state data gathered by ThinkProgress, the seven states with existing programs — Arizona, Kansas, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Utah — are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to ferret out very few drug users. The statistics show that applicants actually test positive at a lower rate than the drug use of the general population. The national drug use rate is 9.4 percent. In these states, however, the rate of positive drug tests to total welfare applicants ranges from 0.002 percent to 8.3 percent, but all except one have a rate below 1 percent. Meanwhile, they’ve collectively spent nearly $1 million on the effort, and millions more may have to be spent in coming years.”

    See what happens when you don’t fact check “urban myths”?

    As for illegals on welfare. Illegals don’t get welfare. They get benefits through their children. Let me capitalize that. CHILDREN. Remember what I said about most Americans being compassionate Christians? We screwed up letting their parents in. It’s a done deal, OUR OWN DAMN FAULT! Do we let the children starve or give them food stamps? Do we let them die of preventable diseases, or provide medical care? Do we let them grow up stupid so they’ve no alternative to crime, or educate them? If they were born here, they’re AMERICANS! If they’ve spent most of their lives here, do we uproot them and ship them back to the hell that is Central America? I don’t believe in the stupid wall. I believe that we should put the National Guard on the border and rebuild the Coast Guard. Central Americans need to stay home and FIGHT to improve conditions in their own countries. Illegals with criminal records and illegals with no children should be sent back. But families with children deserve our compassion. They’re only here because our politicians were too cowardly to deal with the problem as it developed. And you want to punish the children?

    I don’t know (and neither do you) or care what Bill and Hillary did in college. You say Trump doesn’t even drink? I say “THANK GOD!” I don’t even want to think how much more whacked he’d be if he did!

    February 17, 2017,8:38 pm

  20. Dale W

    @Edwin . . . “Remember that Donald DID NOT win the popular vote” ? ? ?
    Can you remember Edwin when was the LAST TIME that the National Popular Vote MATTERED in the USA?
    Bet you don’t know . . . it was the first of never . . . .
    The popular vote in the USA is in every State . . . what happens in dense population states like California and New York matter little.
    Dhimmicrap corruption is rampant and likely millions of illegals voted . . . if you look into it . . . it is quite simple, especially in California.
    But investigations are going forward . . . finding lots of dead folks on the rolls, many people registered in more than one state . . . and so on.

    February 17, 2017,8:11 pm

  21. Dale W

    @Sam . . . I know Peelosi is on drugs . . . she still thinks Bush is the president.
    And Maxine . . . what can you say about her . . . she want to impeach Trump, and says the Russians are invading Korea . . . must be Trump’s fault . . . lol
    I suspect most Dhimmicraps are on Drugs . . . you couldn’t be that stupid playing straight.

    February 17, 2017,8:06 pm

  22. Sam Jones

    Ed you don’t understand. Read my post again. I love Trump that means I want a big beautiful wall I want Drugs to stop… Don’t you understand? I do believe it should be legal and taxed but that will not happen so Build the wall. Stop the criminals. Yes, if you steal and use someone else’s ID you reck havoc on that innocent person’s life that’s a felony. I know the excuses the reply is Criminals that rob people, houses, and banks only do it to eat to feed their families too. Poor people only robbed because he/she wanted to feed their children. He how’s this for and idea don’t have children if can’t afford them. Don’t expect me to pay for them. Ed why don’t you take in your house and pay for a bunch of illigals? You drive a truck so you’re never home anyways. But don’t ask me to pay for their children or their drug habits.Speaking of drug testing illigals don’t work just collect welfare so they don’t get tested I have to I work. Yes a prerequisite of president is pot and Cocaine use. You think Bill did it alone Hillary was at his side. Trump doesn’t even drink..

    February 17, 2017,7:16 pm

  23. Edwin Sheldon

    SAM – since I drive a truck, I’m subject to random drug testing, and I’m tested at least twice a year. When was the last time YOU were tested? Is drug testing required for the President? I think it should be (for ALL politicians). I bet we’d ALL be surprised!

    February 17, 2017,6:55 pm

  24. Sam Jones

    Wake up Donald won not only the popular vote, the legal ones he also won the inteligent vote.
    Drug test the rich movie stars do it now because their Cocaine, shipments are about to end with the wall. Now if they can make it legal and cheap for every day Joe’s you will see liberals come on board with Trump. Because he will be greatest president of all time.
    Drug test all CNN and MSNBC staff NY Times staff as well as Hollywood and the likes. Even though the poor NY Times staff may be more interested in cheap pot coming over border.

    February 17, 2017,6:50 pm

  25. Edwin Sheldon

    That’s right, if someone tells the truth about your GOD appointed billionaire he MUST be a Hillary paid minion! I didn’t vote for either of them, I voted Libertarian to send BOTH parties the message that the vast majority of Americans don’t vote for radicals of either stripe. Remember that Donald DID NOT win the popular vote, not by a long shot. His excuse was that 3 million dead people and illegals voted for Hillary. Sure Donald, blame it on dead people and imaginary (SHOW ME THE MEAT, DONALD!) illegals. But he doesn’t have to prove anything. His mindless minions will ignore everything and change the subject back to what Obama did. My post was simple – EVERY President inherits a mess. What’s he going to do about it? NOTHING! He’ll lie, make up facts, then accuse the media of making up the facts. When the media on both sides of the aisle agree that he’s a psychotic lying sack, he’ll claim that everybody is out to get him. AND YOU”LL BELIEVE HIM!

    Every time since Reagan that Republicans have given rich people (DONALD’S PEOPLE) a tax break, instead of using that newly available capital to expand industry and create jobs here in the U.S., they’ve used it to offshore jobs and automate the remaining few. Industry leaders claim that the American labor force just isn’t smart enough to handle new age jobs, that’s why they need to offshore high tech jobs and import knowledge workers to do what’s left. Where’s the efforts to retrain Americans and educate American children to compete with Chinese kids? Oh no, that smells like socialism! So of course we have continuously higher unemployment and lower salaries for those former factory workers who manage to find jobs at MacDonald’s.

    Laura – I’m neither a Liberal NOR a Trumpie (I won’t call you a conservative!). You rave about liberals spewing hate, then go on to insult everyone who speaks truth about your GOD appointed President. LISTEN TO YOURSELF!

    February 17, 2017,6:10 pm

  26. Sam Jones

    Everyone against Trump should be drug tested. Don’t fool yourselves they don’t care bout the familys being broken up families are broken up Everytime we send someone to jail or prison the law is the law. They don’t care about little Mexican families or kids they care about the cocaine and drug war being won with Trump. The rich elites in Cali movie stars Hollywood the Rich NYs all want their Cocaine the wall will stop this
    Drug test all against Trump you will be shocked..

    February 17, 2017,5:59 pm

  27. Laura G. Holmes

    Edwin Sheldon:

    Every post you make on here makes me think that you are a paid Hillary minion. Donald Trump is passing on the $400,000 presidential salary to help this nation. GOD appointed him because he knows he is the only one right now capable of cleaning up the atrocious mess that is this country. He did not have to do this. He had a great life making plenty of bucks and he could have spent the rest of his life making more bucks. Every time I read one of you liberal’s obnoxious posts, I wonder how anyone can be so ignorant. You people spew hatred and, yet, you are the so-called party of non-haters. Everything is B.S. with you people. The problem for you guys is that Americans are not fooled anymore by your constant deflections, blame-games, lying, and idiotic behavior. We voted for TRUMP for the economy and security for our families. Anything else is a load of crap on your part. You should appreciate what Donald Trump is doing and maybe if you stopped being hypnotized by the B.S. of the Democratic Party and the media and try to pay attention and learn something (maybe for the first time in your life), you will maybe get a clue of how much of a mess this country and the whole world for that matter are in right now. GET OVER IT! HILLARY LOST AND I WILL BUY YOU ALL PACIFIERS IF YOU NEED THEM TO COPE WITH YOUR LOSS!!!!!!

    February 17, 2017,4:48 pm

  28. Shavager

    EDWIN SHELDON–What Obama DID LEAVE: The HIGHEST level of working age Americans NOT working in U.S. HISTORY–right this minute the figure is 94.3 MILLION, it was higher at 95+ MILLION. The HIGHEST CHILD POVERTY level in U.S. HISTORY; the LONGEST period of 8% UNEMPLOYMENT since WW 2; the HIGHEST level of FOODSTAMPS in U.S. HISTORY, nearly 43 MILLION people in POVERTY and he SPENT MORE MONEY, RAN UP HIGHER NATIONAL DEBT than previous 43 presidents COMBINED over 233 YEARS of U.S. history! And that’s AFTER his $800 BILLION ‘jobs stimulus’ bill that he later laughed about, stating: “well it wasn’t as shovel ready as we thought”. Obama’s ECONOMY? RATED AS THE FOURTH WORST IN U.S. HISTORY–by the Bureau of Economic Analysis (Bea.gov) a FEDERAL AGENCY in the Commerce Dept. Obama is FIRST PRESIDENT IN U.S. HISTORY—to NEVER achieve 3% growth at ANY time in his presidency. Every president in U.S. history ACHIEVED at LEAST 3% growth–Obama is the FIRST that never did! That’s because his $1+ TRILLION in TAXES and thousands of new regulations STAGNATED the U.S. economy! WHO is Barack HUSSEIN Obama? The HIGHEST DEBT leader in WORLD HISTORY, the BIGGEST SPENDER IN WORLD HISTORY!

    February 17, 2017,4:44 pm

  29. Jesse

    Yes he did,but dont worry, he will fix everything..

    February 17, 2017,4:23 pm

  30. Sam Wicks Jr

    What did Obama do for this nation the past eight years? Taking vacations does not constitute constructive government…. Give Trump a chance to get the wheels going and then you can vote in four years……

    February 17, 2017,4:08 pm

  31. Edwin Sheldon

    Whenever a new president from the other party takes power, it claims to have inherited a mess. When it fails to do anything positive to clean up the mess, that’s called “making excuses” and “passing the buck”. Donald has never passed a buck ($) in his life, but he’s really good at making excuses, blaming others, and making up facts to suit his needs of the moment. HE’S a mess, and hold on folks, it’s gonna get messier!

    February 17, 2017,3:57 pm

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