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Rush Limbaugh Rips Anti-Trump Sabotage!

by Bradley Matthews

On his radio show, Rush Limbaugh proclaimed that “Folks, from the moment that Donald Trump won the election, back in November, there have been leaks, illegal leaks, that were no question, hopefully damaging, there has been a sabotage effort to undermine Trump since the election.”

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  1. Peace and hope for all

    The physical spying on President Trump began in the spring of 2016 but since they were unable to dig up any dirt that way they began making up stories to attack those involved in h=is campaign!!! By summer they were involved in a full scale onslaught in their attempt to discourage the support that Trump was gaining!!! Over the decades they have used disinformation campaigns in their effort to defame any politician who chooses the America we all know and love over the Globalist agenda of major foreign run corporate entities seeking to impose a Global one world Communist dictatorship in which one percent of the population receives 99% of the world’s wealth!!! I often wonder how many victims have been claimed by these deep state propaganda policies!!! Did Nixon actually commit a crime or was this simply a take down by the C.I.A.!!! Do you realize that if we did not have access to the internet that we are blessed to have available to us there would be know way of knowing the actual facts of the case the Democrats have gotten away with since this global plan by the so called demonic elites came into being in 1913!!! Take a look who has been behind two world wars and were pushing us toward a third as these pigs who have steered the good ship America from one regional war into another from Korea to Vietnam, to the middle east!!! During the past eight years alone the very same years in which Obama the criminal President who won a Nobel peace prize America was at war for every single one of those years!!! As you can see if you have dishonest persons pushing the agenda they can build their case based on nothing!!! Congress looked at the information that was obtained through the wire taps which have progress greatly from the average persons idea of wiretapping and they found nothing!!! If no wiretapping was carried out tainting the election on behalf of the Globalist Chinese spy Hillary Clinton!!! If they had any evidence against anyone they would have used the information to ensure a victory for their female dog Hillary the pedophile Clinton!!! Since both parties occupying government seats in Washington are for the most part Globalists who have sold the future of America down the river for personal gain you must be aware that they are still pulling every punch they can in their attempt to fulfill their objective to ensure the middle class vanishes and only those who have turned against the Republic will see any benefits from the economic collapse of this great nation!!! The lies that are promoted by traitors who hate the average American family and want nothing more than to keep you enslaved forced to fall on your face before these scum bags!!! They have already destroyed two patriots while crippling a third in their attempt to destroy the efforts President Trump is putting forward in His effort to bring jobs and prosperity back to the American people by reviving an economy the criminal elements have been dismantling for thirty plus years as crime lords run by the Bush-Clinton-C.I.A. Soros-Obama and about 400 of their friends!!! This small number of people has managed to wrestle 95% of the economic power of the U.S. out of the hands of ordinary Americans!!! This is a treasonous act being carried out by traitors who hate every single American citizen and have moved into full scale war against your family members by bringing their proxy army of Radical Islamic Terrorists!!! Have you not become aware of the fact that over 80% of the people coming into the country are ranging in age from 18-26 totally battle ready and being spread around the country with forces established in every single city from a few thousand in population up to the largest in the land!!! Lynch former Attorney General last night called for increased pain suffering and blood shed to rain down on our family members while continuing in the attempt to keep you off balance through their campaign of lie after lie after lie!!! According to the globalist agenda 21 presented by the United Nations the foundation of the one world objective we see these animals calling for major drops in the population numbers around the globe going from the current 7.3 billion to 500 million!!! According to theoir own plan they have called for the death of 6.8 billion members of the human family by 2030 just 13 years from now!!! Bill Gates one of the leading globalists have called for a sickness to hit our world which will wipe out 30% of the population while they look to a third world war which will consume another 1.5-2 billion lives!!! Today must be the day we all take our stand against this evil and stop buying into the B.S. they are spreading waist deep are they seek to fulfill their objective and waste humanity as a sacrifice to their god satan or Lucifer!!! Are you willing to fight so that future generations are afforded every opportunity to live lives that are based on the goodness of our one true GOD Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and the purpose that each of us have been placed here to achieve!!! It is time to take your stand folks or kiss your family good bye and pull the trigger to end their misery now before they fall into the hands of these most vicious and vile creatures!!! GOD bless America!!! GOD save America!!!

    March 6, 2017,5:30 pm

  2. Hal Hoffman

    There is no doubt it happened because they got approved on the second FISA request! IT DID HAPPEN, COMEY NEEDS TO BE FIRED! PERIOD!

    March 6, 2017,4:36 pm

  3. Lola Staples

    I agree with Rush Limbaugh!

    March 6, 2017,4:26 pm

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