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Ben Shapiro’s Top 5 Books Every Conservative Must Read

by Christopher N. Malagisi

In this exclusive author interview, we asked Ben Shapiro which 5 books he thought every conservative should read. Read our list to see Shapiro’s Top 5 and his explanations for why conservatives, particularly young people, should read them.

Ben Shapiro is a conservative journalist and commentator, and founder and editor-in-chief of The Daily Wire! Shapiro is also a prolific speaker promoting free speech issues on college campuses, while aggressively taking on Hollywood and liberal pop culture.

Make sure to also check out his most recent book True Allegiance, but also make sure to check out one of CBC’s favorites, Bullies: How the Left’s Culture of Fear and Intimidation Silences Americans.


  1. Ritchie Kernighan

    “The Conservative Mind” by Russell Kirk is also worth the reading. This was incredibly popular in the1950’s, but now is sometimes overlooked.

    April 25, 2017,7:27 pm

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