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Is The Government Shutdown A Good Idea? See What One Fox News Host Had To Say

by Bradley Matthews

On Fox News Sunday, Chris Wallace said “You have a completely Republican government. A Republican House, Republican Senate, and a Republican president. If you get a government shutdown a week from today, on the hundredth day of the Trump presidency, that is a disaster. So you have to ask, why would you risk anything to allow that to happen?”


  1. Philip McKee

    My thought is Chris Wallace is a disaster, he is an arrogant know it all.
    Can’t stand to listen to him. He is nothing like his dad was Mike Wallace was great in my book.

    April 25, 2017,5:06 pm

  2. Douglas

    I am sick of the cry babies, liberals, and sore losers. Suck it up. The fall of the democrats is not over. The American people will continue to do the right thing. Maybe the left coast will get the Trump wall all along the southern, east and northern border of California.

    April 24, 2017,5:25 pm

  3. Joe

    Unfortunately Chris, you’re counting the tea party members as Republicans. They are Democrats, not Republicans. And I know of no body of people that can vote as one against any policy, piece of legislation, etc except the Democratic party. The Democratic party is not allied in any way for bettering this country. They are only out to ensure that Trump, or a Republican point of view will succeed. I find it interesting that Dems say nothing about the removal of histoRica monuments when 94% of the people say no. Dems should look into an education system that will not allow freedom of speech. The Democratic Party will be devastating in the upcoming mid level election. The DP better be careful

    April 24, 2017,4:29 pm

  4. Rich

    Shut up Liberal Wallace! Killery goes around killing and bodies are missing! Obama tapping Americans WTF nothing is being done where are the arrests?!

    April 24, 2017,4:23 pm

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