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Liberal Fascists Burn Conservative Books At Berkeley!

by Bradley Matthews

After driving Ann Coulter away, will liberal fascists at Berkeley move on to burning her books? See the cartoon to find out!

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  1. Laura G. Holmes

    These spoiled-rotten brats need to have a set of parents that will actually set them straight on their radical viewpoints. The problem is that their parents are probably the very people who have brainwashed these idiots into thinking that violence and sadistic behavior is appropriate when you are fighting for a skewed ideology. The colleges are creating an environment where so-called adults are allowed to act like 3-year old children. The taxpayer dime is paying for these crazy professors whose only goal is to create a future third world, immoral nation. I lived in California years ago and consider it a blessing from GOD that I am no longer there. They need to secede from the union and create their own country. The can have as many illegal and middle eastern immigrants as they please. They can even have Ms. Hillary as their president. I would be just fine with this because they are bringing the rest of the country down with them. We just need to make sure to build a wall around them to separate them from the rest of the country.

    April 28, 2017,9:31 am

  2. JaspersPet

    These idiots are both fascists and commies!
    What many have trouble understanding is there is only a razor thin separation between the two ideologies!!
    Both are hateful thugs and will decry anyone that states the truth about how they are really just different sides of the same coin!
    Looks a lot like Fahrenheit 451 to me!!!

    April 27, 2017,8:10 pm

  3. Pat

    The Federal Government needs to hold funding to Berkeley !!!

    April 27, 2017,6:05 pm

  4. Jerry Branson

    I see such people as Communists, not Facists

    April 27, 2017,5:31 pm

  5. Jerry Branson

    I see such peiopple as Communists, not Facists

    April 27, 2017,5:31 pm

  6. Leo B

    Cut ALL funding for the entire University of California system, not just UC-Berkeley.

    April 27, 2017,4:06 pm

  7. Mikki

    Should make her book sales go up. Stupid liberals. Stop financial aide for these idiots.

    April 27, 2017,4:01 pm

  8. Louise Adams

    These liberal idiots are so disgusting at some point
    something has to be done about them!

    April 27, 2017,3:55 pm

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