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Jeff Sessions Wants Harsher Sentencing For Drug Crimes. Should He “Restart” The War on Drugs?

by Bradley Matthews

Trump’s Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, has told federal prosecutors to push for maximum sentences for all future drug crime convictions. Should Sessions ‘restart” the War on Drugs? Vote in our CBC reader poll!










Should Jeff Sessions "restart" the War on Drugs?

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  1. Tom

    No sessions should retire and bury himself for his hatred of blacks and latinos. A hateful man who is so incompetent

    June 10, 2017,7:06 pm

  2. Chuck Miller

    Thousands die yearly and families are destroyed by these drugs and that includes pot, go after them with a vengeance, thank You AG Jeff Sessions!!!

    May 13, 2017,5:56 pm


    As a nurse, I have watched drug abusers over the last 30 years. They all would, if given the chance, take enough narcotics to stop breathing. That is the nature of narcotic addiction. Drug addiction usually begins in the teen years. Young people have no understanding of the extreme pain with withdrawal and that their lives will be ruined or destroyed. So many die of drug overdose !

    May 13, 2017,2:03 pm

  4. James GORMAN

    It didn’t work before why will it work now?

    May 13, 2017,1:23 pm

  5. Eddie Doyle

    The war on drugs is a failure, stop…

    May 13, 2017,10:51 am

  6. Bob Griffco

    I am a fan of the President of the Philippines Duterte, who has been elected to clean up the vermin of drug makers and sellers. His promise to the Philippine people was “Elect me as your President and i’ll rid our country of this evil element that wreaks family life all over his country.” This promise he has kept and as of last week the death toll was at 8000 +/-
    The big drug there is Crystal Meth and as the political defenders and protectors are imprisoned or killed the country is enjoying a stronger economy and healthier conditions causing the government to rethink his death on drug pushers success.Many politicians and police have been imprisoned for getting payoffs to keep silent and this has virtually STOPPED all further growth activity. President Trump should start a similar campaign to rid America of the drugs that are killing thousands of our people every week and get the control back to a safe and morally clean country that inflects a lot of pain and hardship into American families.

    May 13, 2017,4:50 am

  7. oldpete

    Drug suppliers prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Obstruction of federal enforcement by State & local officials prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
    Separate substances derived from Hemp from Marijuana & its derived substances. Do intense clinical trials on each, but do it separately. The two plants have enough differences (about as much difference as the plant sources of cocaine & Coca Cola) to warrant serious study that will prove whether either is a significant benefit.

    May 12, 2017,9:02 pm

  8. Louise Adams

    Leave the medical marijuana alone lots of people need it
    for conditions that nothing else works on, I use it for COPD
    and without it my quality of life would be close to zero!

    May 12, 2017,7:35 pm

  9. Phos

    Go for it on Meth, Heroin, etc. Actual harmful drugs. But leave pot alone. It’s FAR less harmful than alcohol or tobacco and has numerous medicinal properties. Study after study has been made Trying to find bad news about it but what they usually find is that it’s not very harmful, if at all, and there are many benefits to be had from sensible consumption. Make it legal or outlaw alcohol. Oh…we already tried that. How did that turn out? It created a huge criminal enterprise and did not stop people who wanted alcohol from getting it. That’s where the likes of Al Capone and many like made a lot of their money.

    May 12, 2017,6:36 pm

  10. Charlrs Fields

    And put Hillery crooked ass behind bars where she belongs

    May 12, 2017,5:45 pm

  11. Joseph Merkler

    Only with full leagalization and decriminalization of medical and recreational Marijuana and it’s compounds.

    May 12, 2017,4:54 pm

  12. Allbert R. Pryor

    We finally have a top cop who is actually doing the job he is supposed to do. So go for it,all out!..

    May 12, 2017,4:48 pm

  13. Cheryl Kosmerl

    I’ve seen the damage drugs do to good people and families first hand along with being a recovering drug addict myself sober 20+ years.

    May 12, 2017,4:47 pm

  14. Michael

    There is an eerie likeness of the war on drugs to the Volstead Act, an increasing acceptance by the citizenry and a black market that is thriving.

    May 12, 2017,4:37 pm

  15. mark

    BUILD the WALL !!!

    May 12, 2017,4:36 pm

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