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Will The Swamp Ever Be Drained?

by Bradley Matthews

Pres. Trump promised to drain the swamp, but it hasn’t looked too good thus far. Is the swamp just too strong for Trump? See the cartoon!


  1. MaryEllen Winski

    The Swamp has lots of dead weight being paid taxpayer money, our money, plus one of the BEST health care plans ever! Plus retirement plan that all of us wish we had! Staying in office longer than necessary. Never any new blood or new ideas! This is why the deadlock continues. We must push for term limits on all of them. Plus they cannot turn around and become lobbyists staying on the taxpayer gravy train! Just far too many money leaks of over spending on these folks. They work in luxury and drive in luxury we taxpayers pay for it and what do we get these folks do NO WORK! I say they get fired. We the American people can give that to the President and Vice President to fire those who are blocking constantly rather than choosing to work together for the good of us the nation. This has gone on long enough and it is evident to me there are employees who are NOT doing their job according to when they signed on to work. As there EMPLOYER, I choose to FIRE these EMPLOYEES on the grounds of insubordination, unable to work well with others, discipline problems unable to respect authority. Breach of Ethics as is representative of these United States of America’s citizens. And until they put a full budget in my belief is their salaries stop, cars stop, healthcare stops, retirement stops just like what happens here in the REAL world. If we do not get our work done what happens? No payday. No healthcare, no gas for cars, no funds! If we suffer Congress, Senate, and all of them who are supposed to be working for us, not just the President, they should suffer along with us!!! God Bless the USA and President Trump he is working, and suffering with us we can see that.

    May 20, 2017,6:02 pm

  2. Scott

    I just finished “Drain The Swamp” by Ken Buck. Sadly, it never will be. We need term limits and a balanced budget yesterday.

    May 20, 2017,3:13 pm

  3. David Macko

    Lets hope that cartoon is not prophetic, especially since the swamp appears to be a cesspool filled with sulphuric acid.

    May 19, 2017,8:30 pm

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