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You Won’t Believe Rush Limbaugh’s New Theory About Obama, Hillary and Russia

by Bradley Matthews

On his show, Rush Limbaugh presented a startling new theory about the 2016 election, saying “What if there is another possibility here explaining why Obama didn’t do anything? What if, as the story says, Putin was trying to elect Trump,  again, I on the record think this is bogus, but that’s what the story said. What if Obama knew Putin was trying to elect Trump and didn’t do anything to stop the Russians because he really didn’t want Hillary to win? Remember people had that theory before the election bandied about as well.”

For more on Obama and Hillary feuding, check out Ed Klein’s Blood Feud HERE


  1. Jane

    Russia DID NOT get President Trump elected. We, the people made the correct choice to elect President Trump. Hillary was the second worse candidate ever.

    September 23, 2017,4:28 pm

  2. HB Anti Communist

    Who knows … The fact is Obama was a traitor to the United States. Clinton i s a power hungry crook. I think she is a very dangerous woman . IF trump had all conservative congress and senate for 2 years America could be saved. Other wise no chance Obama sabk the military has spies and deep state people throughout goverment. DO you really think this guy that gave pallets of money under cover to Iran was acting in our best interest..

    September 22, 2017,2:44 pm

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