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Did Pres. Obama Allow Russia To Interfere In The 2016 Elections?

by Bradley Matthews

The fake news media has spent months claiming that Trump colluded with Russia during the 2016 election. They blame the wrong President — Obama was weak! Do you think Obama allowed Russian interference in the 2016 election? Vote in our CBC reader poll!

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Did Obama allow Russia to interfere in the 2016 election?

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  1. Laura G. Holmes

    Bill, you are obviously a democrat. You people play the racist card over and over again when it fits your so-called cause. You people deflect, lie and change the subject in the hopes that the truth about your so-called “saint” (LOL) of a president is not revealed. I do not care if Obama was black, red, yellow, or green, he was an atrocious president. You cannot deflect that fact no matter how much babbling bluster you people spew. I am personally tired of the conflation of the term conservative with racist. I do not have a racist bone in my body, but I am intelligent enough to make an honest assessment of the job and character of a sitting president. The guy had underlying motives to turn the United States into a communist nation. It was Almighty GOD himself who raised red flags with this guy. Every policy was against Christianity and Pro-Muslim. You do not have to be a Rocket Scientist to figure this out completely. If you want to live like the Russians, keep voting Democrat. I know many people who came from Russia and the Ukraine and they are grateful to GOD that they do not live there now. I know a woman, who at 10 years old was tied to a chair, and then the doctor proceeded to pulled her tonsils from the back of her throat with no anesthesia. She was then left there for hours to cough blood into a washcloth. That is the type of healthcare that comes from communism. People really do die. There is nothing racist about telling the truth. You should be honest with yourself first. This is the sorry reason that Obama got away with everything because the Republicans were spineless and afraid they would be called racists if they criticized a black president. Since when did truth become racism. Knock it off, it is getting old and archaic.

    Now having said that, I do believe that the Democrats set up the meeting with Trump, Jr. and took advantage of his lack of experience in the political realm. They colluded with the media to have a so-called impeachment back-up plan ready if Trump won the election. Having said that, I do not like to be lied to and I do not understand why Trump-, Jr. was not truthful and forthcoming with every detail about that meeting.

    Trump needs to clean house. There is a rat in the white house trying to hurt him. He needs to hunt him/her down and get rid of them. There is nothing worse, in my opinion, than a snake in the grass mole who is disloyal to their employer.

    July 17, 2017,12:22 pm

  2. Tom Manning

    Have you seen the “The Clinton Chronicles”. People are so distracted with minutia. We should be locking up Bill and Hillary. I know everyone is wiping their brow and thinking we dodged that bullet, but do we have any justice in this country? Hillary has been running around putting up her two middle fingers at the american people like a perverted rock star. This is not some performer selling songs. She and Bill are criminal monsters.

    July 15, 2017,10:41 pm

  3. Kathleen

    Barack Obama is nothing more than a slimy snake Muslim in the charismatic clothing of a practicing Christian. He’s a con man of the most criminal kind. He needs to be jailed for his crimes, if he is ever investigated. Thank God for President Trump!

    July 15, 2017,4:45 pm

  4. DB

    I’m a pastor, and conservative, and am far from racist or biggoted. So, I don’t think blanket statements, like Bill’s apply. That seems prejudiced abs biggoted.

    July 15, 2017,1:50 pm

  5. Bill

    By the tone of the comments here, “Conservative” must be the current euphemism for race and religious based bigotry. How else to explain the comments?

    That is sad.

    July 14, 2017,11:02 pm

  6. Rebecca Bates

    Obama played the democrats like a fiddle .He ruined America he’s a Muslim born in Indonesia.he can lie about that all he wants to but Trump is right!

    July 14, 2017,4:57 pm

  7. Katterkat

    Obama said there could be no rigging of the election. The ballots polling wasn’t going to be online. There wouldn’t be any collusion. So how could the Russians or anyother Country rig our elections.

    July 14, 2017,2:24 pm

  8. CHAZ


    July 14, 2017,12:34 pm

  9. Joan L Cunningham

    Obama administration was the most corrupt administration in the history of American governance! They used The black Muslim brotherhood and operated with them from inside the White House. Huma Abedin along with her family affiliated contacts with the Muslim brotherhood used HRC’s unauthorized email to communicate Obama’s Muslim agenda, sending the emails into her private ” insurance file” on her at home email account from HRC unauthorized email account, committing TREASON against the USA. Informational videos are available on-line using “you tube and alternative media”. Americans are using the freedom of information act, freedom of speech first amendment, Facebook, You Tube, Twitter to resource information, shying away from far left MSM accounts.

    July 14, 2017,11:12 am

  10. Bill

    Roger – If you thought the Obama administration was weak toward Russia, you must be really concerned about Trump’s team.

    Putin is not fooled by Donnie’s thin-skinned bully talk, and is already manipulating our narcissist-in-chief into dropping every sanction we’ve imposed against Russia; unless the Republicans in Congress actually pass a bill to keep the sanctions in place (a rare chance for bipartisanship, if McConnel has the guts).

    Remember Junior’s emails confirm that the Russians preferred Trump — the softer of the two candidates in Putin’s view.

    July 14, 2017,3:17 am

  11. Eneida Medina

    Obama is a Rat,Liar,god will collect on his actions and Allah won’t be able to save his asd

    July 13, 2017,11:31 pm

  12. Sam Jones

    Obama was clearly a terriorist. The weakness of America is we are fearfull of pressing charges afraid to indite a black ex president. Terrorist in future will
    take advantage of this fact.

    July 13, 2017,10:21 pm

  13. Marylee Comparetto

    I believe Obama is anti-American!

    July 13, 2017,10:14 pm

  14. Johnnie McHan

    Roger, wow, thank you for saying everything the majority of Americans feel! You are so right! Obama never did one thing that he did not plan nor wasn’t in line with his agenda. He is still around, I think, in DC, following Trump to other countries and visiting some on his own because he is working to overthrow our president and take back over the government! We need to rid all departments of his appointees, hires, and spies. Drain the Swamp!! Now you have two fools (whose bank accounts just rose considerably) filing impeachment charges! This is a disgraceful act even for the liberal fools in the Dem party. Likewise we have traitors in the GOP. These need removing and new blood injected. We need to shut down the media fools also. Enough, for his 74 yr. grandma’s BP will go sky high! Lol But seriously never in my life have I been more concerned with the state of our nation!

    July 13, 2017,10:12 pm

  15. Roger

    Bill, don’t know if you will ever return to see if you got an answer, but here goes. Obama was a weak-willed, sniveling coward of a leader. They had NO respect for him, No fear of him & therefore did ANYTHING they wanted without any fear of any retribution of any kind from him. That is how the question CORRECTLY asks if he allowed the intrusion. This is how. Like I said on the second entry, he butt kissed every terrorist on the planet. All they saw was weakness. And John Kerry? An even bigger joke! They LOVED the last eight years. They got to work on their agenda with no impediment.

    July 13, 2017,9:16 pm

  16. Judy Phipps

    Yes Obama caused it

    July 13, 2017,8:53 pm

  17. Sue

    Obama would allow any crime to occur if it ensured his goals.

    July 13, 2017,8:29 pm

  18. Jb lazzara

    Bill are you living on another planet ..his motive ,, just like all,his other motives .like a,billion and a,half to the Iranians,, and telling the russains wait till i get in office dahhhh!

    July 13, 2017,7:14 pm

  19. Bill

    Hey CBC can you make a more biased poll? You ask what is essentially a Yes or No question and do not offer a No choice.


    Second – while Obama may not have made a big enough stink about the Russian efforts, your question is did he “allow” it. What possible motive would he have to allow it?

    As we’ve seen in Junior’s emails Russia favored Trump!

    True Conservatives do not favor getting close with a historical enemy run by an oppressive dictator.

    July 13, 2017,6:37 pm

  20. Allbert R. Pryor

    There is no doubt in my mind that Obama was behind the whole Russian scheme.Hillary in my opinion,was also heavily involved in the Russian scheme.Hillary and Obama were absolutely certain that Trump would not win the election. (BOY WERE THEY WRONG)!.

    July 13, 2017,6:36 pm

  21. Jackalyn Morrison

    He was the most UNAMERICAN president we have ever had!! Thank the good Lord Trump is our president

    July 13, 2017,6:27 pm

  22. Roger

    He was the most Un American president ever to disgrace the White House

    July 13, 2017,6:21 pm

  23. Mark Plenn

    The 1st 1/2 brown President of the US was and is an Ideolog with no love of this country. He is an anti-white for any reason bigot.

    July 13, 2017,6:12 pm

  24. Ken Wade

    The interference and collusion was from between the main stream media and the Clinton campaign staff to try to defeat Trump. It didn’t work!

    July 13, 2017,6:01 pm

  25. Roger

    All the angry Dummycrats on this post are mental midgets. Obama was a smooth talker, but a destructive con artist. (We have trouble! Trouble right here in river city!) If there was a right decision to make, he made the exact opposite wrong one, or no decision at all (wringing his hands in indecisiveness). Which is worse. He fiddled while the world burned. He butt kissed every terrorist on the planet with idiotic thinking- “They just need to be my friend!” Then they wouldn’t be terrorists anymore! (Jobs for Jihadis) 150 BILLION to Iran. Promoting the terrorist Muslim brotherhood in Egypt. The Castro scum brothers. Doing NOTHING in Syria while all the Christians in Aleppo were slaughtered. He tried to swing America so Socialist, I’m surprised we survived it. If Trump can only fix all the idiot mistakes Obama made, he has done his job. Any progress above that-genius. If the media would just act fair, balanced, report ACTUAL accomplishments instead of making up biased, liberal, one sided BS, he would have the highest ratings. But when you are spoon fed liberal lies. Indoctrinated by phony conspiracy theories 24/7 by supposed news media. Russia? Please. Collusion? The only collusion is when 100 million went into a phony, RICO breaking charity, then miraculously 20% of our Uranium went to RUSSIA! There is your Russia conspiracy Rachel Maddow, you moron. Hillary Clinton foundation. It is no wonder the clueless sheep think he is doing the wrong thing Kane & his treason comments? Since we know the Clinton camp met with the Ukrainians, did trade false information & money. Straight to the gallows for you.

    July 13, 2017,5:58 pm

  26. Dick Ellis


    July 13, 2017,5:41 pm

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