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Top 5 Conservative Superheroes

by Aryssa Damron

Superheroes have been the biggest genre of 21st century pop culture, with many franchises rebooted multiple times and entire extended universes released in theaters everywhere.ย ย While superhero movies try to avoid the political dimension, the inherent values of these spandex-clad heroes shine through — and some heroes are more conservative than the rest.

Conservative superheroes value our laws, fight terrorism at home and abroad, and uphold the values of patriotism and free enterprise. See if your fave made our list of the Top 5 Conservative Superheroes!


  1. Diane Joy Baker

    Both DC and Marvel once espoused conservative values, but that has changed.

    November 19, 2017,9:10 am

  2. Billy Bennett

    I agree with Keith about D.C. turning all the Superheroes gay or transgenders, it will happen soon, I’m just waiting.๐Ÿ˜• The network’s have so many gays and lesbians in their TV shows that there is no way they are a minority anymore! LMBO….๐Ÿ๐Ÿ”ซ
    And yes Balin it is stupid. ๐Ÿ˜•

    November 19, 2017,2:42 am

  3. Balin Hickey

    This is stupid.

    November 18, 2017,2:11 pm

  4. Gael

    You do realize that the actor that plays Captain America in the movie is a screaming liberal and Trump hater?

    November 18, 2017,1:45 pm

  5. Paul Williamson

    They are actually “liberal” superheroes. They defend the underdog, protect the poor, and ensure equality and fairness for all. If they were Conservative superheroes, they would be greedy and selfish, only trying to enrich themselves at the expense of those less fortunate. They would be bullies and aggressive idiots , invading other countries whose religions and cultural values are not the same as the US. The superheroes listed here have none of those Conservative traits,

    November 18, 2017,1:32 pm

  6. Keith

    Until MARVEL makes them all gay or transgender! I will not let kids watch or read comic books and I grew up on them! DC is far worse than MARVEL!!!!!

    November 17, 2017,9:27 pm

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