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Pres. Donald Trump’s Top 5 Conservative Books

by Aryssa Damron

Donald TrumpDonald Trump shocked the world by running for President — and shocked them again when he won! Despite the media’s lying narrative, Trump didn’t come out of nowhere — he has a decades-long career not only as a businessman but as a conservative author, a golden symbol of the power of free enterprise.

Don’t be like the ignorant fake news media — check out Donald Trump’s 5 best conservative books!



  1. Mike

    Hey bill, are you clinton? Just another libtard! Thank God obama is gone, now if he would shut the hell up!! Not qualified for any job any where in any country–send him back to Kenya!!

    October 17, 2017,9:58 pm

  2. Rebecca

    President Trump all the way!
    We were sinking fast — no lies there. Get the facts.
    Economically and globally America was dying. Trump is the only person to make things better for us all. Some people need to get out of the way and give him a chance. They were given support when it was their time. Now its time to give that decency back.

    October 17, 2017,7:52 pm

  3. mary ann

    I was not shocked when Donald Trump won. I knew he was going to win the minute I heard him speak. Brilliant man. America is lucky to have him.

    October 17, 2017,6:24 pm

  4. Bill

    1) Trump did not write these, the co-authors and ghost writers did
    2) Your lies about Obama wrecking the economy are pathetic, since you are using those lies to promote these books it is fair to conclude that even you know these books are pathetic.

    October 17, 2017,5:52 pm

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