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Watch Trump Take Down White Supremacists

by Bradley Matthews

In a video address about the Charlottesville riot, Pres. Trump said that “Racism is evil. Those who cause violence in its name are criminals and thugs, including the KKK, neo-Nazis, white supremacists.” Watch the video below!

Was Trump’s initial response to the Charlottesville riot appropriate? Vote in our CBC reader poll HERE.










  1. Douglas

    Yes he was right

    September 8, 2017,10:49 pm

  2. konstantin

    President Donald J. Trump is quite right!!

    August 19, 2017,2:11 pm

  3. Gandalf Freyasson

    For months neo-marxist have rioted and violently attacked others whose views they disagree with. Alt right patriots announced plans to have a rally, and went through legal channels to be allowed to exercise their constitutional right to have one. Again, neo marxists prepared for violence. This time the intended victims came prepared to defend themselves, and did. Cops who should have been there to stop the leftist assault (and the neo Marxists were the ones who started the violence), as at Berkeley they disappeared and failed to do their job. How many of you have watched youtube videos of leftists blocking traffic and attacking cars? How many have even cheered when someone drove though the leftist mob? How many of you were able to catch the online video of a leftist mob attacking the car of the Ohio kid who went to Charlottsville, before he hit the gas and tried to get away from those attacking him? And if you noticed several American flags being carried by “protesters” in film footage, did you notice that ONLY those with the alt right patriots had American flags, and not the neo Marxists attacking them? Trump initially was only half wrong by including criticism of alt right patriots who only defended themselves when the cops refused to do so, when he almost as an afterthought criticized the leftists who were the ones who came there to start trouble, and did. Over the years I have lost count of the number of times I witnessed or heard of some coward pretending to be a conservative cave in to leftist pressure to denounce someone else on the right, only to justifiably lose friendships and support and continue to get nothing but hostility—and hostility and hatred is all they will ever receive from them. Alt right patriots, like other patriots, were instrumental in Trump being elected. Despite continued and repeated lamestream media and leftist attacks on Trump, alt right patriots have been among those who haveTrump’s back. Loyalty is supposed to be a two way street, Mr. Trump. You rewarded the loyalty of supporters with whom you may not have agreed with on all things, and who did not agree with you on all things, but who were among your loyal supporters despite this, by plunging a knife into the backs of those whose support and loyalty you should at least have the decency to return .You will continue to get nothing but hostility from the left. But if you now cave in to leftists who will never support you, and attack some of your supporters, including those who tended to remain out of the media limelight for your sake, you will have less support from the right. Support you cannot afford to lose. Do you or the neo-cons wanting to be the only influence around you honestly believe the delusion that you can do better with phony conservatives and fake patriots like Lindsay Graham and John McCain? (And because McCain backstabbed you, do don’t need to emulate him by backstabbing your supporters.) As for you characters who voted to approve of Trump’s backstabbing patriots, you are delusional moral cowards and shallow pseuo-patriots who have in effect come out in support of neo marxists assaulting and denying rights to fellow patriots and fellow Americans. As for you cops who fail or refuse to do your duty to protect real patriots and even others from being assaulted, you effectively align yourselves with neo marxist and “black lives matter” thugs. The next time one of you is assaulted, shot or accused of “police violence”, maybe you should go to them for support instead of to us and see how far you get.

    August 15, 2017,2:39 pm

  4. laura

    his speech was perfect and strong the first time. When you have the media as your propaganda mouth piece no amount of effort will ever be good enough for the left. The democrats are not just attacking Trump they are attacking Trump voters as well This is not going to end until the violence of the left drives us into a civil war. Pray that Trump can reach the majority before this happens.

    August 15, 2017,5:50 am

  5. Ray

    disappointed in my opinion.. he had no problem calling out the white supremacists but missed totally on calling out all the black supremacist like; black lives matter (they actually called for violence), black panthers, anarchists groups..
    i also disagree w/ everyone calling this a white supremacists rally… i looked at this as a white American rally where hard working Americans was seeing their heritage, history and ancestors being destroyed… makes sense though, democrats want to destroy all the racists actions they did in the name of slavery. just in case someone actually starts to look at the history of the democrat party

    August 14, 2017,4:49 pm

  6. Brian keeley

    Even after his first announcement how it’s disgusting in all ways was clear enough to me that he did not approve other racial bigotry the news to me bikes to turn his words around because it makes it news.. as for one who hates racism bigotry I thought his message the first time was loud and clear it don’t take a college professor to see that

    August 14, 2017,4:40 pm

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