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Ingraham vs. Krauthammer: Who’s Right About Trump’s Charlottesville Statement?

by Bradley Matthews

On Fox News, conservative radio star Laura Ingraham and conservative pundit Charles Krauthammer got into a heated¬†debate over Trump’s Tuesday press conference and Charlottesville-related statements.

Ingraham fired first, saying “I think he got caught in the pundit trap like he became a pundit. And what I think people want is Trump the president. When he does that, he’s really powerful.”¬†

Krauthammer had harsher words for Pres. Trump, saying “To critique what he did today on the grounds that it distracts from the agenda or it was a tactical mistake, I believe is a cop out. What Trump did today was a moral disgrace.”

See how Ingraham responded in the video below! Do you think Trump’s statements were appropriate? Vote HERE.


  1. Jane

    Krauthammer you are totally wrong.

    September 1, 2017,5:11 pm

  2. Stan Stanfield

    Charles, you talk about “the point” “The point” actually is/was whether we believe in free speech in this country or we don’t.

    A group of American citizens applied for and was granted a permit to stage a peaceful protest against the taking down of a statue in a public square. They were going to have a couple of speeches at their peaceful rally, and then disband. Their permit was pulled at the last minute, and they were told by some police to leave, at which point they were led into a trap, with a ragtag army of Antifa and BLM supporters in particular all ready to go: meaning, with baseball bats, axe handles, 2×4 clubs, containers filled with urine and feces, and, most heinously of all, soda cans filled with cement (which could cause a concussion, or put out an eye). The police having conveniently melted away, the two sides, having been deliberately put in contact with each other, had at it. The rest is history as the MSM is trying to tell it, and control the narrative in doing so.

    We should not buy into their take on the matter. It is all designed to take down this country, and merge it into beng merely part of a region of TPTB’s long-planned-for totalitarian New World Order. And since the MSM is a monopoly, controlled by half a dozen owners at the most (convenient, that arrangement; for those with an agenda), it has become the mouthpiece for said NWO mob. We must not buy into their take on things. Full stop. No apologies. That someone was killed in the melee is indeed unfortunate. But it was not the fault of the peaceful protesters. If it was anybody’s primary fault, it was that of the mayor and the chief of police, who orchestrated that event into being.

    Let us never lose sight of the basic in this matter. The makeup of the rallygoers with a legal permit “peacefully to assemble” (First Amendment”) is secondary to what really happened in Charlottesville. Talking heads on the MSM and in its op-ed pages to the contrary notwithstanding. And of far too many politicians, who have shown their abject obeisance to power – not integrity – in this matter.

    Bottom line: Do we believe in free speech in this country, or do we not. To say: Are we going to let bullies shout down, in violent behavior, those they don’t agree with. Or are we going to retain our free institutions. As a free and independent nation. Not a servile region of a totalitarian New World Order mob. Which is, unfortunately, where we are headed at this moment, with the power of the MSM what it is, and the pusillanimity of the politicians – our erstwhile leaders – what that is.

    August 20, 2017,5:33 am

  3. Christel Lea

    Opinions are just like “assholes”…everyone has one. How does one determine exactly ‘which’ opinion is fact and which one isn’t. Do I trust every political hack? NO. I listen, read, research and then make my ‘opinion’…and that’s exactly what it is…my opinion. Sometimes it is fact driven…but not always. I have agreed with Krauthammer on many occasions and I have also NOT agreed with him on many other occasions especially when he has a pompous attitude. That same mindset applies to ALL the information that media outlets spew out. There are definite stations….ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN that I will NOT listen to one minute of their news. They have ALL proven to me that they distort FACTS way beyond what actually happened. Therefore, I can no longer trust them for any of my news reporting. Their so called ‘reporting’ reminds me of communist propaganda.

    August 20, 2017,12:09 am

  4. Kitty Carlisle

    Krauthammer is on point. He can be non biased at all times but comes down on Trump often because Trump screws up 9 times out of 10! I’ll listen to his judgement anytime.

    August 19, 2017,1:29 pm

  5. Lee

    Leave our President Trump alone. His speech was right on. Charles K. Is a Trump hater. I think he has contracts with CNN, ABC, MSM. Everyone of the President Trump haters are in bed with the devil Hillary, Obama, and the rest of the people ruining our America. STOP NOW are be sorry later.

    August 17, 2017,4:53 pm

  6. Carolyn

    Charles your Republican Trump hater is showing. Now we all know you are entitled to your opinion but if you can’t support our president maybe Wolf should work for Fox and you CNN. Trump is a breath of fresh air in a stale enclosed back room of politics as usual. At least we Know Wolfe is a paid democratic.

    August 17, 2017,12:18 am

  7. Fred Hager

    If they want to remove these’s monuments donate them to a historical muesum so they can still be seen !

    August 16, 2017,7:13 pm

  8. Daniel Combs

    Krauthammer, they need you over at cnn. Please go!

    August 16, 2017,7:08 pm

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