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Should Colin Kaepernick Be Banned From The NFL?

by Bradley Matthews

Controversial QB and anti-anthem protester Colin Kaepernick is still out of a job just weeks away from the start of the 2017 season. Should Kaepernick be banned from the NFL? Vote in our CBC reader poll!

Do you think Kaepernick should stand for the anthem? Vote in another CBC reader poll HERE.










Should Colin Kaepernick be banned from football?

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  1. Dr Gerald Hoffmyer

    Steve Dolyiuk, please read the posts from Angela Powell and tell me about the racist party again.
    I NEVER see post like that on liberal sites.

    I read both sides of extreme party ideology as I am an independent. I am troubled by the both parties. What I observe on the far right is lack of understanding about the responsibility to take care of the infirm too poor to afford care, the elderly and children. About their feeling that their religion belongs in government and intolerance of LGBT and race. It concerns me that racist groups think Trump and the Republican Party is for them. If their racist values align with Trump what does that say? Isnt that worth examining? Trump bragged about grabbing P*##¥ and there was no impact – still elected, very concerning.
    I realize the republican view of BenGhazi but if you do research US embassies have been attacked / destroyed and people killed in every presidency- especially the bush administration . She was cleared by a republican Congress , but yet everyone holds onto it because it is something to hold onto .

    What concerns me about the left is, well, so far how the far left protestors brought violence to the streets. Not the women’s march- that was peaceful. But the fact that the white supremacists are on the Republican side is even more troubling.

    Everyone grabs onto piece of information and makes it work for them, makes it support their story or their viewpoint . I just caution everybody about what they’re grabbing onto and why. Look at all the information from all viewpoints good and bad .

    Force racist people out of the Republican Party they’re not welcome in this country .
    Angela that means you , you are an under developed wrongfully taught person. I hope you change.

    September 6, 2017,1:13 pm

  2. Angela powell

    Fuck this man who the fuck he think he is .lf he don’t like America go back to Africa where you belong to the trees climbing gorilla shit .go home to Africa mother fuckin niggers

    September 5, 2017,1:56 pm

  3. Angela powell

    Fuck this man who the fuck he think he is .lf he don’t like America go back to Africa where you belong to the trees climbing gorilla shit .go home to Africa mother fucker nigger

    September 5, 2017,1:55 pm

  4. Angela powell

    Fuck this man who the fuck he think he is .lf he don’t like America go back to Africa where you belong to the trees climbing gorilla shit

    September 5, 2017,1:54 pm

  5. Angela powell

    Fuck this man who the fuck he think he is .lf he don’t like America go back to Africa where you belong

    September 5, 2017,1:53 pm

  6. evangelina

    Keopernick should have just kept his personal political action outside of the NFL platform. General public if finished with him . Nfl business should not suffer for one bad apple !

    August 30, 2017,8:59 pm

  7. Diane Kelly

    Virginia Ramos should be banned from this site as surely as Kapernick should be banned from football!!! This is the Conservative Book Club website. We’re the bosses not you. I’m so sick of you trolls that if I met you in person it would get bloody. And by the way, your picture is so ugly. I don’t use a picture because trash like you have threatened my life in the past. You’ll never set the tone on a conservative site. And judging from the time you posted your comments- girl you need to get a life!!! Four in the morning?! You got up early to talk crazy, old lady.

    August 29, 2017,3:29 pm

  8. Virginia Ramos

    Cissy… You sound just like a stupid Fool…..you gotta be out out your mind. The American People need to apologize to the Black Americans (DOAS) for the way they have been abused and mistreated since slavery time. You need to keep your Dumb sounding mouth shut.

    August 29, 2017,4:59 am

  9. Virginia Ramos

    I’m just looking at so many of your comments, and it’s nauseating to even think that you sit there and pretend as though you don’t realize why Kaepernick did what he did. You’re still using the same old Boobie trap been used since slavery days, wanting Blacks to look at things from your eyes. I don’t believe no man is that Dumb as to not understand. I know you know, it’s just a way of…..and the game go on.

    August 29, 2017,4:51 am

  10. Virginia Ramos

    Raymond You have a lot to learn about the history of the Black Man here in America, and I sure don’t have the time nor patience to try and teach you. Until you walk in the Black Man’s skin, Don’t even attempt to try and criticize him. He’ a MILLION and More reasons to act like he does, think as he does and still be in certain positions as he remains..It makes me very upset to see people like you trying to tell Blacks what they shoulda, coulda, woulda be when they’ve not Blacks. Another thing if you’re and White poor, that too bad, because your folds had it all from beginning. Slaves had nothing but poverty and cruelty from their oppressors. So you being a White Man, you ought not be poor, because your kind have had the world of opportunities from beginning of this country. Black Man’s been trying to play catchup ever since with a million plus obstacles.

    August 29, 2017,4:32 am

  11. Virginia Ramos

    Any Black not standing behind Kaepernick need head to be examined . Another thing I’d like to know is why don’t you Black Players form your own Leagues and create your own Power. Without you on their teams they’ll have no wins

    August 29, 2017,4:10 am

  12. Brenda Hatfield

    Of course everyone on this site would say that. How about ALL REPUBLICANS be banned from WATCHING FOOTBALL? I think that would work!!!!!!!

    August 28, 2017,10:30 pm

  13. Richard Rodriguez

    Any pro player that does not stand for the national anthem should be ban no matter his skin color

    August 28, 2017,7:07 pm

  14. gary hemp

    kick this piece of shit out

    August 28, 2017,6:19 pm

  15. Melba

    While I do not agree with his method of raising awareness of his cause, I believe that he has the freedom to choose what he prefers to do. I don’t think he should be punished for it. I don’t even like him, he’s not any good. But by the same token, football is his job. His bosses do the hiring, you don’t crap on the bosses desk on Friday and think it’s all forgotten by Monday.

    August 28, 2017,6:06 pm

  16. Raymond

    It totally amazes me why black people (not all) keep screaming about racism.They are alot more racist than most white people.And they have just as much,if not more than white people have in their lives.There is not one position of any job that a black person does not hold.They make the same money whites do,they have the same jobs as white people do.There is nothing that they can not achieve if they put their mind to it.But no,they want to keep the racism crap going.And we can all blame president Obama for that.That man was a race baiter.And he did all that he possibly could to divide this country between the blacks and whites.And he did a damn good job of it.I just wish that some of these black people who feel left out for some reason or other ,to quit screaming racism all of the time..It appears that the only decent black people are conservative.The left sided black people always want to cry about how they are being mistreated,and neglected.I am a poor white man,but I sure aint doing no crying.Let us just all get along.This country would be a lot better off without the left wing radicals that appear to always want to instigate life

    August 28, 2017,5:24 pm

  17. Cissy

    This poor angry man needs to apologize to the American people for behaving disrespectfully given the great freedoms he has enjoyed, so much more than the average citizen. Very irresponsible leadership, when he could have accomplished so much more in the same manner as Martin Luther King.

    August 28, 2017,5:11 pm

  18. Bruce Walters

    Bob Cherry, you are a pathetic slimy weasel. It’s bad enough our President has to deal with vermin, rodents and insects trying to illegally enter and take over our country, but he has to deal with brainless scum like you? You’re either black, or you want to be.

    August 28, 2017,4:48 pm

  19. Bob Cherry

    Why should Kaepernick be banned for silently protesting injustice when trump belittles women, immigrants, veterans, Mexicans, Muslims, the handicapped, etc, and he’s not banned from the presidency. Hypocrites.

    August 28, 2017,9:31 am

  20. Sunny

    Anybody who disrespects, our flag, our country and our military like he has should be sent back to to country of origin..if it is so bad here Get The Hell Out!!!

    August 28, 2017,12:56 am

  21. Joseph Cook

    Should be jailed.

    August 27, 2017,8:40 pm

  22. Dave Dicus

    Any athlete who’s supposed to be a sports fivure and role model for children that disrespects our Country and military men and women who have laid down their lives and that are currently laying down their lives to make this a safer world to live in and which gives a person such freedom to exercise freedom of speech in the first place as well as give them the freedom to protest our National Anthem while still making loads of money shouldn’t be allowed to play sports cause if it wasn’t for our military men and women He or they wouldn’t have the privilege to protest our National Anthem or anything else ! Shame on him and all the other worthless wanna be athletes who disrespect our Country and military men and women. They’ve got some nerve. If things are so bad, let them leave our Country and go live in the Middle East or any other Communist Country ! SMH !

    August 27, 2017,7:22 pm

  23. SallyAnne

    I served in the military for 20 years and I don’t care on way or the other if anyone stands for the flag. I served to give people that freedom. I have read some of these hateful comments on this site and a few make my skin crawl but I served so you can have the right to be hateful. Denise reading doesn’t make one a PATRIOT!

    August 27, 2017,6:25 pm

  24. Denise

    To Paul Williamson (below). What you are reading here is called PATRIOTISM – something about which you obviously know NOTHING.

    August 27, 2017,6:12 pm

  25. Jodi M Waters

    My husband put his life on the line for twenty-one years for everyone’s freedoms and I used the U.S.Constitution to get MTBE banned on my own dime while raising four children, so everyone has clean safe drinking water. Now, we have national drinking water standards. What has he done? He got paid a zillion dollars to play a game. He uses the game to disrespect and shame the leader of our great nation. With his money and fame he could do a lot. I think he should ante up.

    August 27, 2017,2:16 pm

  26. Betty Kennedy

    Anyone who disrespects our country in any way should be banned that is not the way to be heard in a positive way and bring about change when is this minority demand for changes going to end?

    August 27, 2017,12:26 pm

  27. Irvan Johnson

    Better yet, send that black BASTARD to obummer’s home, Kenya……let those people put up with that SOB’s SH**.

    August 27, 2017,12:02 pm

  28. Jim Hays

    We are all Ameicans, either by birth or by choice. And we should respect America for what it allows us to be of our own choosing. There are always among among us who don’t feel this way. Those who “take” and never “give”. Kaperrick is a taker, carrying about nothing but his own actions. If fans start getting smaller, the club will take action, preferably by firing. And it would be doubtful if another team would want to inherit that problem. He just”ain’t” that good!

    August 27, 2017,8:19 am

  29. Sharon

    Any and ALL celebs or sport players who disrespect our country, our flag and thereby our Military who gave their time, blood and lives that these “children” should have all the opportunities they enjoy today should not only be docked pay, but also fined and or banned from future play. These boys make mega bucks, yet scream about racial inequality. Why not take some of their money and do something positive for those they feel are being trampled? They are NOT being a good role model. If they dislike the United States so much, they are free to remove themselves to another country of their choice. Just turn in your passport/citizenship on the way out.

    August 27, 2017,3:40 am

  30. Lori

    It’s great that celebrities and social justice warriors who try to divide our great country by disrespecting Old Glory create their own demise. Can’t scream racism,inequality or white privilege when more than 70 percent of the NFL is minority. So what happens next when the narrative doesn’t fit their agenda??

    August 27, 2017,12:43 am

  31. mickey

    Ban the A–H—….I also blame the NFL for letting him get by with it. I believe that most football players are Christians and love this country and as sportsmen do a lot for our youth to look up too..It only takes one idiot to make everyone look bad…MICKEY MELL

    August 27, 2017,12:42 am

  32. Frank Santora

    Give him a one way ticket to the Anti-American country of his choice. Let him learn how the treat those who disagree with that country’s policies, and traditions.
    Don’t allow him to return under any circumstances

    August 27, 2017,12:32 am

  33. Eddie B.

    I disapprove of his behavior, the NFL like any other company is marketing a product (professional football) and if they want their product to be represented in this deplorable manner, citizens should boycott their product. Every employer whether public or private sector has rules and regulations often and rightfully so, restricting the 1st amendment for employees. This is so the public does not construe one person’s words or actions as the view or opinion of the employer. Furthermore, youngsters often idolize players and emulate them as their role models. The only people who would have this guy as a role model are people who hate America (liberals). What ever happened to society conducting themselves as ladies and gentlemen respecting one another and especially respecting our flag and national anthem? It’s a disgrace what Kapernick has done. Many have made the ultimate sacrifice for this nation. The NFL should Ban him. .

    August 26, 2017,10:07 pm

  34. Frances Morgan

    My Dad fought in war world two. He lost a leg and it was not so someone who has been spoiled rotten could disrespect the flag. Some people may say he fought for our freedom and they are right. But freedom is respected.

    August 26, 2017,9:42 pm

  35. Robert

    Personally I say ban Kapernick from football and Also REVOKE his citizenship and deport him to Africa to live with his ancestors he is so worried about being treated unfairly.!!

    August 26, 2017,9:17 pm

  36. Rex Whitmer

    I don’t like what he does, but this is America, and as long as he isn’t imposing his behavior upon others, and it’s not illegal, he can make any kind of gesture he wants to, so long as it doesn’t interfere with other people’s rights!

    August 26, 2017,9:06 pm

  37. Ann Ledgerwood

    He’s a disgeace

    August 26, 2017,9:02 pm

  38. Yulonda

    If he doesn’t want to stand for the national anthem oh well! Hell he has the right not to. That does not mean he’s anti-American. It just means that he does not want to stand for a song that was written by a bigot many many decades ago and does not represent him or others like him! Does that mean he should be banned from the league? Hell no!

    August 26, 2017,8:56 pm

  39. Michele Pfrogner

    I applaud Jim Brown for his comments regarding Kaepernick. (Not that Kaepernick will listen.) If Kaepernick feels he has the right to disrespect this country, then NFL teams have the right not to hire him. And fans have the right to boycott any team (Cleveland Browns included) whose spoiled, overpaid players feel that people come to their games to watch political grandstanding.

    August 26, 2017,8:47 pm

  40. Kathi Kogler

    BOYCOTT THE NFL AND ALL THEIR SPONSERS. That is the only way to hurt them, IN THEIR PICKETBOOKS. If every football fan was willing to do that it would not take long for them to feel the pinch. The Sponsers would pull out . The Fans would pull out Ns the NFL would kniw Americans MEAN BUSINESS when they say DO NOT DISRESPECT MY COUNTRY, MY FLAG, MY NATIONAL ANTHEM or MY POLICE OFFICERS THAT ARE HERE TO PROTECT YOUR A$$ !!!

    August 26, 2017,8:11 pm

  41. Barbara Carpenter

    As much as I can’t stand that piece of human excrement, he has a right to free speech, as do we all. I wouldn’t ban him. Just don’t hire him and don’t give him the time of day. He’ll fade away.

    August 26, 2017,7:29 pm

  42. Michael Tierney

    I believe that he has a right to make a fool out of himself. Freedom of speech and freedom of business will settle this.

    August 26, 2017,7:20 pm

  43. bob forsman

    He made his bed now he can sleep in it.

    August 26, 2017,6:28 pm

  44. Greer Gutshall

    Ban him make an example of him. He lives in a great country and he needs to respect it

    August 26, 2017,5:51 pm

  45. Ralph Salinas

    All NFL players that do not stand for the Pledge of Allegiance should be banned from the NFL and the football commissioner should be told to step down of fired.
    Rafael Salinas
    Was a fan!

    August 26, 2017,5:49 pm

  46. Dean Orfas

    If I were his boss I’d fire him. If he applied for a job and I was the employer I wouldn’t hire him. If I watched football I’d change the channel if he was on. If he endorsed any products I wouldn’t buy them. But if you are asking “should the government ban him from football?” my answer is no.

    August 26, 2017,5:48 pm

  47. Theresa

    His protest should be done on his own time, not the NFL’s.

    August 26, 2017,5:45 pm

  48. curious

    I don’t think anyone who has the disrespect for the United States of American that he has should be allowed to play any professional sports of any kind. I think the NFL should make it clear to all the players, If you don’t stand for the National Anthem or the flag or anything else that represents this country, go see if you can find a job flipping burgers, you will not be playing in the NFL any more. I don’t watch football anymore. I am tired of watching a bunch of millionaire brats that show very little or no respect for this country.

    August 26, 2017,5:45 pm

  49. Jane

    He made his choice. Racism has nothing to do with it.

    August 26, 2017,5:39 pm

  50. pch0pian

    Disguise him as a Fireplug and tether him outside one of the mens’ restrooma (incase there are long lines).

    August 26, 2017,5:02 pm

  51. Carmine Astore

    Also, I could be wrong, but did he not take himself off a team and refuse to take an offer as a second or third are in an? If so , then it is of his own demise! Furthermore, it is not up to the NFL to force any team to hire him. If he performs, they will hire him. In a league that is 70% minority, it is also a joke for him to be crying racism. I would expect any player in the NFL to babe standing during Nat anthem. These players are role models for our young. Many of our young look up to these players. Kneeling during anthem is not a good representation to our youth and our country! Many a men and women have risked their lives for our first amendment! They also need our respect and adoration! Do not disrespect our flag!!

    August 26, 2017,4:44 pm

  52. Carmine Astore

    I don’t feel he should be ban, but should be made to stand during Nat. Anthem. There are other ways to protest his cause.

    August 26, 2017,4:26 pm

  53. Joseph Engel

    If he can’t be quiet about his personal convictions at a venue that fans pay to watch then throw his butt out!

    August 26, 2017,4:15 pm

  54. T Curry

    There is no need for the NFL to do anything. The US patriots and citizens have already let the NFL know how they feel about Kaepernick. He should move to Chicago and take up as community organizer where Obama left off. He says he does not like how blacks are treated. Put his money where his mouth is and go help in those communities. Go to a storm ravished area and help people get assistance. Do anything but take a knee and shoot off his mouth. I am sure he would find it rewarding and maybe enlightening.

    August 26, 2017,4:10 pm

  55. Kevin Berry

    If he wants to be that Anti-American throw him out of the country! See how he likes Afganastan!!

    August 26, 2017,4:08 pm

  56. Marvin

    let him join the marines or army then we can train him and then send his worthless ass to afghanistan

    August 26, 2017,4:00 pm

  57. Ray

    if you ban him then they will cry racism even more.. if he sucks as a player than no one will want him. every one has forgotten that kaepernick himself stated that if he were kicked out of football for what he believed in than so be it.. he stands/falls by his fake ideals. this just like those female basketball players that came out of the locker room w/ the sweatshirts “hands up dont shoot” just shows how ignorant people are to the facts.. it would have taken just 5 minutes to do a little research and they would realize just how stupid they look.. by the way ” how many racists privileged white people died to free all black slaves.”

    August 26, 2017,3:46 pm

  58. Dan Haggett

    Do not make a hero (to some people) out of an idiot. He has banned himself already.

    August 26, 2017,3:41 pm

  59. Michael Skaggs

    If he’s banned who do we have to boo?

    August 26, 2017,3:09 pm

  60. Arthur Garverick

    Right now he is not good enough to play in the NFL as it is lack of talent, does not fix with the chemistry of the team or considered detrimental to the team effort.

    August 26, 2017,2:50 pm

  61. Cheryl A Flann

    He needs never to work in the NFL again. He disrespects our military, our law enforcement, our country. He should have been penalized when he started this nonsense. Let him protest on his own time, not when he is earning millions of dollars because of ticket sales to the very people he disrespects. Free speech is one thing, disrespect for our country is quite another. We don’t do that in America because we know the price those freedoms have cost us. He is a disgrace! We should boycott any team that hires him, or permits any other player to abuse our precious freedoms. There is a line here that has been crossed..

    Let him and anyone else who does the same go play football in North Korea! See how much protesting he does there.

    August 26, 2017,2:48 pm

  62. Jacob

    The idiots, mostly black, that think we the fans will support them are ignorant and the coaches coddle these rich wimps. If they want to help the black community I propose you set business in the black community to give these kids a job. Yeah you’ll lose money cause they’ll rob you blind, but you might reach a few. Instead of always complaining about white folks for not investing their money in the hood, you do it! No you won’t, it’s cool to be anti American, until you feel the backlash from real loving Americans.

    August 26, 2017,2:43 pm

  63. Sharon M. Wilson

    While I disagree with Mr. Kaepernick’s actions I cannot demand free speech for myself and not for others whose views I oppose. I do however think it is disrespectful and rude and choose my free speech amendment rights to say so here publicly but with respect and decency.

    August 26, 2017,2:37 pm

  64. Huy Vu

    I wish I can get refund from my money paying for watching NFL all those years.
    I suggest that NFL should have a clause in hiring application that they can stop paying or even fire player(s) who disrespect the fan and our National Anthem.

    August 26, 2017,2:33 pm

  65. Yvonne Lopez


    August 26, 2017,2:29 pm

  66. Susan Smith

    I don’t think the NFL should be FORCED by the protesters to put ANYONE on a team! He is too much of a distraction why can’t he protest on his own time? Politics should not be involved here! People pay good money to watch games not to be offended by some spoiled kid who doesn’t know the facts!

    August 26, 2017,2:27 pm

  67. ronajax77

    It is time these unpatriotic imbeciles start giving a little respect to the country who has afforded them so much advantage.

    August 26, 2017,1:52 pm

  68. Joseph Merkler

    Go play with the Canada league, Dumb-ass!

    August 26, 2017,1:51 pm

  69. Joseph

    Let the free market tell him what his worth. Politics shoulding be in sports period. As long as the NFL and sports channels cover politics everyone should just walk away supporting them and their sponsors. For me I no longer watch any sports channels or teams who push the politics.

    August 26, 2017,1:50 pm

  70. Paul

    That is not the place to express displeasure with anything. He’s an athlete and has many more mediums to express himself. This shows a lack of respect for every American and especially for our service men abd women who served and is now serving in our military.

    August 26, 2017,1:47 pm

  71. Steve Dolyniuk

    To Paul Williamson, below. It is not the right-wing group who are uneducated, ignorant, & racist,. They are not the parasites, however to clue you in, they are the Liberal Left-Wing, Anti-America, Traitors like Kaepernick & his girlfriend & people like you, who fit your descriptions to a “T” ! Pray tell me what Kaepernick has done to contribute to this Country. Hopefully, his career is over.

    August 26, 2017,1:40 pm



    August 26, 2017,1:36 pm

  73. Mike Gonnell

    No one is questioning his freedom of speech right. What I have a problem with is, how many of you wage earner have freedom of speech on the job? How many of you can disrespect your customers when your at work? News Flash to Roger Goodell….the NFL FAN is you customer & every time Kaepernick act that way, he is disrespecting the “FAN”….If you don’t get control of this problem, the “NFL FAN” will find something else to do on sundays….

    August 26, 2017,1:35 pm

  74. Sarah

    Ever heard of ” Killing The Goose that lays the Golden Eggs?” That’s what Kaepernick has done! $126 million contract. What brain surgeon makes that? Won’t be watching the BROWNS any more, or any other team who disrespects MY COUNTRY who pays them those exorbitant salaries.

    August 26, 2017,1:33 pm

  75. Herbert West

    How many times do we have to say Kaepernick needs to stay out of the NFL?

    August 26, 2017,1:33 pm

  76. walter siebert

    He has his rights just boycott the team that hires him !!!

    August 26, 2017,1:29 pm

  77. Warren Miller

    To my way of thinking, the question is not whether Kaepernick should stand for our National Anthem, although I believe that he should. The question is this: What are fans going to do about it? Until/unless fans are willing to take action that socks the Seahawks’ owner (Microsoft cofounder/zillionaire Paul Allen) right in the most sensitive part of his anatomy–that would be his bank account–we might as well bay at the moon on this issue. Allen has power over Mr. Kaepernick. We don’t. But we have a ton of power over Allen, starting with not buying Seahawks’ tickets, complaining to companies that sponsor his team on TV and radio, and boycotting those advertisers.

    August 26, 2017,1:22 pm

  78. chief 1937

    As he wants to disrespect our flag after receiving millions to play football I say let him go someplace else to play. I will not watch him myself but everyone has their freedom to do as they please.

    August 26, 2017,1:13 pm

  79. Suzanne

    If the greedy people in the NFL can’t be bothered to defend the country that has given them so much, then they should geel free to leave. No NFL anything gor me!

    August 26, 2017,1:12 pm

  80. Paul Williamson

    This vote reflects the poor, uneducated, ignorant racist right-wing wackos who are parasites and traitors to the USA. They have never accomplished one thing in their miserable lives and are insanely jealous of those people who have contributed to this country,.

    August 26, 2017,1:10 pm

  81. Marie

    I would not spend a dime to watch him !

    August 26, 2017,10:47 am

  82. Sylvia Strahan

    Rich, privileged Mr. Kaepernick does not respect our Nation or football’s fans. We don’t want to watch him or any other player deliberately show disrespect to a nation which has so blessed them.

    August 25, 2017,6:46 pm

  83. Bwa Ha

    I don’t think he should be banned. He’s pretty much been ostracized by the league and that’s fitting. But I quit watching the NFL anyways. Ever since the millionaires started protesting our national anthem. Much like I did MLB too.

    August 25, 2017,6:30 pm

  84. Jane

    There are many places one can express their political opinion, but not at work. And, the NFL is a job.

    August 25, 2017,6:23 pm

  85. Raymond

    Because of this Ass,and players like him.I have discontinued watching or attending any football games.Even college football if they also protest the anthem

    August 25, 2017,5:08 pm

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