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5 Ways Alexander Hamilton Screwed Up America

by Aryssa Damron

Thanks to a hit Broadway musical, Alexander Hamilton has become a liberal icon — but their image of him is far too rosy. While Hamilton did make significant contributions to the founding of this country, Brion McClanahan shows us how Hamilton actually created many of the institutions and structural issues that are screwing up America to this day.

In his new book, How Alexander Hamilton Screwed Up America, McClanahan exposes how Hamilton advocated for the big government principles that have eroded at our country’s Constitutional principles for centuries.  Here are five of the most shocking ways that Alexander Hamilton screwed up America!


  1. Kevin Burns

    I believe in a strong Federal Government as did the Founding Fathers. But what they did not foresee, what they did not expect, was that this strong central government would be perverted by Progressive Liberals whom would insist that government should be “all things to all people”…. The Socialists are trying to destroy this country and they just refuse to see failure of such a government in other countries… Just take a look at Venezuela… Take just a little look….

    October 2, 2017,12:14 pm

  2. Leonard Challenger

    I am not sure if the author of the other comment that has been posted has actually read the book, or the 5 ways outlined above in which Hamilton advocated for a stronger centralized government.

    Since I have not read the book, I cannot comment on it; however I did read the 5 reasons briefly outlined above, and find the ‘implied powers’ doctrine a convincing argument in favor of branding Hamilton as an advocate of big centralized authority.

    I plan to read the book and I recommend the author consider turning it into a documentary to educate more people about the views of some of our founders regarding the proper role of government, particularly those that have been venerated by the socialists and communists that pose as ‘leftists’ among us.

    September 30, 2017,4:24 pm

  3. Bill

    Brion McClanahan sounds like the kind of guy I would avoid at a bar, pitching his own particular theories to whomever was around, and reveling in the fact that he was contrary to everyone else.

    September 30, 2017,1:42 pm

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